Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Trickle Down Tyranny" Review

I finished reading Michael Savage's latest political piece "Trickle Down Tyranny" earlier this week.  I have read it off and on like I typically do when homework starts butting in.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

It is the 'sequel' to his previous hit "Trickle Up Poverty".  In that book, Savage explains Obama's secretive past as a college student making friends with Marxist professors and his first two years in the White House.  Savage lays down the information pertaining to the President's shady past and the beginning of his subversion of American politics.  At the end, Savage lays out his 37 steps for conservative patriots.  One point involves putting tariffs on Chinese-made goods.  Another is to run America like a business, not an empire.  Just so some out there are aware, that last point simply means to stop trying to spend our way out of the crisis.  It has nothing to do with establishing a fascistic government.  I enjoyed this book also and have written a review of it on this blog.

Now comes "Trickle Down Tyranny".  Obama has been in power for almost a full term, and yet the slaps to the faces of Americans still continue.  The borders are as porous as ever, and bodies are piling up the freeways with the continuing drug war.  The Obama administration's Eric Holder is rallying Mexico and other Hispanic countries against American states, Arizona and Alabama.  Solyndra and other 'green' scams burn mountains of American tax dollars while promoting "Man-made Global Warming" in order to surrender more control from the American people to the state.  America's allies are being snubbed while college professors snuggle up with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.  The Middle East is nosediving into a permanent Arab Winter.  Despite all of the false statistics and empty claims, the country is not doing any better.

Bush Jr. may have been a fiscal socialist (Michael Savage wasn't a Republican shill) and increased state control like never before, but Obama took the helm and is running the same scheme.  Despite his predecessor, however, Savage claims he is committing these impeachable acts of going around the American people and Congress to instill a crisis in the United States.  Making the information laid out in "Trickle Up Poverty" very relevant to the discussion is Obama's radical past as a college student, Harvard professor, and street agitator in Chicago.  Now he has nearly a full term as president of the United States under his belt.  Michael Savage has been doing his homework for well over four years, and sees no reason to sit "with [our] hats on backwards reciting sports statistics."  Complacency is rotting the country from within.

Above all, this book is a large research paper containing some of the most well-documented crimes and blunders of the Obama administration.  Read this book to find the chapter by chapter listing and explanations of why Obama is not working to the best interest of the American people, follow the cited and credible sources, and above all increase your awareness of what is happening to your country and the world around you.  I'll say this book is a four-out-of-five star work which is timely and should be read by anyone willing to stare the cold, hard truth in the face.

Dr. Michael Savage is a scientist, an immigrant's son, a family man who raised children, worked from a life of poverty to success, and most important of all: he is an American.  He is a true independently-minded man who holds both political parties accountable and will not be fooled into toting the party line.  Unlike most other talk radio commentators, Savage chooses no sides but what he feels is right for all Americans: freedom.

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

America or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Communism

I had a pleasant surprise on Chapin's Inferno today.  My comment on his previous video about the book "Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America" by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr was quoted in the introduction of his followup video.  My comment:

I graduated from high school in 2008. During my time there, we learned a heck of a lot about how McCarthy was a modern witch hunter. At the same time, we never learned anything about the Venona Papers or how communism was trying (still is) to subvert the United States into the darkness of extreme leftism. I feel lucky I pulled away from all of that in my early college days.

It is the truth not only in high school but also in college American history, Joseph McCarthy was demonized for his heavy-handed methods to rooting out the Soviet spies and communist cohorts living under the radar.  I had to learn on my own about what really happened during the (as I'm sure it was) frightening times of the Cold War.  I eventually stumbled upon the Venona Papers after getting word about their existence (likely from Dr. Michael Savage).

The Venona Papers are documents released by the US government on the joint project between the US and the UK called the Venona Project.  Ever since the fall of fascism, the Soviets' activities were monitored in this top secret project.  It is through this covert effort the truth about our old World War II 'ally' revealed subversive efforts by the Russians to spy on the west and inject society-destroying ideals into America.

Despite the documents revealing the fact communist spies and social engineers are far more real than Salem witches, McCarthy's name is still dragged through the muck.  The radical left will tarnish his name from beyond the grave for taking bold action to protect the American psyche from the ideals that have destroyed civilizations and exterminated millions of 'undesirables'.  I may do my best to keep the truth alive, but misinformation has already buried McCarthy as a villain of freedom.

Not knowing too much about how severe the Soviet influence was and just what kind of damage they have spread, there are those willing to voice the truth.  I want to give a thanks for not only the friendly shout-out, but also Bernard's handy links to videos of a lecture and interview given by former-KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov.  I had no knowledge of the man until now, but after watching and listening to these two videos I have a whole new perspective on the nature of post-war battle tactics.  Namely, the battles between communism and individualism.  Instead of fighting for supremacy like the Nazis, the USSR employed the covert spread of ideas into their neighbors.

Watch, listen, and learn (They are long, so find a comfy chair to relax in.):

It definitely makes one think about how western culture during the past half-century was warped by deeper, more pervasive ideas than "the Summer of Love".  The weak minded are pulled in by cheap words and an uncaring populace ignores or is naive of the growing threat.  It is what it is now though, so the next important step is to learn how to heal the wounds before further damage may be done.  As I have posted back on Halloween of 2011, there are those who eat up the lies like Skittles.

Once again, a thank you to Bernard Chapin for the shout-out and some great links.  I am looking forward to your 2000th video.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

"How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming" Review

I have recently finished reading this book by Dr. Mike Brown, the man who killed Pluto.

It is a little tale about how Brown began his lifelong search for other planets within the Solar System.  It chronicles his early days as an astronomer, meeting his wife, having a daughter, finding new planets orbiting the Sun, and the struggle to have just what a planet is redefined.  It is a short read, but it delivers in both information and character.

Of course being the astronomer nut he is, Brown goes to great lengths to describe not only the night sky, but also the struggles an astronomer must cope with to find the discoveries of a lifetime, such as analyzing hundreds of star maps for moving objects.  When laying out the details of the objects him and his team have uncovered from the depths of space, Brown doesn't try to confuse the reader.  He instead lays the basic principles of how to determine the size of an object, the distance from Earth, determining the orbit, analyzing the object's primary elements, and so on.  To help aid his readers, Brown even includes illustrations of the concepts he covers.  Being an experienced educator, Brown knows how to keep his audience's attention while driving the points home.

What adds character to this books is not only his very laid back style of writing, but also his inclusion of his personal life.  Not just content to give a brief history of astronomy, Brown shares his own.  He lays out his personal relationships with his peers to show the very human aspect of his work.  He drinks coffee with his coworkers while sifting the night sky.  He meets a woman, Diane, professionally and soon finds himself married and having a daughter with her.  He bonds with his newborn, Lilah, every chance he gets.  Brown even encounters rivalries within the astronomical community after a controversy over the true discoverer of a new planet.  There is much to learn about being a full-time astronomer.  Mike Brown delivers a good taste of what that's like.

I have definitely enjoyed reading this book.  Astronomy is a fun hobby of mine, and learning a little of the 21st century world of astronomy is pretty fresh.  Being a very new event, it is weird knowing Pluto is no longer a planet like many of us once knew.  I would strongly recommend reading this book if this topic is of interest to you.  I hope to find others out there like it.

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gentlemen and Ladies

I'll admit: I have become quite lazy with the blog.  It is not because I am being overworked by school and the job.  It is because I have taken the wrong approach to inscribing my ideas.  After taking some advice from a well-known vlogger, I took a more relaxed approach to my work.  After changing my tactics, I think my efforts have been more rewarding with this article.

There is one thing on my mind that has been bothering me more than usual.  No, it is not sex, ladies.  It is the standards with which we as a society apply the labels gentlemen and ladies.  Of course, it is standard to call a woman a lady in any formal or semi-formal setting without a second of thought.  A gentleman however is a label men get from women when they behave in a way they approve.  Are we starting to see a double standard here?  In the world of "women are sugar, spice, and everything nice" and men are like dogs who need to be trained, it is no wonder people do not seem to notice the double standard between being a proper man and a proper woman.

Men are required to behave in a way that women approve of in order to be a gentleman.  Why should a woman define what a man has to be in order to be a "real man"?  All my life I hear about how women should not let themselves be considered any less by men's standards.  If I am to really believe feminists, despite the bias being in the name itself, are for equality for all, why do men have to answer to women in order to be a man of character?  There is definitely a culture of paranoia that men cannot be trusted to their own devices.  There seems to be an inherent female trait to believe it is their divine privilege (not to be confused with male privileges without the responsibilities) to change men to their own ideals of what men should be.  All the more puzzling is that women hold themselves above this scrutiny.

Why should a woman be considered a lady or a girl a young lady simply because she is female?  Like I have already made note of, women may believe they can change men and control their personal lives, but controlling a woman in the same fashion is unacceptable and a great sin in their crusade against so called "female oppression".  Along with a culture that raises girls from the crib to believe they are perfect the way they are, it is unthinkable to some to refuse to consider them ladies when they don't exhibit proper female traits to consider them such.  They expect to be considered ideal in the feminine department without putting the work in.  It is an inconvenient truth on the current relations between the sexes, and the hypocrites want the important question of why to be as taboo as possible.

What gets under my skin is the expectation of men and boys to aspire to be 'gentlemen' as women define them while the women and girls are automatically 'ladies' by simply being born the "fairer sex".  The man is supposed to pay the bills, work long hours, and generally pamper his 'lady' without complaint.  The woman on the other hand can dress scantily, abandon traditionally female chores in the family unit, and still be a lady in the eyes of their peers and white knights.  What pulled me from being the gentlemanly type is being part of a generation of girls who do what they want when they want and still have the privilege of being socially proper while a generation of boys struggle to behave in a way to attract these girls who are increasingly devoid of mind, body, and soul.  Why would I, a young man, put in the effort to make myself into a person of value for a young woman who does not see any reason to be of value as a person to me?

My past experiences with refusing to be gentlemanly towards women who did not aspire to put the effort into being real ladies relayed scorn back at me.  When asked to explain my rudeness, I would tell the questioner a woman is not a lady just because she is a woman.  I would lay out the case that being a gentleman and being a lady both require personal effort to fill gender-specific roles, and a man should have no more reason to be a gentleman to a woman who does not behave like a lady than a woman should be ladylike for a non-gentlemanly man.  Here and there is some agreement to the dilemma I presented, but in general the idea of pointing this out was taboo.  Women will have their cake and eat it as well.

Although traditional roles are a bit antiquated, I still see much value in the mutual respect between the sexes by fulfilling a gentleman or lady role.  If and when I find a woman who will put in the effort to be a lady towards me, I will act accordingly as a gentleman.  Until then, why should I hold that door open for a woman and let her through.  I will wait at the door and hold it open for an approaching man or woman so they don't have to go through the trouble of opening the door from scratch themselves as a polite gesture.  However, there is no reason to give special treatment to those who don't deserve it.  Society has all but forgotten the Golden Rule.  Do not expect me to put in the effort to show you respect for your own convenience but not show me the same in return.

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gambling With Men's Chips

This article and others similar have already been sent around the web.  The University of Maryland lowered its standards for determining whether a (male) student is guilty of sexual misconduct.  Why?  So that the process of punishing (male) students will be more swift.  The policy was changed from "clear and convincing evidence" to "preponderance of evidence."  This translates "innocent until proven guilty" to "guilty if suspicious enough."  Of course, this attack on the freedoms of possibly innocent (male) students would not be complete without the full support from tyrannical feminist shills.

One (female) student by the name of Steph Winter supports the new policies.  She explains, "It’s obviously one of the big side effects, if it could result in an innocent person being found guilty.  But I think sexual assault is such a big issue that it’s worth the risk."  Gone are the days of "I’d rather let a thousand guilty men go free than let one innocent man be punished."  When a member of a victim class, most notably the female victim class, claims they have been victimized by a man, then that man must immediately be punished.  The ends justify the means.

What really brings my piss to a boil are these women who think they are courageously fighting injustice.  What makes these stories exceptionally horrible is it is often women justifying putting men in jail or expelled from school at no risk to themselves.  At the same time, men are excluded from the conversation.  I am still flabbergasted that women have this innate tyrannical flaw which makes them think they are entitled to do anything to the male gender with no consequences to themselves.  It is through them this bogus system of alpha, beta, and gamma males exist.  Alphas are their lovers, Betas are their providers, and Gammas exist only to be expendables.

You feminists are not brave or righteous.  You are all scum.  You created a society, a society built by strong and intelligent men, and turned it into a police state.  You can continue to believe you are the "fairer" sex all you want and dream of a future without men all you want.  Reality and nature will put force you to see reason or annihilation.  Then you all will have to make a decision: comply with true equality or return to gender roles.  The road you put us all on but didn't give men a choice in the matter will only lead to your destruction.

Don't be surprised at what is happening these days.  A group can only be oppressed so long until it retaliates.  Men are starting to show up for the gender war feminists have started and society quietly obeyed.  Feminists were never better than men.  The men have merely done what nature has commanded us to do: comply with the female's demands.  Gone are the days where men sacrificed their own well-being for their wives and children.  Feminism has taken away the rewards of sacrifice from men and took advantage of their instinctual love for women.  An MRA by the name of Typhonblue has explained the situation in her article perfectly.  (Yes, she is a woman, so I know her opinion actually matters to you feminists.)

Men have let women gamble with their own chips for far too long.  Feminism has stolen and trashed all incentive for men to have families.  Now they are reducing men to second-class citizens who can be locked away on a woman's word.  Men are waking up and gearing up for battle.  Feminists, you are about to learn what warfare is really like.  Before, you were living the high life by tricking men to believe their slavery is the most preferable existence.  Now, life is going to become a little harder for you.  Don't worry, you'll always have some foot-licking men to justify your false ideology, much to my chagrin:

Keep up the female pity party while imposing your will on innocent men and boys.  The harder you try to fight us, the more numerous and determined we will become.

Forsaken Eagle