Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reconciling the Past

I have recently for a while been trying to tie the many loose ends of my past.  Specifically, I have been trying to gain control over my memories of high school.

My high school memories are for the most part a blur for me.  My memories of high school are foggy at best, and I have been trying to search for the pieces since I got out.  Aside from acquired knowledge, my main concern was getting out of that place.  I wanted escape, and time was so happy to oblige.  I am long free from that madhouse that so many seem so content on calling their golden years.

What I did not conceive (from the best of my recollections) is that I would desire resolution for the troubles I have faced at the classic American institution.  I want to regain my memories I have happily buried deep in my consciousness.  I need to come to terms with those four years.  They are like a dream to me.  The thoughts scar my mind.  There was so much I did not enjoy about high school.  I couldn't live with the disappointments and depressions.  I bottled up the the feelings in the hopes that they would never bother me again.

I was wrong.  Like every other time I bottled up my feelings, the terrible moment where those feelings bubble up as if from a hot pot of water.  The lid covering the pot will hop up against the gentle force of gravity to remind me of the suppressed but not forgotten memories hidden underneath.  Now it seems at every turn the past is there to remind me that I cannot move forward.  Not until I make amends and banish that demon.

I feel robbed of those memories.  I need to reclaim what is mine.  I don't know how I will go about this, but I must find a way.  Perhaps the only way is to simply leave it be and move forward in life.  It isn't the answer I want to hear, but I might just have enough physical and mental ability to overcome those demons with success.  Not with riches and luxury (although those would be nice), but with the satisfaction that I have achieved greatly at what I enjoy.

Only time will tell.

Forsaken Eagle

Monday, January 16, 2012

Revisiting Feminism in Nerd Culture

A while back I had a post concerning my feelings with feminism creeping into "nerd culture."  Due to recent events, I am feeling the overwhelming pressure from feminists and their white knight lap dogs due to not bowing down to the obvious greatness.

I want to be perfectly clear: I HATE YOU "GEEK" FEMINIST BITCHES!

My nerdy pursuits have always been an escape for me.  It was a world- no, it was as many worlds as I wanted where I could get away from the usual one-sided game of life I was always forced to play on the public court.

When it came to girls and women, I was someone to laugh at because of my obvious inferiority (not including when females decide that they are victims to the patriarchy).  Even though it was the other boys and men they employed or allowed to torment me because of my awkward nature, they always seemed to have an alien-level of arrogance about them.  I could normally find comfort in video games, books, and television shows.  I could visit other worlds, solve great mysteries about the universe, and evil coward in my presence.  Best of all, the females were NEVER welcome in my thoughts and fantasies.

Eventually, I got together with others around the neighbor and school who also had the same interests.  Flashback to my earlier article, there were the minority of girls who were interested, but the majority of them were brainwashed feminists-in-training.  This was back in the late '90's and earl 2000's.  Now the "Geek Feminist" culture is a real beast to behold.

Nowadays, I cannot enter even an internet nerd forum without having to read about the "plight of women."  Suddenly nerd culture is too masculine!  From what I recall (see fourth paragraph), I wasn't some overly-masculine brute objectifying women before.  On the contrary, I was the skinny, girly weirdo who "couldn't get laid"!  Even today with the rise of "geek chic," I am still not worthy of their approval.  My hypothesis is "chic geeks" are simply dumbshits trying to fake an intelligent demeanor due to the rise of the truly intelligent men in modern times.

Maybe I would be more welcoming to the females if they just enjoyed the same topics I do.  Instead, they would rather play the victim card and demand I kiss ass for all of their "struggles" as strong, independent girls.  At the same time, they would pursue the alpha male type while relegating me to the "friend zone."  (alpha male: muscular jack-holes with fake coke-bottle glasses who pray on the weak for the female's entertainment)  Now it seems the culture that I have come to love has demonized me for pointing out the injustices natural female behavior has done to me.

Indeed, these behaviors have gone unchallenged for almost the entire course of human history.  It is the recent development of convenience appliances and grocery stores that have caused women to believe they are actually oppressed even though their fore-mothers have always been protected by men.  Feminism, the most pervasive and destructive ideology to have ever been conceived has now been born.  Feminism has released the animalistic female nature on steroids throughout the world.  It is only in the last few years the Men's Rights Movement has been making progress to halt femi-fascism.

Now beyond my will, I am fighting that war from my own special culture.  It will be like my own Operation Overlord.  I will have to fight against the odds to liberate nerd culture from the Feminazi occupiers.  I will take back what is mine.  I will NOT be relegated to your black-and-white ideas of gender equity.  I see through your lies.  You cannot come in and demand I owe you something after an entire life of being treated as your inferior.

If you want me to start treating you as my equal, THEN START ACTING LIKE MY EQUAL!

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little Faery Tale

At A Voice for Men, a contributor known as typhonblue wrote a great faery tale for his readers.  This story concerns the pampered princesses who drive men (and supposedly themselves) to their doom.  I had a great read, and typhonblue reminded me of the importance of classic faery tales without the Disney rewrites.

Faery tales / folk tales were created to tell a story which conveys an important lesson.  The endings are often dark, morbid, and devoid of happy endings.  To force a happy ending is a very dishonest method of teaching a lesson to a child.  Rarely is life a "happy ending."  Happiness is temporary and must be enjoyed whenever and wherever someone should receive it.  It is not a constant, it is a feeling of bliss between normal human life (otherwise known as unhappiness).

Forsaken Eagle