Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Trickle Down Tyranny" Review

I finished reading Michael Savage's latest political piece "Trickle Down Tyranny" earlier this week.  I have read it off and on like I typically do when homework starts butting in.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

It is the 'sequel' to his previous hit "Trickle Up Poverty".  In that book, Savage explains Obama's secretive past as a college student making friends with Marxist professors and his first two years in the White House.  Savage lays down the information pertaining to the President's shady past and the beginning of his subversion of American politics.  At the end, Savage lays out his 37 steps for conservative patriots.  One point involves putting tariffs on Chinese-made goods.  Another is to run America like a business, not an empire.  Just so some out there are aware, that last point simply means to stop trying to spend our way out of the crisis.  It has nothing to do with establishing a fascistic government.  I enjoyed this book also and have written a review of it on this blog.

Now comes "Trickle Down Tyranny".  Obama has been in power for almost a full term, and yet the slaps to the faces of Americans still continue.  The borders are as porous as ever, and bodies are piling up the freeways with the continuing drug war.  The Obama administration's Eric Holder is rallying Mexico and other Hispanic countries against American states, Arizona and Alabama.  Solyndra and other 'green' scams burn mountains of American tax dollars while promoting "Man-made Global Warming" in order to surrender more control from the American people to the state.  America's allies are being snubbed while college professors snuggle up with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.  The Middle East is nosediving into a permanent Arab Winter.  Despite all of the false statistics and empty claims, the country is not doing any better.

Bush Jr. may have been a fiscal socialist (Michael Savage wasn't a Republican shill) and increased state control like never before, but Obama took the helm and is running the same scheme.  Despite his predecessor, however, Savage claims he is committing these impeachable acts of going around the American people and Congress to instill a crisis in the United States.  Making the information laid out in "Trickle Up Poverty" very relevant to the discussion is Obama's radical past as a college student, Harvard professor, and street agitator in Chicago.  Now he has nearly a full term as president of the United States under his belt.  Michael Savage has been doing his homework for well over four years, and sees no reason to sit "with [our] hats on backwards reciting sports statistics."  Complacency is rotting the country from within.

Above all, this book is a large research paper containing some of the most well-documented crimes and blunders of the Obama administration.  Read this book to find the chapter by chapter listing and explanations of why Obama is not working to the best interest of the American people, follow the cited and credible sources, and above all increase your awareness of what is happening to your country and the world around you.  I'll say this book is a four-out-of-five star work which is timely and should be read by anyone willing to stare the cold, hard truth in the face.

Dr. Michael Savage is a scientist, an immigrant's son, a family man who raised children, worked from a life of poverty to success, and most important of all: he is an American.  He is a true independently-minded man who holds both political parties accountable and will not be fooled into toting the party line.  Unlike most other talk radio commentators, Savage chooses no sides but what he feels is right for all Americans: freedom.

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