Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Equality" Was Never Enough

A feminist once said, "Men have been in control for thousands of years, so it is our turn."  I am scratching my head.  Not only is this a fallacious argument based on pseudo-historical nonsense (for every woman who had lived in poverty, I'll show you a man in greater poverty), it is also based on a vengeance agenda.

When if ever has vengeance politics ever worked?  If that is too difficult to research, how about putting the shoe onto the other foot.  Imagine if you were told since childhood that you were the violent half of the human race and the other half is the "fairer sex."  Imagine if you were told to apologize at every turn for being born a woman.  Imagine if any reasonable and factual argument you make against an extremely pervasive ideology you know hurts your gender and society as a whole is swept away with a screaming "You're just sexist!" or "You can't possibly understand our plight!" as the only counter-argument, and nobody is willing to question it.  Sounds like a frustrating conundrum, huh?  How can you reach such a large demographic that finds humor in the mutilation of your body parts on national television for the crime of wanting a divorce?

You wouldn't be a 'bitter' person yourself?

It bothers me to the core of my being to know that there are so many women in this world who cannot see the contradictory nature of this idea and how it will eventually bite them in the ass when the truth does come out.  (Keep in mind I need to mention it will hurt women because there seems to be a great deficit of women who genuinely have the well-being of men as well as women in their hearts and minds.)  The truth always does come back to haunt the guilty and unreasonable.  How long can such a big lie be perpetuated to silence half the population in order to bring the other half up to a more privileged status?

Pictures like the one above are not surprising to me, unfortunately, as equality as it really should be practiced is seen as oppression by the feminists.  Equality that is fair to all is in the form of opportunity for success not the rewards that come from success.  The real rules of the feminist game is to give any and every possible privilege (many of which most men in history have never known) to women without the requirement of the responsibilities such privileges carry with them.  That is the duty of the men as they have been designated the Oppressor class while women get the strangely comfortable Victim class.  The responsibilities can be carelessly placed on the shoulders of all men, and any dissent labeled as hate speech.  I emphasize the word carelessly for a reason, as the feminist bubble is starting to rupture.

That is all this half-century of feminist malevolence has been, a giant bubble.  It is a huge mansion of cards with nothing to hold it up but blind faith and the continued shaming of any man courageous enough to point out its ridiculous nature, even if the man is only thinking of the women in the process.  The careless method in which women are more than happy to talk about men being stupid and lower than themselves in casual conversation and the single mother-led households is starting to take its toll on men and boys throughout the western world.  They know they are not what the women around them claim to be (rapists, chauvinists, sexists, etc), but are made to believe they are anyways.  At first it is easy to swallow.  However, the lie keeps becoming larger and more complex to the point where reality cannot be ignored anymore.

More and even more men (even some women) are stepping up to the task of fighting back the hatred.  The response to this uprising is of course more hatred.  A very recent example of this hatred is the protest during Dr. Warren Farrell's University of Toronto speech.  Not even an intellectual and gentle man like Farrell is permitted his rights when going against feminist dogma.  The irony of the video is the amount of hateful language and gestures of the feminists who are crying "No hate speech on campus!"  In their minds, their cause is righteous and any intolerant behavior on their part is justified against what they perceive to be intolerance.  Take a good look at the one girl shouting at officers and her fellow students and compare her to the men trying to listen to all sides of the argument.  If you are grounded in reality, then the primary issue should be apparent.

What I cannot figure out is the mind of a religious zealot.  If feminist arguments are really based on common sense and fairness, then why do they feel the necessity to silence opposing debate?  If feminism is foolproof, then why worry about "hate speech"?  If the answer to that question is "men are stupid and will believe anything to justify their hatred of women", then is it not you yourself who is the bigot to believe half the human population is not competent enough to think on their own without your supervision?  Putting the shoe on the other foot again, is this not what feminists claim men have historically reacted to women thinking for themselves?  Now we arrive back to where we started.  Do you want there to be equality and end the conflicts between the sexes, or are you only interested in control even when the consequences down the road will only further destroy the relationship between men and women?


Maybe most people who happen to read this blog will think this is too black and white.  I don't see the problem here.  I have looked deep inside of myself and I know where I stand.  Women are going to have to move out of their comfort zones, see the good in men as men and not for women's benefit, and decide whether it is time for the human race to continue to evolve.  Men and women need each other.  Until both sexes can have mutual respect for the others worth, there will be no moving forward.

That is why I am anti-feminist.

Forsaken Eagle


 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eleven Years Later and Christophobia

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the massive terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.  What has changed since then?
  • Most everybody I know, aside from anniversary dates, has forgotten 9/11 actually happened.
  • Government and media would rather put the blame on innocent Americans than the actual perpetrators.
  • Intrusive security has skyrocketed in the name of safety.  Do you feel safer under a huge government?
Now there are terrorist attacks on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 in North Africa over a film critical of the prophet Muhammad.  Radical Islamists have essentially taken control of Egypt and Libya in the Arab Winter and are now attack US embassies, killing our ambassadors, and tearing down our flags.  My opinion is we should just leave the Middle East to continue being the hellhole they wish to live in and stop sending money to Muslim countries.  Until the day they evolve from the perpetual dark age they live in, no more free handouts.

Another terrible thing I keep reading is about atrocities Christians have committed through the ages.  A common argument is the Crusades.  There were great atrocities during this time, but the fake liberals are only telling the half-truth (whether they are aware of it or not).  A closer look into the Crusades shows that it was a retaliation against... radical Islam.  Islam made a push into Europe, and Europe was forced to react.  I don't know about anyone else, but I would not get down on my knees and recite poetry from a book if I knew a hostile force wanted to kill my family.  I would retaliate.

I get sick reading about how Christians have committed crimes against human beings in the distant past, such as the Crusades and the Salem Witch Trials, and isolated incidences of violence in modern times.  Let me tell everyone that I have not seen the Christian masses taking it to the street, rioting, looting, murdering, burning, and flying airplanes into buildings every time someone makes an offensive depiction of Jesus Christ.  The Christian and Judaic civilizations have evolved and had their renaissances.  When I point out crimes of Islam, I point out the crimes committed in the post-modern age.  Almost all arguments from the fake liberals is about old or even ancient atrocities.  Muslim atrocities have not only been happening for hundreds of years, but is continuing to this day.  Don't judge Christians based on a past nobody today could have done anything to change.  Judge Christians on what they as a whole do today.  That is what matters NOW.

Personally, I am sick and tired of being judged based on things I have never even done.  I am not a sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, fanatic, drone, bully, murderer, mental retard, or any other bigoted stereotype people label me with.  At nearly 23 years of age, it is old, done, and tired.  I want to and should be judged on what I do right here right now.  Martin Luther King, Jr. would be deeply ashamed that so many Americans devolved to judging others by petty, unchangeable traits than by the content of their character.

Another September 11th came and went, and the insanity continues apace.  Blame Americans for some intrinsic racism but don't offend Muslims by calling a spade a spade.  The "Religion of Peace" continues using violence and "liberals" continue taking liberties.  9/11 did change America.  In some ways, it brought people closer and showed us what heroism really looks like.  In other ways, the country has been free-falling from Land of Opportunity to Land of "Everyone Must Be Equal in Every Way".  The 2008 presidential election marked an eery milestone for the United States.  Americans voted for an almost completely unknown man with a radical past.  Now I wait for the 2012 election and wonder how much of a country there is going to be left in the next few decades.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid.

Forsaken Eagle

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rest in Peace, Neil Armstrong

I want to make a short post in dedication to the astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on our moon.  A couple generations ago, he was a great hero to many children and adults alike across the country and the world.  For a lack of great men today, he was always one of my heroes.  All astronauts who made that fateful journey to our nearest neighbor took the greatest risk anyone could make so far.  They are all men of courage willing to take that mountain of risk so that they may reach the most fantastic of places.  You will never be forgotten.

Forsaken Eagle

Friday, August 17, 2012

Addiction to Hate

Back again to share an oldy but goody.  This is an article by seasoned anti-feminist Angry Harry.  It is about the similarities between Feminist and Nazi ideologies.  Now I know that only angry white men are capable of being Nazis.  However, never tell a feminist she can never do something those stinky men can do.  Read away (if you dare):

Feminism and Nazism 
Why do anti-feminists keep insisting that feminism and Nazism are very similar?
Well. The reason is this.
The Nazis were around well before the heavy-duty violence and the gas chambers. And for quite some time they operated in a manner that paralleled in many ways the more recent activities of feminists. 
Furthermore, feminist and Nazi ideology have a lot in common.
Very occasionally I receive an email saying that it is outrageous to compare feminism with Nazism - because it somehow trivialises the terrible experiences of the Jews in the Germany of the 1930s.
But making this comparison does not do this at all.
It does the opposite.
It brings to the attention of people the kind of forces that gave rise to Nazism and, as far as men are concerned - particularly the white ones - it makes them understand a little better the horribleness of discrimination and demonisation.
Furthermore, most Jewish groups do not actually highlight the holocaust in order to gain everybody's sympathy. 
They do it so that people can ****LEARN!****
They do it so that people can see if something heinous is creeping up on us.
Here are 30 similarities between feminism and 'early' Nazism.
Feminism and Nazism have both ...
  1. discriminated against individuals on the basis of their genetic code.
  2. promoted the view that the targeted group was inferior genetically and behaviourally, e.g. see AH's Men Bear a Striking Resemblance to Slugs.
  3. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being labeled as 'parasites', e.g. see AH's Steven Jones - A Parasite?
  4. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being constantly ridiculed e.g. see Incredible Shrinking Y by Maureen Dowd
  5. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being laughed at even when mutilated e.g. Bobbit jokes.
  6. demonised the target group by labeling them as perverts and sexual criminals, e.g. see Put Up or Shut Up by Wendy McElroy
  7. sought to break the target group away from their families e.g. see The Federal Bureau of Marriage? by Professor Stephen Baskerville.
  8. promoted the view that the targeted group was responsible for most of the major ills in society.
  9. disseminated lies and disinformation about the targeted group in order to further promote their own ideology, e.g. see Msinformation by Professor Christina Hoff Sommers
  10. disseminated lies and disinformation about historical matters, e.g. see AH's Did Women Really Want To Go Out To Work?
  11. used intimidation, threats and coercion to prevent their opponents from speaking out e.g. see AH's Feminists are nasty things.
  12. promoted the lie that the privileged group consisted of innocent 'victims' of the targeted group e.g. "women have been oppressed throughout history."
  13. demanded special privileges in the workplace for members of the privileged group e.g. preferential job placements for women 
  14. discriminated against the targeted group in educational matters and in the workplace e.g. see AH's Well Done the Girls?
  15. perverted the justice system so that members of the targeted group were easily discriminated against in the law e.g. in family courts.
  16. arranged matters so that accusers from the privileged group could be shielded by anonymity in the courtroom e.g. in sex-assault cases.
  17. arranged matters so that defendants from the targeted group had to 'prove' their innocence e.g. in sex-assault and domestic violence cases.
  18. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group could capriciously define what, legally, was to be deemed 'a crime', e.g. where nowadays the 'feelings' of women rather than the behaviours of men are the determinants of what constitutes 'a crime' e.g. see The Real Goal Of Feminism by Antonia Feitz - 18 min
  19. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group could capriciously define how the law was to view certain matters e.g. a fetus inside a woman can now be deemed by her - at her whim - to be a worthless piece of tissue or a prospective baby - with all the ramifications of this - regardless of how the father might feel about it all e.g. see AH's Rant Against the Child Support Agency. (Also sexual harassment etc.)
  20. arranged matters so that the law punished members of the targeted group more severely than members of the privileged group for the very same crime e.g. in domestic violence and murder cases.
  21. arranged matters so that members of the targeted group were made responsible for the choices and behaviours of members of the privileged group e.g. in paternity fraud cases where duped fathers still have to pay child support.
  22. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group who harmed, or even murdered, members of the targeted group were shown undue leniency - and were often actually applauded for their actions, e.g. see Killer given domestic violence award and AH's Loose Women.
  23. arranged matters so that the law punished members of the targeted group severely for even trivial offences - e.g. domestic violence, sexual harassment.
  24. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group earned a right to the property of members of the targeted group for no other reason than that they were members of the privileged group e.g. alimony, child custody.
  25. arranged matters so that certain speech or attitudes directed against the privileged group were criminalised e.g. biased 'hate speech' laws.
  26. demanded subservience to the prevailing ideology and to the government.
  27. effectively controlled the mainstream media and the academic institutions and arranged for them to present a dishonest and dishonourable point of view in support of their ideology. 
  28. consistently highlighted and exaggerated the achievements and the suffering of the privileged group while downplaying the achievements and the suffering of the targeted group e.g. see Human Rights are not for Men by Melanie Phillips.
  29. ran government-funded educational courses in universities (e.g. Women's Studies, Title IX) and in schools to promote the privileged group at the expense of the targeted group.
  30. persisted in a long term campaign of hatred toward the targeted group, e.g. "Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle." "Men think about sex every 15 seconds." etc. Also see AH's Permanent Menstrual Tension.
Bar the heavy violence and the gas chambers - which came towards the end of the Nazis hold on power - feminism and early Nazism are surely very similar indeed!
Hermann Goering
Hermann Goering ... "The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country." 
Feminists ... "The people can always be brought to the bidding of the feminist leaders. All you have to do is tell women and children that they are being attacked (by men) and denounce those who protest as 'supporters of abuse' and for exposing women and children to danger. It works the same way in any country."
Feminism. Nazism.
Nazism. Feminism.
The 'best interests of the child' ...
"The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people." Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf
Feminism. Nazism.
Nazism. Feminism.
November 2010
Irish Income Tax Cut Only For Women The IMF's plan to cut women's income tax rate by five percentage points could raise Ireland's GDP as well as tackle inequality.
Yep; it is now being proposed that men on lower pay should subsidise women on higher pay - even though men put far more into the government pot than do women, and even thought they get less out of it.
And yet, purely on the basis of their genetic code, it is being said that men should pay even more.
The Jews must pay higher tax rates than the Germans.

That is a pretty solid list there if you don't mind my saying.  A lot of the hurt feelings seem to come from the instantaneous thought of gas chambers and Panzers touring around Europe.  Nazism was much, much more than that.  It was the end result of fomented hatred and manipulation.  Whenever a large population allows such evils to manifest and take over, a beast nobody would think possible will take a life of its own.  The damage can never be fully recovered from.  I ask those who find my views particularly offensive to check themselves out in the mirror.  Like I like to say, the people who always demand tolerance are the very thing they hate.

I want to type up more posts about the left's, and feminism's in particular, addiction to hate.  Growing up, I have come to realize that the most hateful people in society are projecting their own hateful natures onto others.  The day I questioned the so-called victim groups, I faced that pure hatred for the first time.  I won't go back to intellectual serfdom.  Yelling, screaming, crying, and threatening me will 100% guarantee I will never go back to being water boy for your team.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
― Voltaire

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, July 29, 2012

NBC Sinks to a New Low

It has come to my attention that NBC has actually censored part of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.  The performance in question is a tribute to the victims of the London 7/7 terrorist attack in which 52 innocent had their lives taken in four bombings, three on subways and the fourth on a double-decker bus.  It is also partly attributed to the 11 Israeli athletes murdered 40 years ago at the Munich games known as the 1972 Munich Massacre.  This mockery NBC has made is reported by Mitheos Holt at the Blaze.

As if it wasn't bad enough the Olympics are not shown live here in the United States.  As embarrassed as I am to say it, the broadcasting of the games is solely owned by NBC and used as a cash cow.  The events are not shown live, but taped for prime time.  This obviously gives the network juggernaut a greater source for profit.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the belated broadcast is butchered by advertisements.  Every few minutes of the ceremony is stolen for commercials for the new Mini Cooper or dinner at McDonalds.  This should be amusing coming from such a 'progressive' (see: regressive) news network.  NBC usually takes the more subtle form of censorship by simply ignoring stories that do not conform to their propagandist, non-journalistic standards.  However, to do this during as huge an event as the Summer Games is just plain low.  Did they think word would not reach the borders of the US?

Why would they censor this performance rather than any of the others?  Perhaps this is a blatantly 'offensive' tribute to the propagandist goons at NBC because the perpetrators of the horrible 7/7 terrorist attack as well as the Munich Massacre were none other than Muslims.  Considering a large part of the Olympics is made up of Muslim countries, the ever-progressive stiffs at NBC must have thought they were ahead of the game by censoring the tribute with an appalling interview with Michael Phelps in order to not offend Muslims.  How is honoring the innocent victims of militants an act of bigotry to Muslims?  This censoring is an act of bigotry towards the free nations of the first world!  That is if we are still free, of course.  It is an insult to all of the victims.

This is also an insult to Americans and British alike.  Americans should feel insulted by having a media which not only refuses to show a major event live for extra profit and advertising, but also for this policing of such a televised event by deciding what we should or should not be allowed to view.  The British should feel insulted that NBC feels the tribute to the victims of the terror attacks is too inappropriate for televised broadcasting.  On top of that, NBC embarrasses the United States in front of the entire world with this act of censorship.  Perhaps they made China blush at little.

Thankfully, the tribute is being uploaded to the web.  Not surprisingly, the generosity of these anonymous contributors is being met with kind regards.  I along with most of my fellow Americans respect and honor the dead of our allies like they do ours.  Here is the video of the beautiful performance from our friends across the pond:

Recent news has former CNN president Jonathan Klein being replaced.  This is attributed to CNN plummeting ratings as of late.  The New York Times' Brian Stelter describes CNN as "the lone nonpartisan source of cable news, positioning Fox News to the right and MSNBC to the left."  Many of us know CNN is actually playing to the left and having individuals and non-stories to make believe they are working with the right as well.  The left may deny it, but Fox News does play more center more often than others, and it has the ratings to show it.  Americans know deep in their hearts they are being lied to, and are consequently changing the channel.  Perhaps it is about time NBC started worrying about the foundations beneath their feet.  They won't have anyone to hold them up for long if they continue playing the American people for dummies.

I have already given up on NBC's Today and Early Today shows due to them putting up mainly non-stories, steering the audience to skew their perceptions, and just general lack of professionalism.  I get up early in the mornings for my job, so I like to watch the news.  I watched Early Today for the first time, and the two hosts were irritating to say the least.  They are stereotypical sitcom caricatures.  The woman is the intelligent one with a bitchy attitude, and the man is the moron who tries cracking all the jokes to his uninterested co-host.  After giving it a try the next morning, I finally moved on to CBS.  The host their at least keeps a level head and the news is generally news.

This is just for the early mornings where I need to wake up, eat breakfast, and get out the door.  Almost all of my news comes from the internet.  Most times I catch the news is when my family is watching MSNBC.  It is an activity that will likely sicken me now, so I say adieu!

Forsaken Eagle

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thoughts and Ramblings

Another busy week of work out of the way.  I mostly have to look forward to my final.  I also have to look for books and finish some paperwork for the fall semester.  Anyways, how about I just put together a mishmash of random thoughts and events going on in my life:

—I decided to try one of those energy drinks.  I got a couple free from a Monster Energy Drink representative at my school.  I'll admit that I was hesitant about drinking it.  The drinks have an almost gritty taste to it, so I wasn't looking forward to that.  Still I couldn't argue with free, and threw caution to the wind.  Boy was I wired for a while, then a crash.  They could rename it "High-in-a-Can" for all I care.  Then again, I did have a light dinner so it was probably expected.

—The stores around have their Christmas in July products up and advertised.  It brings to my mind the news of a woman pepper-spraying a crowd to beat the lines, a security guard getting trampled to death, and wooden shelves literally collapsing from animal-like consumers shoving each other to get a discount-priced computer.  I am referring to Black Friday of course.  It is a sad day indeed.  It shows just how much society cares more about having the "latest and greatest".  Was life in the US always like this?  It is nice to have 'things', but what about the simpler things like being with family or just enjoying what is there for free?

I don't want to sound hypocritical as I couldn't resist getting an Xbox 360 when I saved up some money, but I think there is a distinction between buying something nice every once in a while and buying the new things as soon as they come out.  Always spending, spending, spending, but never feeling happy having new things.  Maybe I'm just unusual.

—There is something absolutely satisfying about building and creating something with my own hands.  At my job, I had to put together a few of these mobile product carts of varying designs.  Each has its own function so no two are alike.  I love the problem solving aspect of building these things.  To a passerby, it is just a cart with product on it.  However, I get a small high seeing the final result at the end, and the only way to keep it going is to start again.  This is one of those simple pleasures I can find in my rather typical, mundane life.  When I can muster it up, cooking and cleaning my living space has the same type of accomplishment factor to it.  It's a puzzle with numerous possible solutions.  The process is an adventure and the finished product is sweet.  What can I say?  I'm unusual.

I keep saying I'm going to do more activities like this.  However, I almost always get caught up into the same routines.  It is that natural tendency to resist change inherit in most of us to some degree.  Since I have been in Physics II this summer, I was able to play with several different type of circuitry.  It brings back old memories of hanging out with my dad in the garage and making homemade flashlights and other simple electronics.  Back then he could have told me it was magic.  Today, it is even more amazing knowing that electricity can be understood and controlled.  Who ever said any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic is a genius.  Even a simple device like a flashlight is magical taking the time to understand how such a thing can be made with my own two hands.  Maybe I'll make working on electronics and mechanical devices a new personal pastime.

—Having a simple glass of beer in my armchair is quite relaxing.  It is too easy of a habit to just drink cheap beer out of a cans by the quantity.  I have been exploring various import and domestic beers from the local shops.  Lagers, porters, ales, and what else I'm not an expert on.  Having a chilled beer stein to see the color and smell the aromas is definitely more intimate.  I have tried mixed drinks and wines, but beer seems to be the only thing that tickles my fancy.  I think it is the mix of bitterness with the various combinations of hops and wheat that keeps me on the beer team.  Maybe it is just in my blood (primarily German/Austrian) which keeps me loyal.  Give me a good book or music and I'm set for a nice night.  No news, internet, or drama-inducing folks to raise the stress levels.  I have always been a more solitude-leaning person.  I enjoy being alone more than others.

—I watched most of the opening for the Olympic Games in London.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  This is probably the highlight of the Olympics for me.  I never really paid much attention to the Olympics in years past.  Sure I'll watch the highlights, but the opening ceremony was the show for me.  I also enjoyed the Parade of Nations.  It is easy to forget just how many countries there are in this world.  Seeing all of the different people in one location (and ignoring the obvious tensions between rivaling countries that are standard for the games) is truly special.  Many, many of those people have great talents.  It is easy to be a little envious of their accomplishments.  I wish them all good luck.  It'll be the time of their lives I'm sure.

Well this is a small weight off of my chest.  Sometimes the simple act of free writing (typing) without worrying about all of the little nuances helps publish the post.  It is too easy for me to get lost in the little details and imperfections to the point I never get anything done.  Maybe one day I will put up an essay on a single topic, but for now this will do.

Forsaken Eagle

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Sort of Hiatus

I haven't really been on the ball for cataloging my thoughts to this blog lately.  It is partly due to being busy with work and school.  It is also because of a lack of desire to really be around the usual topics I delve into.  No, I have not changed my positions.  Far from it, I am actually very jaded by the amount of information which pounds my thoughts after a thorough research (not to mention the sore eyes after staring at a piece of plastic with thousands of little lights in it for hours straight).  The typical stuff just eats away at my sanity, so the need to tune out is essential.

This is more of a reassurance to myself that I am not simply going to let this blog sit in a corner and collect dust.  I rather love having this medium to convey my thoughts not only to myself but also to any potential passerby.  With a hefty final fast approaching and a heavier workload, the normal discussions of feminism and leftism in general are just a bother.  I need to now and then brush aside the greater troubles outside and focus on what effects me in a more direct and instantaneous manner.

I will say to myself again: I have not abandoned my blog, and I will not for the foreseeable future.

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catching Some Sun

No talks about politics or sick ideologies today.  This is more of a random status update for a slow, hot day.

Here in North Alabama, we are having record highs as with many other locales around the country.  Being from Arizona, heat itself isn't as much the problem but the humidity.  It's the humidity here that has forced me to wear shorts for the first time in two years.  This goes along with all of the weird plants that grow and die out hear.  First couple weeks I moved here, I had the worst headaches- no, migraines I have ever experienced.  This heat is being used to spur the global warming front.  Although I won't get into it here, someone had the nerve to say the name "climate change" is really a conservative conspiracy.  The leftists never cease to amaze me.  In a few words: it's hot out there.

I don't like to stay inside for long periods of time, but there doesn't seem to be much choice.  Short walks in the morning and evening are on the table.  During the day?  Forget it.  I exercise, read, eat, watch the news, a movie, or what else for the most part.  I do not have a lot of plans for the fourth since most family is on the other side of the country.  I'll probably cook up some food from the kitchen and watch a war documentary on the internet (because the 'History' Channel only does shows about pawn shops and alien abductions these days).  A World War II documentary is most likely on the menu.  Not to mention, I also have to study for a physics exam the next day, but I won't beat myself up too hard over it.

I have been looking at starting to go out to practice target shooting.  A week ago I got a chance to fire off some of my uncle's rifles and revolvers at a local gun range.  I should get used to using larger caliper handguns, but I might just buy a .22 handgun from a local used gun store to get plenty of practice.  I have always wanted to become proficient with the use of firearms, but have lived most of my life in a gun-free household and haven't known too many friends or family who had guns.  Mainly I want to have a gun for personal protection where I live and when I start doing road trips.

 Aside from that, I have picked up the book "The Second World War" by historian Antony Beevor recommended by Bernard Chapin.  I have finished reading through the Battle of Britain chapter, and I am impressed by this author's writing ability.  The chapters are full of information, but not in overwhelming quantities.  A common problem I have with historical books or biographies is when the text becomes too wordy.  This includes the use of outlandish terms and detail of the scene to the last molecule.  Aside from many French and Chinese names, Beevor writes in a fluent manner and provides just enough information to draw out the battles and such for the reader, including some nice battle maps here and there.  I am only about 150 pages into this over 800-page monster, but I am enjoying every sentence of it.  It covers the entire war, and I recommend it to other WWII enthusiasts out there.

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Brewing Storm

Read a great comment from the-Spearhead made by a man closer to my own age.  Like W. F. Price, I'll let Young Guy lay it out and tell it the way it is:

"If feminists think men, especially young men, are angry, they don’t know the half of it. As a 26 year-old male, I have seen this society bend over backwards to accommodate women all the time.

"The school curriculums are geared toward female success. Schools have countless women’s programs. Female teachers can be as hateful as they want towards male students without facing consequences. People cheer when girls succeed in school, but jeer when boys succeed in school. Even though females have every advantage in the education system, they somehow still have the audacity to complain. They take fluff majors but don’t realize anyone with less than half a brain could pass classes in the humanities and social sciences. Boys are dropping like flies in the education system, but no one cares. America’s education system has become a joke ever since feminist legislation was passed to make the education system more female-friendly.

"Oh, and just look at the workplace. Sexual harassment laws give women freedom to dress slutty and still have the nerve to complain when men sneak a peek. If you are a man who has a female co-worker, you have to walk on eggshells everyday or else you can get fired because the twat in the other room got her panties in a bunch over something minor you said. You can be a man who has busted his ass everyday to succeed in your chosen profession, only to see it mean nothing because some woman who was nothing more than an affirmative action hire. If this isn’t bad enough, you get these useless women who are subpar, yet they still never shut up about breaking through the mythical glass-ceiling that they didn’t break and didn’t exist in the first place.

"Also, I have really had enough of women dragging this country down with their dead-weight. Female soldiers, police officers, and firefighters are liabilities. No, all you ladies in these jobs, you aren’t heroes. I am going to go insane if I hear one more female soldier, police officer, or firefighter cry about not getting the respect she thinks she deserves. She doesn’t get respect because she doesn’t deserve respect. The military, law enforcement, and firefighters would be A LOT better off if women stopped lowering the bar to astronomical proportions.

"I could go on and on about fathers being the butt of all jokes, male-only spaces being infiltrated by women, misandry in the entertainment industry, female-on-male violence and male suicide being treated like it either it doesn’t exist or it doesn’t matter, single mothers and all their horrors, and just all the complaining women do everyday about insignificant things, but I think most of you understand where I am coming from already.

"Males raised in feminist households or single-mother households are sick and tired of all this nonsense because they have seen the hatefulness in feminism since they were born, and every day afterwards. These young men are extremely angry because it has been made clear to them they are considered irrelevant by most of society. Go ahead, keep throwing us young guys under the bus, because you are just making things worse. You have no idea how angry young men like me are after being thrown under the bus ever since we were born.

"The backlash is not only real, but it is well-deserved. Apologies won’t erase the damage which has been done. Acting like what happened because of feminism either didn’t happen or was minor is a slap in the face. Saying women have suffered from feminism just as much as men is like spitting in the faces of all the men who have suffered ten lifetimes of pain because of feminism.

"Women have no idea what they have done to us Generation Y men."
Well said, Young Guy.  Often the MRM is looked at as some movement of old white men who love to complain.  Truth is most aspiring anti-feminists are in the under-thirty demographic.  We were born into a decaying society and have no sorry feelings to the "plight of women."  Women are equal if not more equal in these modern times, and yet the old lies still continue.  The feminists and their lackeys can (and will) try to pigeon hole us and continue crying to be perpetual victims for men.  However, doing so will only make our convictions stronger and stronger still.

I myself have made warnings here on this blog and elsewhere if feminists continue to oppose men's rights and liberties, they are only ensuring their own destruction.  You're the enemy.  You're the oppressor.  A storm of your own creation is brewing, and you will be powerless to stop it.

Forsaken Eagle

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Trickle Down Tyranny" Review

I finished reading Michael Savage's latest political piece "Trickle Down Tyranny" earlier this week.  I have read it off and on like I typically do when homework starts butting in.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

It is the 'sequel' to his previous hit "Trickle Up Poverty".  In that book, Savage explains Obama's secretive past as a college student making friends with Marxist professors and his first two years in the White House.  Savage lays down the information pertaining to the President's shady past and the beginning of his subversion of American politics.  At the end, Savage lays out his 37 steps for conservative patriots.  One point involves putting tariffs on Chinese-made goods.  Another is to run America like a business, not an empire.  Just so some out there are aware, that last point simply means to stop trying to spend our way out of the crisis.  It has nothing to do with establishing a fascistic government.  I enjoyed this book also and have written a review of it on this blog.

Now comes "Trickle Down Tyranny".  Obama has been in power for almost a full term, and yet the slaps to the faces of Americans still continue.  The borders are as porous as ever, and bodies are piling up the freeways with the continuing drug war.  The Obama administration's Eric Holder is rallying Mexico and other Hispanic countries against American states, Arizona and Alabama.  Solyndra and other 'green' scams burn mountains of American tax dollars while promoting "Man-made Global Warming" in order to surrender more control from the American people to the state.  America's allies are being snubbed while college professors snuggle up with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.  The Middle East is nosediving into a permanent Arab Winter.  Despite all of the false statistics and empty claims, the country is not doing any better.

Bush Jr. may have been a fiscal socialist (Michael Savage wasn't a Republican shill) and increased state control like never before, but Obama took the helm and is running the same scheme.  Despite his predecessor, however, Savage claims he is committing these impeachable acts of going around the American people and Congress to instill a crisis in the United States.  Making the information laid out in "Trickle Up Poverty" very relevant to the discussion is Obama's radical past as a college student, Harvard professor, and street agitator in Chicago.  Now he has nearly a full term as president of the United States under his belt.  Michael Savage has been doing his homework for well over four years, and sees no reason to sit "with [our] hats on backwards reciting sports statistics."  Complacency is rotting the country from within.

Above all, this book is a large research paper containing some of the most well-documented crimes and blunders of the Obama administration.  Read this book to find the chapter by chapter listing and explanations of why Obama is not working to the best interest of the American people, follow the cited and credible sources, and above all increase your awareness of what is happening to your country and the world around you.  I'll say this book is a four-out-of-five star work which is timely and should be read by anyone willing to stare the cold, hard truth in the face.

Dr. Michael Savage is a scientist, an immigrant's son, a family man who raised children, worked from a life of poverty to success, and most important of all: he is an American.  He is a true independently-minded man who holds both political parties accountable and will not be fooled into toting the party line.  Unlike most other talk radio commentators, Savage chooses no sides but what he feels is right for all Americans: freedom.

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

America or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Communism

I had a pleasant surprise on Chapin's Inferno today.  My comment on his previous video about the book "Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America" by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr was quoted in the introduction of his followup video.  My comment:

I graduated from high school in 2008. During my time there, we learned a heck of a lot about how McCarthy was a modern witch hunter. At the same time, we never learned anything about the Venona Papers or how communism was trying (still is) to subvert the United States into the darkness of extreme leftism. I feel lucky I pulled away from all of that in my early college days.

It is the truth not only in high school but also in college American history, Joseph McCarthy was demonized for his heavy-handed methods to rooting out the Soviet spies and communist cohorts living under the radar.  I had to learn on my own about what really happened during the (as I'm sure it was) frightening times of the Cold War.  I eventually stumbled upon the Venona Papers after getting word about their existence (likely from Dr. Michael Savage).

The Venona Papers are documents released by the US government on the joint project between the US and the UK called the Venona Project.  Ever since the fall of fascism, the Soviets' activities were monitored in this top secret project.  It is through this covert effort the truth about our old World War II 'ally' revealed subversive efforts by the Russians to spy on the west and inject society-destroying ideals into America.

Despite the documents revealing the fact communist spies and social engineers are far more real than Salem witches, McCarthy's name is still dragged through the muck.  The radical left will tarnish his name from beyond the grave for taking bold action to protect the American psyche from the ideals that have destroyed civilizations and exterminated millions of 'undesirables'.  I may do my best to keep the truth alive, but misinformation has already buried McCarthy as a villain of freedom.

Not knowing too much about how severe the Soviet influence was and just what kind of damage they have spread, there are those willing to voice the truth.  I want to give a thanks for not only the friendly shout-out, but also Bernard's handy links to videos of a lecture and interview given by former-KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov.  I had no knowledge of the man until now, but after watching and listening to these two videos I have a whole new perspective on the nature of post-war battle tactics.  Namely, the battles between communism and individualism.  Instead of fighting for supremacy like the Nazis, the USSR employed the covert spread of ideas into their neighbors.

Watch, listen, and learn (They are long, so find a comfy chair to relax in.):

It definitely makes one think about how western culture during the past half-century was warped by deeper, more pervasive ideas than "the Summer of Love".  The weak minded are pulled in by cheap words and an uncaring populace ignores or is naive of the growing threat.  It is what it is now though, so the next important step is to learn how to heal the wounds before further damage may be done.  As I have posted back on Halloween of 2011, there are those who eat up the lies like Skittles.

Once again, a thank you to Bernard Chapin for the shout-out and some great links.  I am looking forward to your 2000th video.

Forsaken Eagle

Monday, June 18, 2012

"How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming" Review

I have recently finished reading this book by Dr. Mike Brown, the man who killed Pluto.

It is a little tale about how Brown began his lifelong search for other planets within the Solar System.  It chronicles his early days as an astronomer, meeting his wife, having a daughter, finding new planets orbiting the Sun, and the struggle to have just what a planet is redefined.  It is a short read, but it delivers in both information and character.

Of course being the astronomer nut he is, Brown goes to great lengths to describe not only the night sky, but also the struggles an astronomer must cope with to find the discoveries of a lifetime, such as analyzing hundreds of star maps for moving objects.  When laying out the details of the objects him and his team have uncovered from the depths of space, Brown doesn't try to confuse the reader.  He instead lays the basic principles of how to determine the size of an object, the distance from Earth, determining the orbit, analyzing the object's primary elements, and so on.  To help aid his readers, Brown even includes illustrations of the concepts he covers.  Being an experienced educator, Brown knows how to keep his audience's attention while driving the points home.

What adds character to this books is not only his very laid back style of writing, but also his inclusion of his personal life.  Not just content to give a brief history of astronomy, Brown shares his own.  He lays out his personal relationships with his peers to show the very human aspect of his work.  He drinks coffee with his coworkers while sifting the night sky.  He meets a woman, Diane, professionally and soon finds himself married and having a daughter with her.  He bonds with his newborn, Lilah, every chance he gets.  Brown even encounters rivalries within the astronomical community after a controversy over the true discoverer of a new planet.  There is much to learn about being a full-time astronomer.  Mike Brown delivers a good taste of what that's like.

I have definitely enjoyed reading this book.  Astronomy is a fun hobby of mine, and learning a little of the 21st century world of astronomy is pretty fresh.  Being a very new event, it is weird knowing Pluto is no longer a planet like many of us once knew.  I would strongly recommend reading this book if this topic is of interest to you.  I hope to find others out there like it.

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gentlemen and Ladies

I'll admit: I have become quite lazy with the blog.  It is not because I am being overworked by school and the job.  It is because I have taken the wrong approach to inscribing my ideas.  After taking some advice from a well-known vlogger, I took a more relaxed approach to my work.  After changing my tactics, I think my efforts have been more rewarding with this article.

There is one thing on my mind that has been bothering me more than usual.  No, it is not sex, ladies.  It is the standards with which we as a society apply the labels gentlemen and ladies.  Of course, it is standard to call a woman a lady in any formal or semi-formal setting without a second of thought.  A gentleman however is a label men get from women when they behave in a way they approve.  Are we starting to see a double standard here?  In the world of "women are sugar, spice, and everything nice" and men are like dogs who need to be trained, it is no wonder people do not seem to notice the double standard between being a proper man and a proper woman.

Men are required to behave in a way that women approve of in order to be a gentleman.  Why should a woman define what a man has to be in order to be a "real man"?  All my life I hear about how women should not let themselves be considered any less by men's standards.  If I am to really believe feminists, despite the bias being in the name itself, are for equality for all, why do men have to answer to women in order to be a man of character?  There is definitely a culture of paranoia that men cannot be trusted to their own devices.  There seems to be an inherent female trait to believe it is their divine privilege (not to be confused with male privileges without the responsibilities) to change men to their own ideals of what men should be.  All the more puzzling is that women hold themselves above this scrutiny.

Why should a woman be considered a lady or a girl a young lady simply because she is female?  Like I have already made note of, women may believe they can change men and control their personal lives, but controlling a woman in the same fashion is unacceptable and a great sin in their crusade against so called "female oppression".  Along with a culture that raises girls from the crib to believe they are perfect the way they are, it is unthinkable to some to refuse to consider them ladies when they don't exhibit proper female traits to consider them such.  They expect to be considered ideal in the feminine department without putting the work in.  It is an inconvenient truth on the current relations between the sexes, and the hypocrites want the important question of why to be as taboo as possible.

What gets under my skin is the expectation of men and boys to aspire to be 'gentlemen' as women define them while the women and girls are automatically 'ladies' by simply being born the "fairer sex".  The man is supposed to pay the bills, work long hours, and generally pamper his 'lady' without complaint.  The woman on the other hand can dress scantily, abandon traditionally female chores in the family unit, and still be a lady in the eyes of their peers and white knights.  What pulled me from being the gentlemanly type is being part of a generation of girls who do what they want when they want and still have the privilege of being socially proper while a generation of boys struggle to behave in a way to attract these girls who are increasingly devoid of mind, body, and soul.  Why would I, a young man, put in the effort to make myself into a person of value for a young woman who does not see any reason to be of value as a person to me?

My past experiences with refusing to be gentlemanly towards women who did not aspire to put the effort into being real ladies relayed scorn back at me.  When asked to explain my rudeness, I would tell the questioner a woman is not a lady just because she is a woman.  I would lay out the case that being a gentleman and being a lady both require personal effort to fill gender-specific roles, and a man should have no more reason to be a gentleman to a woman who does not behave like a lady than a woman should be ladylike for a non-gentlemanly man.  Here and there is some agreement to the dilemma I presented, but in general the idea of pointing this out was taboo.  Women will have their cake and eat it as well.

Although traditional roles are a bit antiquated, I still see much value in the mutual respect between the sexes by fulfilling a gentleman or lady role.  If and when I find a woman who will put in the effort to be a lady towards me, I will act accordingly as a gentleman.  Until then, why should I hold that door open for a woman and let her through.  I will wait at the door and hold it open for an approaching man or woman so they don't have to go through the trouble of opening the door from scratch themselves as a polite gesture.  However, there is no reason to give special treatment to those who don't deserve it.  Society has all but forgotten the Golden Rule.  Do not expect me to put in the effort to show you respect for your own convenience but not show me the same in return.

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gambling With Men's Chips

This article and others similar have already been sent around the web.  The University of Maryland lowered its standards for determining whether a (male) student is guilty of sexual misconduct.  Why?  So that the process of punishing (male) students will be more swift.  The policy was changed from "clear and convincing evidence" to "preponderance of evidence."  This translates "innocent until proven guilty" to "guilty if suspicious enough."  Of course, this attack on the freedoms of possibly innocent (male) students would not be complete without the full support from tyrannical feminist shills.

One (female) student by the name of Steph Winter supports the new policies.  She explains, "It’s obviously one of the big side effects, if it could result in an innocent person being found guilty.  But I think sexual assault is such a big issue that it’s worth the risk."  Gone are the days of "I’d rather let a thousand guilty men go free than let one innocent man be punished."  When a member of a victim class, most notably the female victim class, claims they have been victimized by a man, then that man must immediately be punished.  The ends justify the means.

What really brings my piss to a boil are these women who think they are courageously fighting injustice.  What makes these stories exceptionally horrible is it is often women justifying putting men in jail or expelled from school at no risk to themselves.  At the same time, men are excluded from the conversation.  I am still flabbergasted that women have this innate tyrannical flaw which makes them think they are entitled to do anything to the male gender with no consequences to themselves.  It is through them this bogus system of alpha, beta, and gamma males exist.  Alphas are their lovers, Betas are their providers, and Gammas exist only to be expendables.

You feminists are not brave or righteous.  You are all scum.  You created a society, a society built by strong and intelligent men, and turned it into a police state.  You can continue to believe you are the "fairer" sex all you want and dream of a future without men all you want.  Reality and nature will put force you to see reason or annihilation.  Then you all will have to make a decision: comply with true equality or return to gender roles.  The road you put us all on but didn't give men a choice in the matter will only lead to your destruction.

Don't be surprised at what is happening these days.  A group can only be oppressed so long until it retaliates.  Men are starting to show up for the gender war feminists have started and society quietly obeyed.  Feminists were never better than men.  The men have merely done what nature has commanded us to do: comply with the female's demands.  Gone are the days where men sacrificed their own well-being for their wives and children.  Feminism has taken away the rewards of sacrifice from men and took advantage of their instinctual love for women.  An MRA by the name of Typhonblue has explained the situation in her article perfectly.  (Yes, she is a woman, so I know her opinion actually matters to you feminists.)

Men have let women gamble with their own chips for far too long.  Feminism has stolen and trashed all incentive for men to have families.  Now they are reducing men to second-class citizens who can be locked away on a woman's word.  Men are waking up and gearing up for battle.  Feminists, you are about to learn what warfare is really like.  Before, you were living the high life by tricking men to believe their slavery is the most preferable existence.  Now, life is going to become a little harder for you.  Don't worry, you'll always have some foot-licking men to justify your false ideology, much to my chagrin:

Keep up the female pity party while imposing your will on innocent men and boys.  The harder you try to fight us, the more numerous and determined we will become.

Forsaken Eagle

Friday, May 4, 2012

Conspiracy Nuts?

Now I don't jump too often into conspiracy theories, but the events concerning Andrew Breitbart's death and the death of his coroner has some sticky coincidences.  The deaths of both men are timely, too timely in fact.  These deaths, along with the ignored story of a former Pentagon official John P. Wheeler, all seem too fishy and timely to be just coincidence.

Maybe I'll be called crazy for this, but I do not mind.  If seeing something that does not quite add up and questioning its validity makes me crazy, then I do not want to be sane.  I don't want to believe there is some plot to silence the truth when it is a danger to a ruling elite.  Hopefully, there will be evidence that will explain away all three of these deaths that are logical and simplistic.

Often conspiracy theories are way too overcomplicated to be credible.  Taking 9/11 as a very relevant example is the idea that thousands of people are in on an elaborate plot and at the same time not one of them has leaked out the truth.  Why is the idea of Muslim extremists learning to fly planes and hijacking aircraft to cause as much collateral damage as possible so unacceptable?

I see the "Truth Movement" and an anti-truth movement where they have a dogma that says America is evil and must be exercising its ungodly power against the people.  It does not matter how overcomplicated the plot is, how many contradictions arise, and how much "evidence" can be explained or shown misguided.  America is evil.  Republicans want a police state and the "skeptics" must fight the fascist regime.

Part of what makes a typical conspiracy theorist dogmatic is having an unshakable belief, and holding all the evidence for that belief while disregarding all evidence that is not.  This is akin to a religious zealot, not a skeptic.  A skeptic never says "I cannot be convinced."  A skeptic wants to be convinced!  Evidence, evidence, and more evidence.  I want to be convinced that all of these deaths are purely coincidental.

Not a long post today, but I had to put out my thoughts on these developments.

Forsaken Eagle

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Male Privilege Checklist

Here is an article from A Voice for Men by John the Other where he tackles the popular shaming tactic "check your privilege" used by women against men.

First, in John's usual style, he aims the spotlight on the intellectually deprived argument of male privilege.  This catch-all magic argument feminists think makes their hateful beliefs impenetrable from all doubt and skepticism is one I myself am familiar with.  The most recent use of this perfect defense against me was "woman have been opressed for litery thousands of years [sic]" (as in it is okay to ignore the crimes against men and boys because she thinks we had it coming for something we didn't do ourselves and is ultimately fantasy).  John tears open this weak counterargument to show how of little substance it really is.

He then takes the sweet time of day to list out 47 common "facts" feminists will use to perpetuate their society-victim complex.  Yes, nearly 50 debunked points.  Although John doesn't go into detail on why these points are patently false or take female privilege as male privilege, he doesn't need to for this article.  There is plenty of articles already out there dissecting these lies in detail.  John does not hide this fact and makes the most important point of his article: the numerous blatantly false claims of male privilege is meant to overwhelm the male (or even female) dissenter.

This theory doesn't surprise me one bit.  I have been around women for over 22 years, and the group-think and social conformity of them is apparent but taboo to mention.  Logic and reason is not required when one loud-mouthed feminist can simply tug the emotional strings of their peers and sell them hate ideology.  It does not matter how sound the evidence is.  Simply shame the dissenter with emotional attacks and rally everyone to permanently make that person a social outcast not to be heard again or given second chances.  And some wonder why I do see this movement as a great danger?

Have I checked my privilege lately?  Why yes I have; numerous times in fact.  I have been shot down for pointing out the absurdities in the feminists' claims and have succumbed to the threat of being socially ostracized repeatedly.  Thanks to people like John the Other and other MRA's, I am being provided the tools to work around these threats.  Am I not a man for standing up for myself and my beliefs?

Apparently not where women are concerned.

Forsaken Eagle

Friday, April 13, 2012

This Month in Misandry: White Knights in Nerd Culture

I just finished listening to barbarossaaaa, a YouTube MRA, talk about the supposed misogyny in video games that depict unrealistically proportioned women.  Here is his video:

To sum it all up, a YouTube group, The1UPNetwork, has a series known as "This Month in Misogyny."  I kid you not, it is a watchdog series that claims to find "misogyny" in the video game industry.  Bob Mackey has the strong stench of a white knight who will "defend women's honor" in secret hopes to gain plenty of female fans.  This is typical in the Nerd Culture I can be sure.  The video in question:

What is the big "hate crime" he has found?  Apparently a video game has disproportional women in it.  Harkening back to the days of Lara Croft tells all that this is not news.  On top of that, it is a typical Japanese anime character.  Aside from Western society being on a crusade these days against Japanese "misogyny" (I thought expecting minorities to conform to our evil Western ideals was a backwards way of thinking), disproportionate women in video games are nothing new under the sun.  Is depicting women with disproportionate bodies in video games really misogynistic?

I will advocate that this is not misogyny.  Why?  It is because it is all simply fantasy.  Often one will hear the term escapism.  I am definitely a part of this group who enjoy video games, movies, books, music, and maybe even walking through a park as an escape from everyday life.  I don't play video games to experience real life while taking time off from real life.  If Mackey and geek feminists want realism in their entertainment, that's fine, but I don't want video games and such to be another form for real life.  Do I not have a choice in what I can enjoy?  This is a free country where I can enjoy what I want if it doesn't impede the rights of others.  How exactly is playing a game with disproportionate women impeding the rights of women?

barbarossaaaa points out the intrusion from feminists and their white knight worshipers in all things nerdy and geeky as I have tried to here and there.  I too remember a time when video games were just another thing for losers who couldn't "get a girl."  Now that there is money in the industry, they want the industry to conform to their beliefs even though they had nothing to do with the rise in popularity of video games.  Suddenly it is supposed to be a hobby for "the cool kids" to enjoy, and those nerdy guys need to get a life and stop disrespecting women with their weird fantasies.  I guess the idea here is we would not notice and accept women as being the fairer sex always victimized by the evil Patriarchy™.  Well it didn't work on all of us.

Who are feminists to show up and start making demands while offering nothing to a community they likely shunned for enjoying a once unpopular pastime?  barbarossaaaa is right on the ball that it is pathetic for them to jump on a successful bandwagon built up almost exclusively by men and make demands without offering anything in return, call us hateful misogynists, and still act like we are not worth a zit off a woman's ass.

Maybe the feminists should try to make their own game where the player is a feminist who has to fight the Patriarchy by doing everything better than men, making sexist comments and one-liners about men, mutilating the genitals of men, and slaughtering all men who offend her as a conspirator of the mighty Patriarchy that enslaved women for literally thousands of years.  I won't stop them.  It is a free society, and they should be allowed to express their hatred of men as long as they don't infringe on our rights.  This is the advantage of a free market system.  However, barbarossaaaa and I have an idea on what the return on that investment will be.

I digress.  This is nothing new but a great commentary from a great MRA personality.  If a wandering MRA happens upon this blog and has never heard of barbarossaaaa, then I recommend checking out his channel.  As for video gaming, I am not hurting anyone and I doubt feminists will care what I think even if I started licking the ground women strut over.  They claim to like the same things as nerdy guys do now, but still they treat us as rejects.  Why then should I change for women's sensibilities?  In the meantime, I think I need a little escape from this perpetual madness and enjoy a good video game, with or without disproportionate women, whether or not it offends some tortured soul.

Forsaken Eagle

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Long Road Ahead

There comes a time every so often where everyone must look at the environment around them and evaluate what it is exactly they want to make of it.  All who travel down the long road of life have the privilege of choosing the path he or she alone wishes to take.  Even a social butterfly with a fruitful social following is required to choose a direction alone.  Privileges come with conditions, even difficult ones that are sometimes beyond negotiation.  There are stories of lone wolves who are forced to traverse through life alone for the crime of going their own way against the current of conventional thought.  This might be the road I have chosen without even knowing it.

I have recently experienced great troubles within my personal life, and I feel my activities here and elsewhere have caused the first rumblings of social isolation.  I know very well that my beliefs of the past few years have turned to very unpopular locales.  I was once a very liberal-minded young man.  As a matter of fact, even if others may disagree, I still see myself a liberal in many aspects.  I have no issues with topics like homosexual love and women wanting to go their own way from society not unlike I do.  I recited the lines I was given.  I came to age starting with the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  I was taught that whites control everything with impunity, women were oppressed since the first female blob formed in the Earth's great primordial oceans, and having pride in your country and culture is a horribly backwards mindset.  I bowed down to women and minorities and recited my lines to earn the respect of those I knew who knew better.  I have repented my sins and would change the world for the good of all.

However, my mindsets were not made of solid granite.  Even back in my high school days, I have had nagging feelings of doubt; soon to be known as "thought crime" with further exploration into modern society.  After my initial year of community college, my foundations would really start to warp and ripple.  I knew what I had to think.  I knew what I had to know as fact.  Despite knowing what was right and just with the causes I have sworn by, not all was right in the world.  There were certain fallacies that I struggled to solve.  Why is it not okay to feel comfortable in white flesh but perfectly acceptable to be any other color?  Why can a woman choose not to follow traditional gender roles due to past oppressions but demand men follow their roles without question or face public humiliation?  Many questions were starting to surface, and I couldn't explain why.

I turned to the internet.  I wouldn't know what to do without this wonderful technology.  How would I the discover answers to tricky questions without investing years of research and personal experience to find them?  How would I find others like me who hold doubt in their thoughts and hearts to communicate with if not for the web?  I didn't have to go to a authority figures how would publicly ostracize me for asking such questions.  I didn't have to consult uncaring if not hostile acquaintances to find like-minded fellows who would discuss the tough topics without putting me down for being so daring.  All I had to do was type those questions into a search engine and comb the results the indifferent machine provided me.  I came upon hidden worlds of people who already took those first steps in the pursuit of enlightenment.  Here on the internet is a bizarre reality where a faceless persona could say what others would not dare say.  To make a comparison, the internet is the wild west of the intellectual.  Schools and media are nowadays ol' Europe, and the internet is the free west.  I could not imagine taking the first steps into voicing unpopular opinions on the internet as if I was shouting curse words and derogatory terms into a sewer pipe.  Forget living in the times before the internet allowed unity and enlightenment second only to the printing press.

Steering this post back on track, I found information provided by men and women who have seen more of the world, lived through different times in history, and were full of far more conviction than I can imagine feeling at this point in my young life.  I was communicating and listening to these people and completely humbled by their wisdom and ability to bring light onto often ignored or otherwise unknown topics.  I could have elongated conversations with fellow travelers (which is great for me; I need time to think through my possible responses not allowed in normal discussion).  I started to educate myself a great deal during my early college days.  With the success of the internet, I also turned to other off-beat sources of information such as radio and books.  I was not disappointed.  Things would start to become troubling when I realized that there was no turning back on ignorance and naivety.

I was turning into a different person.  Not necessarily different in character for I still hold the values of honesty and kindness instilled in me by my parents.  I was different in how I started to view the world around me.  No longer did I think it strange to ask politically incorrect questions.  However, I saw the beginning of a division between my old way of life and the new one I had to accept.  I saw others I would have easily been in lockstep with before making statements that were too hypocritical or ignorant to ignore.  I tried challenging these ideas in the hopes that I could show them alternate views and not just a single view distilled with pop culture and arrogance.  Often, I was met with a homecoming of derision and occasionally outright lies about my character.  I was on these occasions considered a racist, sexist, bigot, and privileged whiner for falsely perceived "hate speech."  I saw that this was yet another doctrine used to promote group-think where only the right opinions are valid and conflicting thought is to be silenced for the greater good.  I couldn't give up on them yet, so I tried to point out this problem and how it is turning them into the very things they hate.  Fuel onto the fire, I was not successful.

Permanent riffs began to form in my social life.  Friendships I thought were impervious to taboo debates crumbled.  I was labeled.  I was ignored.  I was a leper.  Although I have maintained many friendships (of which I can certainly say are truer than the many I have lost), I was slowly being relegated to a corner where I would be "out of the way."  It is like high school never ended.  Instead, I refused to be thrown to the side and stood my ground.  I had a right to my beliefs, I had legitimate reasons for maintaining those ideas, and I would not be submissive to the majority.  As such, I lost many friends, and there is no getting them back.  I have been far too out of line and I must suffer the consequences for my hateful nature.  I know better than that.

I can see with certainty the path I am on right now is much more attractive than the one in which I remain obedient to the majority trap.  I am not living a lie where I value superficial things such as shallow friendships, but living by my own ideals.  I know who I am even if I occasionally have my doubts.  This is not to ignore the hardships I am now actually beginning to experience.  Being the social creatures we all are, we need to feel included with others around us.  Some of us though are also grounded in some form of morality and inner character that overrides these natural commands to some extent.  I want to have as many close relationships as I can.  This is a way in which I know I am liberal in one regard: I want to be loved by everybody possible.  I guess I am still living through the young-with-heart stage.  It breaks my heart to see friendships destroyed because I refused to fit into their personal form of conformity.

However, it is high time I start to accept the new way of things.  It isn't worth trying to force relationships where they are no longer wanted.  I have my own way I need to travel.  I will use the tools I have been blessed to own such as the internet and possibly unforeseen avenues of expression not yet known on this world.  I need to be true to myself, and so I will.  It will be a long road ahead, and I hope I will find the strength to reach the end and have no regrets that I have lived my life for all it was worth.

Forsaken Eagle

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It Can't Happen Here

It can happen here.

A story has come out (a story that the Mainstream Media doesn't seem to know exists) about the Florida Democrat headquarters flying an American flag with the stars replaced by Obama's likeness:

Apparently the flag is also available on eBay for the low, low, low price of $24.95!

Now when you look at this flag, what do you see?  Let's get this out of the way: Obama is not the cause of this flag.  The ones responsible are the blind followers of his.  This is a frightening thing to see happening in this country.  Pick a dictator, any dictator.  Hitler?  Stalin?  Mao?  Let's even throw in Che.  This looks like blind loyalty to a human idol to me.  How is a portrait of Obama any different than portraits of any of these other murderers and oppressors?  Is it because he hasn't done anything yet?  Hitler was a good guy once upon a time.  If I recall, he was Man of the Year on Time Magazine before he showed his true colors.  Now that I think about it, so was Stalin.

Time Magazine sure has a bad habit of declaring Do-Gooders as commendable figures.

A counter-argument I am seeing popping up around the web is "If it was Bush..." and "If it was Reagan...".  This is a pathetic argument.  Perhaps this idea stems from self-projection.  They think because they do it, I must do it too.  This type of worship for a leader is unacceptable to all who love the ideals of the United States of America.  There seems to be this spell going around the country where just because it's "our man" it must be a good thing.  Let me tell you that if someone did put the likeness of Bush or Reagan on the American flag, not only would the freedom-loving patriots be against it, the leftists would be dialing the ACLU and FBI to have the flag immediately destroyed and the perpetrators fined or jailed for a "Hate Crime™."

If there is anything that gets under my skin, it is hypocrisy: "It is okay if we do it because we know we know better than you what's best for all of us."  Even better when someone is so sure that they are in the right to be sure there is no need for a counter-argument.  This is where I become frightened when I read stories such as this.  There should ALWAYS be a counter-argument.  That is what our country was founded to have as a fundamental.  The government must NEVER be allowed to declare itself holier-than-thou.  This includes your party, your man.  Just because others do not agree with your beliefs doesn't mean they want to take away your right to freedom.  Besides, I thought diversity was a good thing for this country.  Diversity of thought is one of the greatest achievements this country has pushed forward.

It can't happen here?
It can happen here.
It is happening here.

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mississippi State University Coerces Male Students Into Faux Cause

A Voice for Men's Robert O'Hara has recently upload a despicable story where innocent male students attending Mississippi State University were coerced into participating in a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, where men are shamed into believing they are rapists and women have it SO tough.  An engineering student and MRA at MSU by the name Robinson describes the event and provides the pledge and guidelines of the event.  Males guilty of no crime (assuming this was still a sane nation) were bullied into participating in the faux social justice march and concerns about the should-be-obvious flaws of the barbaric shaming event were screamed down.

Of course the male participants were given encouragement and praise from female onlookers.  Now that I got the sarcasm out of my system, this is definitely NOT the case here.  Female onlookers were doing their usual thing: screeching about "injustice" and laughing like heathens at the pitiful males in high heels.  I am not surprised one bit by their behaviors, and that is what scares me.  Here stands an institution of "higher learning" and half of its student body thinks the other half is subhuman.

Here is the link to the PDF detailing the event.  Even the handout cannot help but use the "Are you man enough?" shaming language against male students who should be getting an education based and facts, honesty, and free thought.  I guess MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY feels that is not their priority.

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Insidious White Males

In my earlier post titled "Danicaphilia", I mentioned in a sarcastic way: "Anything that involves a high ratio of white males must be a sign of racism, especially if they are Christians, God forbid."  I feel it is necessary to bring this topic out into the open as there have been various circumstances where a group's greatest crime is being too much of the wrong race or gender.

A recent situation that inspired me to tackle this topic was at a website I like to frequent, Cinemassacre.  Cinemassacre is the home of the Nerd.  That is, James Rolfe as the Angry Video Game Nerd.  I am definitely a big fan of his videos.  Those who aren't familiar with him, he is very vulgar in most of his videos.  However, if you're a fan of old video games, fun reviews, and you don't mind a little harsh language and imagery, definitely check out his videos.  The situation I have is not with the James, but his wife.

Mrs. Rolfe (commonly known as Mrs. Nerd) is pretty cool overall.  She is very supportive of James' film career and shares many of his interests, based on the information provided.  However, there was one comment in her debut blog post.  It reads: "...its all too clear that this site is a caucasion [sic] sausage fest..."  "Caucasian sausage fest"?  That is a good one.  This basically translates to "lots of white males."  She changed the subject to diversity halfway into her post, which reads:

"The second thing that has become apparent recently is the lack of diversity on Cinemassacre.  In its beginnings it was James and only James, so diversity wasn’t an issue, but now as the site expands to include new shows like OverAnalyzers, Mike’s Glitches, guest actors on Board James or AVGN and fun little videos like the TMNT Pizza Party its all too clear that this site is a caucasion sausage fest.  While I can’t help to add any ethnic diversity, I can bring a female perspective to things that I think all 10 of the female viewers will appreciate. [sic]"  Emphasis mine.

Now, there are no charges of racism here, but the apparent need to bring up the "lack of diversity" because a website is a "Caucasian sausage fest" is an old hat.  First off, why does there need to be an influx of diversity?  As long as I have been following the work of Mr. Rolfe, I have never seen any sign that he didn't want anybody except white males watching his videos.  Then again, my inherent "white male privilege" might be blinding me from seeing the truth.  (FYI, that was also sarcasm.)  The truth is there is no rule, spoken or not, that says women and minorities are not wanted at Cinemassacre.

So why would there be a lack of females and non-whites at Cinemassacre and related pages?  My own personal theory is culture.  Generally, it is nerdy white males who turn inwards and express themselves in unorthodox (see: uncool) activities.  Among these activities include video games, sciences, and the internet.  Now as the internet has grown into a mainstream social medium, more and more people have started using the internet.  Simply put: everyone uses the internet now.

The internet, being as powerful as it is, allows one to search any information he or she wants and get it almost instantaneously.  If a girl or a "minority" (since the Caucasian race is not the most numerous on a global level) has interest in video games and movies and wants to see a funny review about them, they may arrive at jolly ol' Cinemassacre for example.  What's to stop anyone from entering the website and enjoying the material?  Well maybe James makes women and minorities uncomfortable in his videos with hateful or offensive speech (not including his characterized vulgarities)?  All a person needs to do is watch a few of his videos and know that James is not a hateful person to anyone but bad games.  There is no reason for anyone not to like the Nerd's website unless they don't enjoy his videos.  If that's the case, they can just as quickly find another website that they do enjoy.

Let me reiterate: Why does there  need to be an increase in diversity on Cinemassacre?  Anyone can be a fan of James Rolfe.  There are no restrictions or unspoken rules that prevent women and minorities from enjoying the AVGN.  The only thing that matters in the topic of diversity is everyone, no matter their race or sex, enjoys something in common.  There could be a majority of white males, white females, black males, Asian females, or any other group possible.  It doesn't matter because everybody is welcome.

What about other groups out there?  I'll point out the Tea Party Patriots and NASCAR.  The Tea Party Patriots have been labeled as a group of nothing but "old, angry white guys".  However, the group has many different people, including but not limited to women and minorities.  It is a movement of Americans who want less big government in their lives.  NASCAR, primarily a Southern sport, has a lot of baggage for being a Southern sport.  Even though it is a racing organization that has a majority of white male racers and white fans, it is not a racist association.  There are a few black and Hispanic racers as well as female racers.  The most notable examples are Juan Pablo Montoya and the previously mentioned Danica Patrick.  Still, both Tea Party members and the NASCAR fan base are considered racists, and the proof is because both groups have...


A big step to solving the problem with white male racism and sexism is to stop seeing racism and sexism where there is none.  I can attest from personal observation that as far as us nerdy white males are concerned, we are ultra-tolerant of women and minorities to a fault.  I constantly see the classic Kool-Aid drinking on the geeky message forums.  Feminism is seen as a pure liberation movement and women are all superior to men and perpetual victims.  White guys, Southerners in particular, are viewed as drooling racists intolerant of personal freedom and eternal oppressors of females and brown people.  The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Family Guy are more reputable than using that tried and true organ between their ears.

Nerdy white males are far from your enemies.  Many are quite capable of acting as your own useful idiot who will follow your words and feelings and will submit to their white male guilt on command.  However, at least one of us has become wise to the lies and shaming.  I was raised with the belief of equality and fairness for all, and I still hold compassion in my heart for the underdog.  That is why I am calling things as I see them these days.  I want to see equality and fairness, not feminism and race hustlers.

If there is a group with a significant number of white males, does there really need to be more diversity?  The answer is no because white male does not equal racism and sexism.  Some people can preach their need for more diversity until the cows come home.  I instead will live as if this is the 21st century and surround myself with people who accept me for who I am and who I can enjoy having as company.

Forsaken Eagle