Saturday, October 8, 2011

An MRA's Email to Saint Louis University

I moments ago read and posted at an article on the website A Voice for Men concerning Saint Louis University's vague policy on rape.  The policy expresses emphasis on the importance of "consent" in sexual relationships between students.  The founder and top poster of A Voice for Men Paul Elam drafted an email rebuttal to the rather sneaky language used in the University's policy.  When the topic concerns rape, one should become aware that feminism is not too far off from the scene, and Elam highlights the trappings of the policy that serve the feminists' agenda proudly.  Mainly: "Men are rapists and women are victims."

Against the odds, Paul Elam stands firm in his text by labeling his message as "punishment, not dialogue."  With reference to his great contributions to exposing a real-life feminazi called Mary Kellett and another school, Mount Royal University, he delightfully lectures that anyone who searches will find Saint Louis University and see the blatant bigotry they use in policy decisions.  In short, what goes around comes around.  SLU will become, by word of mouth, another symbol of modern fascism in America.

I wanted to use this space to help spread the word about SLU.  Tyranny should be opposed wherever it may appear.  I also want to point out that one person's utopia is another person's dystopia.  The universities must come to understand that discriminating against anyone, despite any perceived past crimes, is an intolerable act in this day and age.

Forsaken Eagle

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