Tuesday, June 19, 2012

America or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Communism

I had a pleasant surprise on Chapin's Inferno today.  My comment on his previous video about the book "Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America" by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr was quoted in the introduction of his followup video.  My comment:

I graduated from high school in 2008. During my time there, we learned a heck of a lot about how McCarthy was a modern witch hunter. At the same time, we never learned anything about the Venona Papers or how communism was trying (still is) to subvert the United States into the darkness of extreme leftism. I feel lucky I pulled away from all of that in my early college days.

It is the truth not only in high school but also in college American history, Joseph McCarthy was demonized for his heavy-handed methods to rooting out the Soviet spies and communist cohorts living under the radar.  I had to learn on my own about what really happened during the (as I'm sure it was) frightening times of the Cold War.  I eventually stumbled upon the Venona Papers after getting word about their existence (likely from Dr. Michael Savage).

The Venona Papers are documents released by the US government on the joint project between the US and the UK called the Venona Project.  Ever since the fall of fascism, the Soviets' activities were monitored in this top secret project.  It is through this covert effort the truth about our old World War II 'ally' revealed subversive efforts by the Russians to spy on the west and inject society-destroying ideals into America.

Despite the documents revealing the fact communist spies and social engineers are far more real than Salem witches, McCarthy's name is still dragged through the muck.  The radical left will tarnish his name from beyond the grave for taking bold action to protect the American psyche from the ideals that have destroyed civilizations and exterminated millions of 'undesirables'.  I may do my best to keep the truth alive, but misinformation has already buried McCarthy as a villain of freedom.

Not knowing too much about how severe the Soviet influence was and just what kind of damage they have spread, there are those willing to voice the truth.  I want to give a thanks for not only the friendly shout-out, but also Bernard's handy links to videos of a lecture and interview given by former-KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov.  I had no knowledge of the man until now, but after watching and listening to these two videos I have a whole new perspective on the nature of post-war battle tactics.  Namely, the battles between communism and individualism.  Instead of fighting for supremacy like the Nazis, the USSR employed the covert spread of ideas into their neighbors.

Watch, listen, and learn (They are long, so find a comfy chair to relax in.):

It definitely makes one think about how western culture during the past half-century was warped by deeper, more pervasive ideas than "the Summer of Love".  The weak minded are pulled in by cheap words and an uncaring populace ignores or is naive of the growing threat.  It is what it is now though, so the next important step is to learn how to heal the wounds before further damage may be done.  As I have posted back on Halloween of 2011, there are those who eat up the lies like Skittles.

Once again, a thank you to Bernard Chapin for the shout-out and some great links.  I am looking forward to your 2000th video.

Forsaken Eagle

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