Thursday, December 22, 2011

Agent Orange Files Released!

I have downloaded the large file containing information and pictures from the RadFem Hub.  The contents of the ZIP are damning.  Agent Orange's hard work shows a collection of some of the most openly hateful women on the net.  This all came to light when RadFem's Vliet Tiptree laid out a "genius" master plan to remove all but 10% of the male population and relegate them to gulags for slave labor.  These are truly sick women and anyone who is remotely human still needs to vocally oppose these Feminists.

Also, Agent Orange recently went onto A Voice for Men Radio with Paul Elam, John the Other, and Robert O'Hara.  Elam has uploaded the discussions on his YouTube account, the Happy Misogynist:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why Don't You Smile More?

I don't know why smiling all the damn time is so important. Smiling takes muscle work, so it costs me (at least) energy. Smiling is something I feel needs to come naturally. A person doesn't smile all day every day or even pose for a picture naturally. A smile is something that just happens on impulse. It is a physical signal to others (because we are normally social creatures) we are pleasured in some fashion. For those who make me smile, congratulations. You have successfully made me smile, and sucked some life out of me (in a good way ;) ).

To see people on the tube smiling 24/7 like smiling zombies just irks me. They only register as phonies and posers in my mind. They are merely puppets to the media machine truthfully. It is a puppet show of perverted ideals of our humanity. They are on the road to losing their humanity in most cases; a living Hell. Now that machine wants to convince me (all of us) that smiling all the damn time is essential to being a normally functioning human being? I can't smile unless I FEEL LIKE IT! Smiling is a response (mostly) to happiness.

Happiness cannot be taught, sold, or administered by authority. It is not a right, it is a temporary bliss between the normal struggles we all face in life. No one, not even ourselves, can give us happiness. With that, I conclude that smiling is not a constant action I can give the world. Most people can't (except you, Jack Nicholson). Just because I don't smile all of the damn time does NOT mean I am an anti-social psychopath waiting to crack. I'll smile when I'm damn good and ready.
Forsaken Eagle