Thursday, December 22, 2011

Agent Orange Files Released!

I have downloaded the large file containing information and pictures from the RadFem Hub.  The contents of the ZIP are damning.  Agent Orange's hard work shows a collection of some of the most openly hateful women on the net.  This all came to light when RadFem's Vliet Tiptree laid out a "genius" master plan to remove all but 10% of the male population and relegate them to gulags for slave labor.  These are truly sick women and anyone who is remotely human still needs to vocally oppose these Feminists.

Also, Agent Orange recently went onto A Voice for Men Radio with Paul Elam, John the Other, and Robert O'Hara.  Elam has uploaded the discussions on his YouTube account, the Happy Misogynist:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why Don't You Smile More?

I don't know why smiling all the damn time is so important. Smiling takes muscle work, so it costs me (at least) energy. Smiling is something I feel needs to come naturally. A person doesn't smile all day every day or even pose for a picture naturally. A smile is something that just happens on impulse. It is a physical signal to others (because we are normally social creatures) we are pleasured in some fashion. For those who make me smile, congratulations. You have successfully made me smile, and sucked some life out of me (in a good way ;) ).

To see people on the tube smiling 24/7 like smiling zombies just irks me. They only register as phonies and posers in my mind. They are merely puppets to the media machine truthfully. It is a puppet show of perverted ideals of our humanity. They are on the road to losing their humanity in most cases; a living Hell. Now that machine wants to convince me (all of us) that smiling all the damn time is essential to being a normally functioning human being? I can't smile unless I FEEL LIKE IT! Smiling is a response (mostly) to happiness.

Happiness cannot be taught, sold, or administered by authority. It is not a right, it is a temporary bliss between the normal struggles we all face in life. No one, not even ourselves, can give us happiness. With that, I conclude that smiling is not a constant action I can give the world. Most people can't (except you, Jack Nicholson). Just because I don't smile all of the damn time does NOT mean I am an anti-social psychopath waiting to crack. I'll smile when I'm damn good and ready.
Forsaken Eagle

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween To Myself

It is a very slow Halloween this year.  There are hardly any trick-or-treat kids stopping by (kind of a bad neighborhood) and the television is void of Halloween specials.  I thought I would maximize my October post count and do a short entry for Halloween.  I might do some late night horror movie watching and enjoy myself a little more.

Other than that, I finally discovered Fruit Ninja tonight.  I downloaded the Lite version and had such a blast that I coughed up the 99 cents for it.  The full version is worth it.  While playing, I do my usual thing and listen to Dr. Michael Savage while distracting my hands with something else.  The news is still chugging along even on the Holidays.  Tea Party presidential candidate (formally an R) Herman Cain is facing the shameless media single-handedly with baseless accusations of "sexual harassment."  Dr. Savage surprised me with his attack against the "liberated" feminists and their rape culture.  "All it takes is an accusation" [may have been worded differently slightly] says Savage while comparing our current judicial system to that of the former Soviet Union.  I am surprised because Dr. Savage, despite my great respect for the man and his achievements, wasn't above misandry in past shows (It is pathetic how Firefox doesn't recognize "misandry" as real word.).  One show some months ago has a female (who else) caller saying how women use sarcasm and condescending language to men because "women have more common sense."  I know this is far from the truth; that woman has more common sense in her own psychosis.  Dr. Savage, instead of pointing out this woman's obvious sexism, agreed highly with her and proceeded to have a conversation with the hateful woman.  He does have a more traditional background, so I guess it is hard to hold it against him.  I am just so thrilled though that Dr. Savage is willing to point out the reality of men having their ENTIRE LIVES derailed now and for the rest of their unfortunate lives by something as simple and baseless as a false accusation.  I wouldn't mind having a pizza one day with Uncle Savage and talking about life.

Off of Michael Savage's website, there is a link to a YouTube video filmed by a former citizen of the ol' Soviet Union where he exposes the bigotry of the OWS scum and drops the bombshell on the idiots about seeing the atrocities of the Soviet Union first hand:

Yes, this lady woman thinks North Koreans are treated fairly.

Aside from that, I am thinking I might do a post about Herman Cain in the near future.  The man is an inspiration for all.  He is well educated, a former CEO, and he worked from the ground up through the ranks to where he is today.  No, unlike Obama, Cain didn't need affirmative action to get where he is today.  I can hear the intelligence and honesty in this man's voice.  I have been following him closely for the past year now, and I am getting more and more excited by his efforts against the two scheming political parties and the in-bed media.

As Dr. Savage coined back in the nineties: "Beware of the Government-Media Complex."

Happy Halloween!

Forsaken Eagle

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crusadors Against Halloween "White Racism" and the Difference Between Do-Gooders and Doing Good

While browsing Yahoo! News last night, I came across an article praising a group of individuals campaigning against "racist" Halloween costumes.  The foundation of this group known as Students Teaching Against Racism in Society should be fairly obvious.  They are, at first glance, a group of fresh-out-of-high-school do-gooders who feel they are still living in the 1950's.  Racism is just shorthand for "white racism," but the shorthand must be fitting since it seems only white men are capable of hatred in the minds of brainwashed dummies.  The group shows minorities (who else?) being offended by pictures of whites in minority cultural costumes for Halloween.  I don't see why dressing up in a costume for Halloween would be offensive in the first place.  However, since it is white people, then there must be oppression and hatred at work here!  Never mind costumes depicting white-trash rednecks drinking beer or fat tourists with cameras.  These are just funny gags that poke fun at the ridiculousness of white people.

Then on down the list of reader comments comes more of the anti-white racism.  The top "Most Replied" comment at the moment is a user named Lillian, a self-proclaimed Asian.  Her opinion (which she has the right to have) is that she doesn't think white people understand what it's like being a minority because we were "born white and have no idea what it's like to not be white."  If that is not racist, then I would be a monkey's uncle.  A more accurate description would be: "Many white people do not understand what it is like to be a minority in the country they were born and raised in."  This would be more correct considering most white people stay in their own countries, just like Africans, Arabs, Asians, and Hispanics.  Instead, what I got from Lillian's comment is more like this: "I think all white people are inherently racist and oppressive, and they have NEVER been oppressed.  Therefore I believe a white person does not understand what it is like to be a member of another race."  At least with my version I sound honest about "my" hatred of white people.

In my honest opinion, if anybody claims they are not racist, then they are either lying or mentally disordered.  This goes for all races of both sexes.  The Left took the original definition of racism and turned it into a tool of fear.  According to the original definition of "racism," racism is the desire for one to prefer the company of another who is the same race.  When you take this definition into account, I guess the most racist country on earth would be China.  Is it really wrong for somebody to have anxiety around a member of a different race?  An evolutionary biologist would think that this is a survival technique: to avoid the unfamiliar.  I am a huge proponent of the school of thought where people who try to regulate natural human behavior often cause undesirable consequences.  As a result of the crusade against "white racism," there is an ever growing divide between the races, particularly between whites and blacks.  This education system tries to point out and emphasize the differences between us.  At the same time, minorities are taught that they are owed something while whites are taught that they are responsible for all of the world's suffering.  What do the Leftists think is going to happen?  I'll tell them what I see: whites growing more resentful of the minorities and the minorities attacking whites (both physically and indirectly) for their supposed inherent racism.  There is no advantage to developing these victim classes and revenge legislation.

My own heritage is that of Mid-European descent.  My ancestors came to America around the beginning of the 20th century.  I am no history major, but I am pretty sure slavery was long gone by then.  How could I be descended from a bunch of slave holders?  On top of that, most of those "evil, racist Southerners" were poor whites.  I constantly hear about how all whites in the South owned slaves and only blacks lived in poverty.  There was only a very small group of whites who owned slaves.  If we are going to talk about giving aid to oppressed people, why not throw some money my way?  My family was definitely low class in Alabama and had to work hard to maintain a living.  This is pretty much the same today relative to the great rise in the standard of living (because of American Exceptional-ism you hate-America-first goons).  "White Privilege" isn't something I get to enjoy any damn time I want.

Ironically, it seems it is the upper-middle class whites living in gated communities up in the Yankee states who make the most noise about racism and oppression.  If an outsider looking in wants to see the truth of the matter, look at people like Robert Krentz who led by example.  Robert Krentz to me seemed to be one American who believed in the desire of foreigners to reach the United States and start a better life.  Krentz owned a ranch along the Arizona-Mexico border.  He is known for giving food, water, and aid to illegals crossing over from Mexico out of his own volition.  Putting myself in his shoes, I think I would have seen many fathers, mothers, and children braving the Sonoran Desert heat to reach greener pastures.  However, as time went on and the borders became more porous, illegals in the form of drug dealers (many of whom are trained soldiers) and possibly terrorists in Hispanic disguise started massing across the border.  Krentz's property started taking damage and he had his house broken into.  He tried to defend his property against the barbarians.  His kindness was turned to hostility, and eventually his life was lost.  In the Leftists' worldview, this man must have appeared to the rats in college as just another right-wing redneck out to shoot 'im some brown people.  I will for as long as I live defend this man's honor as both a warrior who protected himself and his wife against armed invaders and a true America giving a humble hand to those who want to live the American dream.  Maybe the truly privileged should start walking the walk INSTEAD OF TALKING THE TALK.

This is the sum of my rant against this article on Yahoo! News and a group of students who are more interested in being do-gooders than doing what is right.  I think Dr. Michael Savage said it best about the do-gooders killing us all.  Whether this killing is literal as displayed by infamous do-gooders like Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot, or this killing is the cultural suicide the Western world is determined to follow through with.  It is my personal duty as a human being determined to pull humanity out of a vicious cycle of historical ignorance to learn to do good by action with no expectation of return.

Forsaken Eagle

Thursday, October 13, 2011

WND Publishes a Fair Insight of the MRM

Paul Elam of A Voice for Men linked an article in a relatively mainstream website called World Net Daily.  A website known for its more conservative lean, writer Phil Elmore conjured up an article about the "civil rights movement we've never heard of."  Elmore gives a crash course into the MRM (Men's Rights Movement) for his readers.  However, what sets this article apart from other mainstream sources is the objectivity it has towards the MRM.  Elmore chooses not to denigrate men but simply spread information on a movement that has been downplayed for speaking against feminist zealotry.  What is the best way to gain insight onto a population for those who are under informed or misinformed entirely with bigotry?  Mr. Elmore chose to go right to the horse's mouth and reported the words of MRAs, such as Paul Elam, John the Other, Angry Harry, Dr. Tara Palmatier, and Bernard Chapin.  Phil Elmore is what seems to be a rare commodity in the mainstream: a man who knows about and understands the purpose of the Men's Rights Movement.

In addition, Elmore also gives a mention of the controversial (in feminist and white knight circles) website is an online database of female criminals and bigots.  It covers false rape / domestic violence accusers, murders, rapists and pedophiles, and slanderers.  Covering a demographic deemed above critical overview, is an important step in achieving fairness in the civil rights field.

With all of the excitement in the air, I am filled with optimism right now that there will be future occurrences of newly minted MRAs, MRAs coming out of the shadows bravely willing to risk their career for truth and justice, and even those who might not care for the movement but feel it necessary to report the facts fairly.  As a movement, there is a lot of hate being directed at men who do not conform to the present culture of the United States.  It is a long time coming considering women have had their revolution to do whatever it is they feel like.  Then, in an ironic fashion, women require men to maintain their age old roles as males and tolerate female behavior irregardless if women do or do not follow their traditional roles.  It is a great pleasure to see writers such as Phil Elmore giving the MRM the time of day in the sensible notion of fair journalism.

I hope to see more article like this in the near future.  Until then, there is always the great articles found on A Voice for Men, The-Spearhead, and Angry Harry's website.  I will certainly be watching out for more great hit pieces from the talented writers within the MRM.

Forsaken Eagle

Monday, October 10, 2011

Free-Range Men: An Observation

I just finished reading this great article by an MRA on The-Spearhead regarding the MGTOW, Zeta Males, Herbivorous Men, or as the author calls them Free-Range Men.  Zed, the author, contributes his observations about the odd occurrence of men rejecting social, cultural, and traditional roles placed upon them.  He compares the shift of priority for men in Japan and the West, particularly the United States.  Men are rapidly rejecting the expectations of marrying to women (who no longer want to behave like women) in favor of using all of their leftover time and income on themselves solely.  Zed makes the final observation of feminism's influence on Japanese and American men as a result rather than a backlash.  Feminism has removed social expectations from women, but men are still expected to follow in their tradition "manly" roles.  Men have responded by rejecting the husband / father roles expected of them, to the great displeasure of feminists I assure you, and have instead taken to their own paths through their short lives.

With people like Bill Bennett spewing garbage about how men need to "man up" to live up to his ideals, I personally have come to really question every political spectrum in this country, Left, Right, and Center.  Every which way one turns is somebody who expects men to behave in a certain way, and women are usually suggested to behave a certain way if they feel like (For example, socially conservative women sometimes live the traditional role but will quickly take on whatever role she feels like in order to meet her own wants.).  I am thankful that there are communities on the web like A Voice for Men and The-Spearhead where the hypocrisy of the Feminist Movement is called out and men-going-their-own-way are given fair representations instead of condemnation.
I'm not sure what title I would like to place on this movement.  However, I do know that the ideals of the movement transcend all names that could be plastered onto it, positive or negative.  I know from experience the great difficulties of trying to please other people, especially 21st-century women.  There is nothing but pain in the pursuit to please the ideals of others as I have pretended to be something I am not.  I want to try to follow the examples of the Japanese "herbivore" men and the "free-range" men and simply live to my own ideals without the permission of anyone else.  I am filled with optimism for the future of this social trend.  Feminists with their white knight cohorts will try harder and harder to grant themselves more "liberation" while keeping men in their traditional roles for the sole benefit of women.  This selfishness will only backfire as the end-product of the Feminist Movement comes to pass: the male revolution.

Forsaken Eagle

Saturday, October 8, 2011

An MRA's Email to Saint Louis University

I moments ago read and posted at an article on the website A Voice for Men concerning Saint Louis University's vague policy on rape.  The policy expresses emphasis on the importance of "consent" in sexual relationships between students.  The founder and top poster of A Voice for Men Paul Elam drafted an email rebuttal to the rather sneaky language used in the University's policy.  When the topic concerns rape, one should become aware that feminism is not too far off from the scene, and Elam highlights the trappings of the policy that serve the feminists' agenda proudly.  Mainly: "Men are rapists and women are victims."

Against the odds, Paul Elam stands firm in his text by labeling his message as "punishment, not dialogue."  With reference to his great contributions to exposing a real-life feminazi called Mary Kellett and another school, Mount Royal University, he delightfully lectures that anyone who searches will find Saint Louis University and see the blatant bigotry they use in policy decisions.  In short, what goes around comes around.  SLU will become, by word of mouth, another symbol of modern fascism in America.

I wanted to use this space to help spread the word about SLU.  Tyranny should be opposed wherever it may appear.  I also want to point out that one person's utopia is another person's dystopia.  The universities must come to understand that discriminating against anyone, despite any perceived past crimes, is an intolerable act in this day and age.

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Long Break and a Desire to Write

It certainly has been a long while since I have posted on my blog.  I want to be able to write / type more about my thoughts on subjects that interest me at a given moment.  However, aside from my changing environment entering a university, I find I am falling into a too familiar rut of starting a topic but not quite finishing with the passion I started with.  I would eventually complete a thought with a modest effort and be done with it.  I have been drafting many topics on a pad of paper in my free time, but I feel no more coherent than Winston Smith of 1984 scribbling jumbled thoughts into his diary with a paranoia of being watched.  With this recurring habit, this blog of mine slipped into a quiet spot in my bookmarks.  What am I to do?

What should be done is a new system of thought collection that might delay the publishing of thoughts, but keep them coherent and dormant until the day I publish them on this blog.  This system should be simple and reflect my thought patterns as I have come to know them through the rigors of essay and research paper writing for my education.  The thought patterns I exhibit that I can work best with is the stream of conscious.  The stream of conscious is a type of writing that involves simply writing down whatever comes to the mind.  It is a brainstorming method of a different flavor to that of the common storm chart or an outline.  I have become so structured in my writing that I could never get past the score of little details.  The main points become lost or even forgotten.  Maybe a step back to the basics of writing are what are needed in order to get these thoughts out of space and onto paper and the bits and bytes.

I have even had the desire to erase certain posts off of this blog (which are too few as is) or more drastically remove the blog all together to start anew.  I am not exceptionally proud of my earlier writing, but maybe that is the mark of a good writer in the making.  Like the artist is never satisfied completing the masterpiece or the explorer feels the greatest sense of accomplishment taking the journey than reaching the destination, I need the desire to always draft and publish the better blog post not against someone else, but myself.  I need to see past my earlier works as failures and see them as incremental improvements.  My successfully published posts are each milestones of my growth as a writer.  It cannot be the right course of action to erase my shortcomings of before.  I need to archive my past works and continue to do the only thing I can do: write.

This blog is my oasis.  In a desert of voices and text that seeps under the skin, I am constantly being filled with the knowledge and opinions of others.  I needed a place where I can compose my thoughts without the constant haze of outside voices.  I do like reading and listening to the thoughts of others, especially those who have years of experience and knowledge above me.  However, sometimes I want to feel that my thoughts are truly my own and even share those ideas with those who will listen.  This blog is where I will train the mind and order my knowledge and beliefs.  Here there will be no dislike button to distract me.  I have the right to my own thoughts and I will not take that right for granted.  Like an artist; like an explorer; like a writer.  My joy and passion will come from the act of writing rather than the act of pushing the publish button.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

I decided to pick up an earlier Michael Savage book, "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder," last week.  I have already finished reading it, which is remarkable considering all of the homework that is piling up.  I have to say I got what I expected out of this book.  In the usual Savage Truth-style, Dr. Savage uses well researched information to explain the issues that are corrupting and endangering our country.  The end result comes together to show the unbelievably ill-conceived behavior of the American left.  Their hatred of America and her values that makes this country great is put under Savage's magnifying glass and shown to be the disease it really is. 

Also in his usual style, Michael Savage includes a few of his personal stories to draw parallels to his points.  The one that stands out is the story about "Sam the Butcher."  Savage tells his readers about walking to the local butcher with his aunt.  Sam is described as a nice man who knows most of his usual customers (a stark difference compared to today according to Mike).  However, he and his aunt begin to suspect they were not getting the prime meat that his aunt payed for.  His aunt returns to the butcher and enters the back room to be sure that she was getting the real deal.  Indeed, Aunt Savage's meals tasted better after confronting Sam.  This story is used perfectly to show to Savage's readers that just because someone can put on a good smile and remember your name doesn't mean that same person will not try to screw you over.  This is just one of many of Michael Savage's great stories that only a man who has been around that block a few times could tell.

Overall, this book was a fun read and well worth the fifteen bucks I spent on it.  I might have to pick up his other books, "the Savage Nation" and "the Enemy Within."  Even though "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder" is outdated in terms of current events (this book was written shortly after George W. Bush won a second term in office), the book is still quite relevant.  The lessons and information contained within its pages are valuable regardless.  I'll give this book four-and-a-half stars out of five.

- Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feminism Has No Place in Nerd Culture

My latest provocative post title is more of a personal issue with regards to feminism and what I could only name the "Nerd Culture."  Feminism has definitely started creeping its way into different nerdy pastimes, such as: sci-fi books, shows, and movies; video games; and, most disgustingly, the internet.  Whether it is the female character who must always beat up a male character to prove she is "empowered," or the complaints from females about even these "empowered" female characters are too "objectified" or are "damsels in distress,"  there is always something too "pro-male" about Nerd Culture.  Now to the male nerds who have had larger success rates with the "fairer" half of the species, this may be but a small issue.  However, I see this sudden surge of the female nerds to be an inquisition.  Aside from the (I would roughly say) half of the female nerds who have a genuine interest in Nerd Culture, the other half is only interested in social reformation of everything held dear by nerds the world over.  That reformation is to assert that females are not taken seriously in Nerd Culture.  Then after being acknowledged for their (sometimes justified) complaints, that same old feeling of "we are all equal, but women are more equal to men" shows up.

It is important that I explain why this is a personal topic I have interest in.  I have had minimal success with women.  It is always the same, cliche issues male nerds have with women.  They want nothing to do with me.  Ones who I would consider acquaintances always put me into the "friend zone."  I am just somebody to yell at and complain to every time a jackass hurts her feelings and to tell her why "all men are just pigs."  "Where have all the nice guys gone?" they will ask.  Never mind the problem where they try to find their "nice guys" in the "bad boy" types.  It is like they never think to actually bond with a man who treats them well, who does well in school, who is a hard worker, and (until his good-nature spirit is broken) who wants to help women be his equals.  This is only the beginning of my resentment to feminism.

Nerd Culture has, in a way, always been with me.  I grew up with console systems like the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo 64.  I had the privilege to visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center when I was about eight-years-old.  This was a HUGE influence on my love of astronomy, space exploration, and science in general.  I am not an outgoing person, so I spent most of my free time playing video games, reading on scientific subjects, or sometimes hanging out with my (male) friends who were into the same things.  I wanted to get along with girls, but they didn't seem to want to get along with me.  Girls became little more to me than just a bunch of the kids who wanted to pick on me for not "fitting in" (although it is pointless trying to fit in due to my inability to change my physical attributes at will).  Not until high school and college did the girls start complaining.

High school was a time to find some extracurricular activities while not studying.  When it came to clubs for video games, board and card games, or anime, there were one or two girls who also were into those things.  I wanted to be friends and share my personal outlets from life with them.  However, they only saw these clubs as "sexist" apparently.  Although they seemed to have enjoy these activities legitimately, they only saw me as some "testosterone poisoned" male.  They claimed it was high time Nerd Culture changed its "patriarchal" ways and welcome females as equals.  This was because of the overwhelmingly male population in Nerd Culture.  Although it is the girls who are too close minded to be into activities that might warp their social stature, it is still the boys' fault that girls are too few in Nerd Culture.  I had a confrontation with one of these activists at a club meeting.  I was not given the light of day.  The girl did not find it necessary to see the issues from another angle.  Plus most of the guys were quick to become white knights to defend her.  At this point, I was done with the club scene.

Nowadays, my only time spent sharing pastimes are with close friends.  It is difficult to even go onto an internet forum and not find issues of feminism slithering through the text.  One of the biggest disappointments to me is not only the females barking discrimination, but the males who just do not want to put up a dialog for real equality.  It would seem every male nerd approves of reverse-discrimination* to achieve "equality".  This is unacceptable to me because it is simply revenge tactics to make men and boys feel that they are the problem for everything that might possibly offeeeeeeend a female.  This is not the right way to go about reaching any form of equality.  It will, hidden behind a veil of guilt, actually sow the seeds of resentment.  Feminists, in their pursuit to fight sexism (real or not), are using hatred to fight hatred.  Nerd men are arguably some of the greatest appeasers of female demands and most tolerant of their behavior.  Despite singing the hymns of feminist rhetoric, nerd men are objects of female scorn.  Men are going to need to stand up for their right to be respected, just like women.  Women are going to need to stop with the rhetoric and start acting like they are equal to men.  Until the time equality becomes a reality and not a buzz word, this slow waltz will only continue perpetually.

I should also note that when I say "reverse-discrimination," I am referring to the pretense that men already discriminated against women.  This is used as justification to use hateful measures against men and deemed perfectly fair and progressive.

- Forsaken Eagle

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dehumanizing Hitler

One of the most interesting proclamations by young freedom fighters is that if they were around before World War II, they "would do everything in there power to stop Hitler."  It is a great thing, no doubt, to want to go back in time and warn the past of the impending danger.  Although it is much easier to see the atrocities of Hitler and the Nazis long after-the-fact, the reality is is that most of these same jungen would be the ones to rally behind the madman if they were ever in the same situation.

"Now why would you say that, Forsaken Eagle!?  I would NEVER support that mass murder!!!"

Here is the thing that I addressed before: we know of the Nazi atrocities long after-the-fact.  The Holocaust, as the clearest example, was unknown until the waning days of WWII.  Soviet soldiers were the first to uncover death camps.  Soviets, always willing to smear the German public, were honest about their findings at the camps to their western allies.  However, their word, despite the long war with the Axis powers, were not fully believed until western Allies laid eyes on the remains of the exterminated.  Western civilization was unaware and unprepared to face the full reality of the disaster that was the war.  On top of that, Hitler, before WWII dawned, was seen as a great leader who brought Germany back onto her feet and took Germans out of poverty.

"But what about the Germans!?  They must have known what was happening to the Jews!!!"

The German public only knew about Jews, among others, being relocated.  However, the death camps were almost completely outside of Germany.  That, and the Goebbels propaganda machine kept the knowledge of such systematic exterminations outside the public ear.  I guess it would also be easier to just assume that the Germans were born racist and anti-Semitic (so much for Nurture over Nature, huh).  My personal belief, aside from the natural mistrust of all things different, was that the propaganda industry of Germany convinced the public that the Jewish people were really deceiving the system and controlling the future of the country.  World War I, as the Nazis claimed, was the result of Jewish bankers making a profit at the cost of millions of others.  I would argue that a similar situation exists here in the United States where scapegoating is running rampant on all sides.

"What does this have to do with me again?"

The youth that support Hitler and the Nazi Party were naive.  Despite the usual cultural belief that the young are rebels, they are more likely to rally behind some form of authority that they believe will change the "status quo" and give them hope.  In this regard, the youth ARE rebelling, but that does not mean they are trying to create democracy and freedom for all.  This does not mean that the German kids were TRYING to commit evil, but were trying to find a sense of purpose, hope, and change.  The suffering of the German public was an especially nurturing environment for the rise of a totalitarian government.  The youth turned Hitler into a messiah figure for themselves, as a figure of hope.  They were not malicious, only naive of the consequences their actions would have on themselves, their country, and the world.  In their mission to have their own voices heard, they allowed the muzzling of others and eventually themselves (no need to give credence to those who gave you ultimate power).  The Germans traded a wounded government and a crippled economy for something far worse in the long run.

"So why are you SO concerned about 'dehumanizing Hitler'?"

The most important aspect about Hitler was not the bad things he brought onto the world, but the fact that he was just human.  It is never good to idolize a person to a messiah level of existence, as the majority of Germans did with Hitler.  However, it is not more acceptable to treat Hitler as the devil incarnate.  Hitler and the Nazis are often portrayed as "people" whose greatest pleasures in life are waging war and creating genocide.  This is a form of intellectual laziness and dishonesty that will eventually, if not already, shoot us in the foot.  By simply saying the Nazis were evil people instead of looking at the underlying structures of the forces that drives the dark side of humanity, history will probably be inclined to repeat itself.

I cannot help but feel that those people who claim to be open-minded about the reality of totalitarianism and corruption are only going to elect their own Hitler one day.  Hitler was an unknown figure who happened to have the charisma for arousing the frustrations within people.  He was quick to put a target on the people he perceived to be causing the suffering of Germany and played on the people's desire for a foreseeable solution.  The people made Hitler a popular figure and nearly got him into office.  German President Paul von Hindenberg appointed him as Chancellor of Germany before long.  Hitler, before he bullied his way to having an empire, was viewed as a hero not only in mid-Europe, but also all throughout western civilization.  After all, he was proclaimed man-of-the-year by Time magazine for encouraging the turnaround of Germany.  On top of that, there were even Jewish advocates who agreed with Hitler's sentiment that Jews and Germans must live separately (however, I doubt those supporters had genocide on their minds; only hubris until the gravity of the situation took center stage).  Hitler was by all means a good guy.  It took the near takeover of Europe before people were forced to wake up to the reality facing them.

I conclude that the simple notion of good and evil is a grave threat to the freedoms of human beings everywhere.  Hitler is arguably the most hated man of the twentieth century because of the great tragedies that happened under his rule.  However, before he was the devil, Hitler was the messiah to both Germans and the international community.  One has to wonder now about what future the present will bestow upon us.  I have a fear (hopefully just a paranoia of youth) that the west is ready to see a new evil dictator.  This person will capitalize on the discontent and petty prejudices of the populace.  No, he won't have a sinister grin and a goofy mustache and tie up helpless young damsels to railroad tracks.  The new dictator will be friendly, charismatic, and raise the spirits of those who will listen.  My peers may claim to know that their personal responsibility to question authority, but they seem quick to replace the current authority with another that promises greener pastures and cotton candy for all.  This is my view of ignorance of history and why it will only be repeated in time.

Until next time.
- Forsaken Eagle

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Demon-Haunted World

Finished reading "The Demon-Haunted World" last night.  That is, of course, a phenomenal book by the late, great Carl Sagan.  I must say that I really enjoyed reading this fine work.  I had a lot of time off due to the tornadoes here in North Alabama, so I was able to read through it without most of the typical distractions of the day.  It really made my displacement for one whole week a lot easier with the words of Dr. Sagan.  He uses his usual love of science, history, and literature to express the importance of science education, especially in these modern days.

Now I am left with the next big question: What should I read next?  I have decided to take up a couple books to read.  It has been a long while since I read a novel, so I picked up "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Arthur C. Clarke.  I have not seen the movies, so I am looking forward to jumping into the story mostly blind.  I guess this should mean I should watch the movie after reading this book.

I will also pick up another science book for my reading arsenal.  This time it is Michio Kaku's classic, "Hyperspace."  Whereas "Beyond Einstein" (an earlier Kaku book on a similar topic), was about the properties of superstring theory on matter, "Hyperspace" is to be about the nature of space-time under superstring theory.  This is supposed to be Dr. Kaku's breakthrough work into popular science reading and I greatly enjoyed a few of his other books, so I am sure I will enjoy this one quite well.

Other than that, I am back into the normal routine.  The semester had a rocky ending, but I earned my A's.  I am taking a little break from political and social topics for now to focus on the summer semester and nerdy things.

This has been yet another mind dump after a short absence from my blog.

- Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

White Males Need Not Apply

This is a phrase I first heard while listening to the Savage Nation radio show. It was from an explanation about a stimulus package from the Obama administration by Robert Reich. The stimulus would go to fund new construction jobs. However, Reich says that he doesn't want to use the money to fund "high-skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers." This is part of the myth that today, white men still have an unfair advantage over minorities and women.

I admit that I do not know all of the statistics regarding race and gender for this country, aside from whites being the majority race in the country and the wage-gap myth.  All I have is my experiences from coming to age in a major melting pot area of the country: Arizona.  I was always exposed to other races, ethnics, and females in my everyday life.  Early childhood was truly less complicated than what I and every one of my peers were exposed to later in life.  Everyone was equal.  There wasn't talk about racism, sexism, bigotry, bias, and privilege.  As I moved up to middle and high school, the education about history and social issues started flooding in.  We were all taught that whites owned slaves and women were slaves to men.  Getting to the end of high school, the budding radicals vowing to fight racism, patriarchy, and the rich started cropping up around me.  Peers, teachers, television shows, and even some of my own family members all believed that evil, greedy, privileged, racist, patriarchal, homophobic, extremist, Islamophobic, bigoted white men were responsible for all of the country's ills and then-presidential candidate Obama was going to put a stop to it.  I heard about how white men are terrible people and need to prove constantly that they are not like that.  The funny thing is is that the reality just did not match this vision.

My high school life and early college years was spent trying to prove I wasn't like those other evil white men.  I now realize that not only is this fight futile, but is a complete fabrication.  No matter what I do or what I say.  I will always be seen as racist and sexist, simply because I am a white male.  The fact that this is a racist and sexist assumption to make of me.  However, I am deemed privileged, so any defense of my character or accusation of another person's bigotry is halted right away.  Any injustice I may have ever experienced or am going to experience is just me being selfish and apathetic of "disadvantaged" minorities and women.  I am instructed to feel guilty for being what I am, even though I did not have a choice in the matter.

I was taught to be proud of who I am and that everybody is equal.  Unlike those early years, I have come to the realization of the double standard of "political correctness" (PC).  Political correctness is just code for "non-white males."  I have decided a while back that I will hold everyone to equal standards and have pride in who I am.  I have this one body for this one life, and I will be damned if I am going to be told that I am a shameful person for being who I am.

- Forsaken Eagle

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finished Two Books, Starting Two Books

I finished reading Michio Kaku's "Beyond Einstein" today and I completed David Flynn's "Why the Left Hates America." Both were great books, in my opinion.

"Beyond Einstein" delved into the history of the ultimate unified field theory of physics: superstring theory. After the history is established, Kaku explains some of the amazing symmetries string theory creates that explains the strangest phenomenon in the universe (ex: the Big Bang, dark matter, and higher dimensions). A criticism I have for this book, however, is the sob story regarding the female astronomer Vera Rubin. The writer goes to great lengths to explain her apparent "weep[ing]" about science still being predominantly male. Any woman who wants to go into science can (sometimes with a generous scholarship or grant) if she wants to. However, women generally do not go into the scientific and engineering fields. When one looks at the literary and social studies, one sees a very large portion of female scholars. Feminists would say women are just better than men in these fields for inherent female traits. On the other hand, these same harpies scream and cry "sexism" and "patriarchy" because more men are better in math and science. If this little emotion-over-logic-type diatribe was left out of science books, the better the writers would become. Other than that, this book does a great job at what Kaku set out to do: publish a book that can explain the significance of the scientific movement to establish a unified field theory of the universe.

Overall, Kaku's book gets four-and-a-half stars out of five.

"Why the Left Hates America" is a political book regarding leftists (not to be confused with liberals and Democrats) and their irrational hatred of the United States. Flynn spends the first half drawing out the history of the left's campaign against America. The second half deals with why America is not as terrible as leftists claim it is. The chapter "The Five Big Lies" lists what Flynn claims are the biggest untruths hurting America's image. These are: America oppresses women; America destroys the environment; America is a racist nation; America is a warmongering empire; and America robs from the poor. Flynn successfully displays the obvious that America is still, by far, the light unto the world. Leftists downplay America's great qualities with her negatives while ignoring the negatives and promoting/creating positives of other cultures. It is important to note that America's negatives (slavery, oppression of women, environmental damage, etc.) are not near as bad as most other third world and even some first world countries! On top of that, Flynn provides his own and other conservative speakers' experiences on the censorship and sometimes aggressively radical opposition to conservative views on college and university campuses. Flynn successfully demonstrates (with numerous sources cited) the hypocritical and irrational behaviors of the radical left, and he defends America's great accomplishments as the ultimate experiment in freedom. Why does the left hate America? Because America is the antithesis of "every pet theory the left holds dear."

I give Flynn's book five stars out of five.

As I hinted, I have decided to start two new books today: "The Demon-Haunted World" by Carl Sagan and "The New Reagan Revolution" by Michael Reagan. It is fair to notice that I alternate between different books at the same time. I also like to have different subject material, usually a science book and a political book.

I did not think I would delve into two reviews in one post, but I felt I was brief enough. I have taken a fine liking to having reading time on a more frequent basis. I greatly enjoy taken in new information and learning to draw new methods of critical thinking. In the meantime, I am spending time while not working, reading, and going to college watching the progress in Washington and Civil War history. Hopefully more blog entries will follow.

- Forsaken Eagle

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Trickle Up Poverty" Review

I finished reading Michael Savage's book, Trickle Up Poverty, yesterday at the library.  Overall, I enjoyed the book for its great content.  I am a regular listener of the Savage Nation (when not working or at school), and I will say that this book is like an extended show of Savage's.  For some people, liberals and conservatives alike, this could be a bad thing.  Many can be turned off by Savage's "angry old man" style of talking, and his slight ego can be annoying.  Both of these elements are in the book, which may turn some people away.

However, the real meat of the book is the amount of information regarding the current events in America today (within the last 100 years being current).  Savage breaks apart his passages into very typical but very important topics for Americans today, including: global warming, health care reform, and the economic crisis, among other things.  As the subtitle of the book ("Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security") suggests, Savage's work is an answer to the first almost two years of Obama's presidency.  Michael opens his book with an introduction about how Obama is taking apart the United States like a child takes apart an old watch.  Being unable to put the watch back together, Obama finds another watch and tears it apart.  This is Savage's analogy of what Obama is doing to this country, whether intentionally or not.

Michael Savage spends quite a few pages going over Obama's Marxist-Leninist past.  Much of the information he achieves on Obama is from Obama's own books: Dreams From my Father (an autobiography) and Audacity of Hope.  I have not read either of these books, but Savage claims he has read them.  If one is to take Savage on his word, the information Obama himself provides is quite disturbing.  Obama, as far as anyone knows, was born in Hawaii, a very fringe state of the United States with a liberal slant by all counts.  However, Obama and his family moved around to different areas of the world, such as Indonesia.  Obama eventually moved to mainland U.S. and graduated from Harvard.  During his college years, Obama was friends with a rich Arabic student.  He allegedly enjoyed many luxuries while friends with him.  However, they parted ways and Obama didn't have as easy of a life from there, living in a far less luxurious lifestyle from there.  This, it turns out, is a major influence to his anti-capitalistic beliefs of the rich taking from the poor.  He traveled to Chicago to become an active ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) member.  He would eventually become a senator for Illinois.  Obama would soon ascend to become the 44th president of the United States of America.

Michael Savage spends the rest of the book explaining the very issues threatening our country's well-being.  As is the theme of the book, Savage provides information and personal insight to how Obama is either letting the country deteriorate through misguided policy or even intentionally trying to promote a socialist revolution.  Savage, making the book more like his show, also talks about his own life during childhood and in the present to make connections to the issues confronting America.  Savage's ego comes out during his book, like when he references his previous book ("Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder") as "my bestselling book".  He also comes along as an arrogant know-it-all at certain points by explaining it is he alone who is pointing out the obvious.  However, unlike the liberals he denounces, Savage actually cites sources for his "baseless" accusations.  His style may be egotistical and linguistically aggressive, but Michael is like a caring uncle who has been around the block a few times, has faced discrimination without help, has scientific degrees which has trained him to use logic to draw conclusions, and ultimately cares deeply about the American way and how to preserve it.

Overall, I would say I enjoyed reading Michael Savage's book.  I did get myself lost on the "Nightmare On Wall Street" chapter, but I think my attention span for reading massive amounts of information has gone up since.  This book provides a great analysis on Obama and the state of America at large.  Savage has explained on his show that this book was meant for the November 2010 mid-term elections and is here for the upcoming 2012 presidential election.  This book provides a good starting point to understanding the gravity of the situation the American people face.  Looking past Savage's intimidating style, he ultimately cares about what is happening in the United States and supports all who want to promote individual rights and responsibility.

I would score this book as four-and-a-half stars out of five.

- Forsaken Eagle

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beginning of a Blog

This blog will serve as a personal space to type my thoughts on.  I suppose I have the right idea in mind.  I have never used this blog site before, so I might be a little slow at personalizing this blog.

First thing is to talk a little about myself.  I am a 21-year-old American currently studying to become an aerospace engineer.  Science is my favorite field of study.  I often read many books about scientific concepts, even back during elementary school.  Some of my favorite authors are writers who can present scientific concepts to a general audience.  If one who may be reading this blog is interested in similar subjects, the writers Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, and Brian Greene, for instance, should come to mind.

My religious beliefs are not written in stone.  I can say with certainty that I am not a theist.  I do not believe (an) all powerful being(s) is/are manipulating events around us intentionally.  If there is a god, I imagine such a being simply ensuring that the natural order and chaos of the universe is maintained; physics.  A deistic god such as this does not care if a person becomes king of the world, or dies in a flood in his sleep, to pick a couple of examples.  A god such as this is neither friendly nor hostile to us, as humans.  It is simply indifferent to our thoughts and feelings.  The deistic god will only maintain the physical laws of reality.  I can be considered a sort of religious scholar in that I am interested in learning about these laws as we know them, and possibly discovering the very secret and very strange mysteries that baffle top scientists.  In this regard, I could be considered a deist.

My beliefs in morality would by this point be divided among potential readers.  A camp could think I have no moral guidance for being "atheistic."  Another camp could think I am enlightened in character due to my naturalistic beliefs.  Of course, there can be an infinite numbers of opinions that could surface.  My only answer is this: people have to have moral guidance from an elder figure.  Now why would I believe this?  From the naturalistic point-of-view, we are just animals with a higher form of intelligence that makes us special.  As I see historically and from my own experiences is that human intelligence and society is at constant odds with our more animal-like behaviors.  Our built-in instructions are simple: eat, sleep, breed, raise young, killing enemies.  Men and women will breed to immortalize their genes as often as possible.  A functioning society requires that rampant sex and unnecessary violence be suppressed.  Society is oppressive, but for the benefits of higher standards of living such as security, community services, and technological advancement.  Religion has taken a role in trying to outline the important moral values of human beings, but it is ultimately the duty of parents to raise their children to hold moral values to maintain the cohesion of society.  Children should be taught not to act on their animal impulses automatically.  My views are there are many in this country (the United States) are not being taught about proper morals, so their more animal behaviors are taking over.  Just because something feels good does not mean it is necessarily good in all frames of reference.  I will honor my elders and ten-thousand years of human society by following their example (the good).

My politics would be consider right-winger by certain people.  However, I consider myself an independent to be vague; a Constitutionalist to be specific.  The Constitution of the United States are a brilliant collection of documents designed to restrict government power against individual liberty.  I believe in individual achievement without government intervention.  A person who does not do the same quality and quantity of work as another does not deserve to have an equal outcome.  A person who does do quality service should get more without fear of having his or her successes being taken away by the government to give to those who aren't as good; better yet, a person who does not want to work at all.  I am against beliefs that allow moochers to thrive, are hateful, and are ultimately anti-human, such as: communism, socialism, feminism, and racism.  The Constitution is not here to restrict the People.  It is here to restrict the power of government.  It also angers me that there are those in and out of this country that believe the government is here to keep them from being offended or give them a living.  Everyone has to make their own living.  Everyone who wants someone else to give them a living and silence dissenting opinions is weak and ungrateful.  I am a proud, unhyphenated American.

This first post sure is long-winded.  I feel that not only did I give my most honest explanation of my character, I also took a bit of a weight of my back.  Even if no one else reads this blog, the simple act of taking a risk and throwing out my thoughts is brilliant.  I hope I will make many posts in the future and improve my writing skills as I go.

- Forsaken Eagle