Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Long Road Ahead

There comes a time every so often where everyone must look at the environment around them and evaluate what it is exactly they want to make of it.  All who travel down the long road of life have the privilege of choosing the path he or she alone wishes to take.  Even a social butterfly with a fruitful social following is required to choose a direction alone.  Privileges come with conditions, even difficult ones that are sometimes beyond negotiation.  There are stories of lone wolves who are forced to traverse through life alone for the crime of going their own way against the current of conventional thought.  This might be the road I have chosen without even knowing it.

I have recently experienced great troubles within my personal life, and I feel my activities here and elsewhere have caused the first rumblings of social isolation.  I know very well that my beliefs of the past few years have turned to very unpopular locales.  I was once a very liberal-minded young man.  As a matter of fact, even if others may disagree, I still see myself a liberal in many aspects.  I have no issues with topics like homosexual love and women wanting to go their own way from society not unlike I do.  I recited the lines I was given.  I came to age starting with the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  I was taught that whites control everything with impunity, women were oppressed since the first female blob formed in the Earth's great primordial oceans, and having pride in your country and culture is a horribly backwards mindset.  I bowed down to women and minorities and recited my lines to earn the respect of those I knew who knew better.  I have repented my sins and would change the world for the good of all.

However, my mindsets were not made of solid granite.  Even back in my high school days, I have had nagging feelings of doubt; soon to be known as "thought crime" with further exploration into modern society.  After my initial year of community college, my foundations would really start to warp and ripple.  I knew what I had to think.  I knew what I had to know as fact.  Despite knowing what was right and just with the causes I have sworn by, not all was right in the world.  There were certain fallacies that I struggled to solve.  Why is it not okay to feel comfortable in white flesh but perfectly acceptable to be any other color?  Why can a woman choose not to follow traditional gender roles due to past oppressions but demand men follow their roles without question or face public humiliation?  Many questions were starting to surface, and I couldn't explain why.

I turned to the internet.  I wouldn't know what to do without this wonderful technology.  How would I the discover answers to tricky questions without investing years of research and personal experience to find them?  How would I find others like me who hold doubt in their thoughts and hearts to communicate with if not for the web?  I didn't have to go to a authority figures how would publicly ostracize me for asking such questions.  I didn't have to consult uncaring if not hostile acquaintances to find like-minded fellows who would discuss the tough topics without putting me down for being so daring.  All I had to do was type those questions into a search engine and comb the results the indifferent machine provided me.  I came upon hidden worlds of people who already took those first steps in the pursuit of enlightenment.  Here on the internet is a bizarre reality where a faceless persona could say what others would not dare say.  To make a comparison, the internet is the wild west of the intellectual.  Schools and media are nowadays ol' Europe, and the internet is the free west.  I could not imagine taking the first steps into voicing unpopular opinions on the internet as if I was shouting curse words and derogatory terms into a sewer pipe.  Forget living in the times before the internet allowed unity and enlightenment second only to the printing press.

Steering this post back on track, I found information provided by men and women who have seen more of the world, lived through different times in history, and were full of far more conviction than I can imagine feeling at this point in my young life.  I was communicating and listening to these people and completely humbled by their wisdom and ability to bring light onto often ignored or otherwise unknown topics.  I could have elongated conversations with fellow travelers (which is great for me; I need time to think through my possible responses not allowed in normal discussion).  I started to educate myself a great deal during my early college days.  With the success of the internet, I also turned to other off-beat sources of information such as radio and books.  I was not disappointed.  Things would start to become troubling when I realized that there was no turning back on ignorance and naivety.

I was turning into a different person.  Not necessarily different in character for I still hold the values of honesty and kindness instilled in me by my parents.  I was different in how I started to view the world around me.  No longer did I think it strange to ask politically incorrect questions.  However, I saw the beginning of a division between my old way of life and the new one I had to accept.  I saw others I would have easily been in lockstep with before making statements that were too hypocritical or ignorant to ignore.  I tried challenging these ideas in the hopes that I could show them alternate views and not just a single view distilled with pop culture and arrogance.  Often, I was met with a homecoming of derision and occasionally outright lies about my character.  I was on these occasions considered a racist, sexist, bigot, and privileged whiner for falsely perceived "hate speech."  I saw that this was yet another doctrine used to promote group-think where only the right opinions are valid and conflicting thought is to be silenced for the greater good.  I couldn't give up on them yet, so I tried to point out this problem and how it is turning them into the very things they hate.  Fuel onto the fire, I was not successful.

Permanent riffs began to form in my social life.  Friendships I thought were impervious to taboo debates crumbled.  I was labeled.  I was ignored.  I was a leper.  Although I have maintained many friendships (of which I can certainly say are truer than the many I have lost), I was slowly being relegated to a corner where I would be "out of the way."  It is like high school never ended.  Instead, I refused to be thrown to the side and stood my ground.  I had a right to my beliefs, I had legitimate reasons for maintaining those ideas, and I would not be submissive to the majority.  As such, I lost many friends, and there is no getting them back.  I have been far too out of line and I must suffer the consequences for my hateful nature.  I know better than that.

I can see with certainty the path I am on right now is much more attractive than the one in which I remain obedient to the majority trap.  I am not living a lie where I value superficial things such as shallow friendships, but living by my own ideals.  I know who I am even if I occasionally have my doubts.  This is not to ignore the hardships I am now actually beginning to experience.  Being the social creatures we all are, we need to feel included with others around us.  Some of us though are also grounded in some form of morality and inner character that overrides these natural commands to some extent.  I want to have as many close relationships as I can.  This is a way in which I know I am liberal in one regard: I want to be loved by everybody possible.  I guess I am still living through the young-with-heart stage.  It breaks my heart to see friendships destroyed because I refused to fit into their personal form of conformity.

However, it is high time I start to accept the new way of things.  It isn't worth trying to force relationships where they are no longer wanted.  I have my own way I need to travel.  I will use the tools I have been blessed to own such as the internet and possibly unforeseen avenues of expression not yet known on this world.  I need to be true to myself, and so I will.  It will be a long road ahead, and I hope I will find the strength to reach the end and have no regrets that I have lived my life for all it was worth.

Forsaken Eagle

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It Can't Happen Here

It can happen here.

A story has come out (a story that the Mainstream Media doesn't seem to know exists) about the Florida Democrat headquarters flying an American flag with the stars replaced by Obama's likeness:

Apparently the flag is also available on eBay for the low, low, low price of $24.95!

Now when you look at this flag, what do you see?  Let's get this out of the way: Obama is not the cause of this flag.  The ones responsible are the blind followers of his.  This is a frightening thing to see happening in this country.  Pick a dictator, any dictator.  Hitler?  Stalin?  Mao?  Let's even throw in Che.  This looks like blind loyalty to a human idol to me.  How is a portrait of Obama any different than portraits of any of these other murderers and oppressors?  Is it because he hasn't done anything yet?  Hitler was a good guy once upon a time.  If I recall, he was Man of the Year on Time Magazine before he showed his true colors.  Now that I think about it, so was Stalin.

Time Magazine sure has a bad habit of declaring Do-Gooders as commendable figures.

A counter-argument I am seeing popping up around the web is "If it was Bush..." and "If it was Reagan...".  This is a pathetic argument.  Perhaps this idea stems from self-projection.  They think because they do it, I must do it too.  This type of worship for a leader is unacceptable to all who love the ideals of the United States of America.  There seems to be this spell going around the country where just because it's "our man" it must be a good thing.  Let me tell you that if someone did put the likeness of Bush or Reagan on the American flag, not only would the freedom-loving patriots be against it, the leftists would be dialing the ACLU and FBI to have the flag immediately destroyed and the perpetrators fined or jailed for a "Hate Crime™."

If there is anything that gets under my skin, it is hypocrisy: "It is okay if we do it because we know we know better than you what's best for all of us."  Even better when someone is so sure that they are in the right to be sure there is no need for a counter-argument.  This is where I become frightened when I read stories such as this.  There should ALWAYS be a counter-argument.  That is what our country was founded to have as a fundamental.  The government must NEVER be allowed to declare itself holier-than-thou.  This includes your party, your man.  Just because others do not agree with your beliefs doesn't mean they want to take away your right to freedom.  Besides, I thought diversity was a good thing for this country.  Diversity of thought is one of the greatest achievements this country has pushed forward.

It can't happen here?
It can happen here.
It is happening here.

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mississippi State University Coerces Male Students Into Faux Cause

A Voice for Men's Robert O'Hara has recently upload a despicable story where innocent male students attending Mississippi State University were coerced into participating in a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, where men are shamed into believing they are rapists and women have it SO tough.  An engineering student and MRA at MSU by the name Robinson describes the event and provides the pledge and guidelines of the event.  Males guilty of no crime (assuming this was still a sane nation) were bullied into participating in the faux social justice march and concerns about the should-be-obvious flaws of the barbaric shaming event were screamed down.

Of course the male participants were given encouragement and praise from female onlookers.  Now that I got the sarcasm out of my system, this is definitely NOT the case here.  Female onlookers were doing their usual thing: screeching about "injustice" and laughing like heathens at the pitiful males in high heels.  I am not surprised one bit by their behaviors, and that is what scares me.  Here stands an institution of "higher learning" and half of its student body thinks the other half is subhuman.

Here is the link to the PDF detailing the event.  Even the handout cannot help but use the "Are you man enough?" shaming language against male students who should be getting an education based and facts, honesty, and free thought.  I guess MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY feels that is not their priority.

Forsaken Eagle

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Insidious White Males

In my earlier post titled "Danicaphilia", I mentioned in a sarcastic way: "Anything that involves a high ratio of white males must be a sign of racism, especially if they are Christians, God forbid."  I feel it is necessary to bring this topic out into the open as there have been various circumstances where a group's greatest crime is being too much of the wrong race or gender.

A recent situation that inspired me to tackle this topic was at a website I like to frequent, Cinemassacre.  Cinemassacre is the home of the Nerd.  That is, James Rolfe as the Angry Video Game Nerd.  I am definitely a big fan of his videos.  Those who aren't familiar with him, he is very vulgar in most of his videos.  However, if you're a fan of old video games, fun reviews, and you don't mind a little harsh language and imagery, definitely check out his videos.  The situation I have is not with the James, but his wife.

Mrs. Rolfe (commonly known as Mrs. Nerd) is pretty cool overall.  She is very supportive of James' film career and shares many of his interests, based on the information provided.  However, there was one comment in her debut blog post.  It reads: "...its all too clear that this site is a caucasion [sic] sausage fest..."  "Caucasian sausage fest"?  That is a good one.  This basically translates to "lots of white males."  She changed the subject to diversity halfway into her post, which reads:

"The second thing that has become apparent recently is the lack of diversity on Cinemassacre.  In its beginnings it was James and only James, so diversity wasn’t an issue, but now as the site expands to include new shows like OverAnalyzers, Mike’s Glitches, guest actors on Board James or AVGN and fun little videos like the TMNT Pizza Party its all too clear that this site is a caucasion sausage fest.  While I can’t help to add any ethnic diversity, I can bring a female perspective to things that I think all 10 of the female viewers will appreciate. [sic]"  Emphasis mine.

Now, there are no charges of racism here, but the apparent need to bring up the "lack of diversity" because a website is a "Caucasian sausage fest" is an old hat.  First off, why does there need to be an influx of diversity?  As long as I have been following the work of Mr. Rolfe, I have never seen any sign that he didn't want anybody except white males watching his videos.  Then again, my inherent "white male privilege" might be blinding me from seeing the truth.  (FYI, that was also sarcasm.)  The truth is there is no rule, spoken or not, that says women and minorities are not wanted at Cinemassacre.

So why would there be a lack of females and non-whites at Cinemassacre and related pages?  My own personal theory is culture.  Generally, it is nerdy white males who turn inwards and express themselves in unorthodox (see: uncool) activities.  Among these activities include video games, sciences, and the internet.  Now as the internet has grown into a mainstream social medium, more and more people have started using the internet.  Simply put: everyone uses the internet now.

The internet, being as powerful as it is, allows one to search any information he or she wants and get it almost instantaneously.  If a girl or a "minority" (since the Caucasian race is not the most numerous on a global level) has interest in video games and movies and wants to see a funny review about them, they may arrive at jolly ol' Cinemassacre for example.  What's to stop anyone from entering the website and enjoying the material?  Well maybe James makes women and minorities uncomfortable in his videos with hateful or offensive speech (not including his characterized vulgarities)?  All a person needs to do is watch a few of his videos and know that James is not a hateful person to anyone but bad games.  There is no reason for anyone not to like the Nerd's website unless they don't enjoy his videos.  If that's the case, they can just as quickly find another website that they do enjoy.

Let me reiterate: Why does there  need to be an increase in diversity on Cinemassacre?  Anyone can be a fan of James Rolfe.  There are no restrictions or unspoken rules that prevent women and minorities from enjoying the AVGN.  The only thing that matters in the topic of diversity is everyone, no matter their race or sex, enjoys something in common.  There could be a majority of white males, white females, black males, Asian females, or any other group possible.  It doesn't matter because everybody is welcome.

What about other groups out there?  I'll point out the Tea Party Patriots and NASCAR.  The Tea Party Patriots have been labeled as a group of nothing but "old, angry white guys".  However, the group has many different people, including but not limited to women and minorities.  It is a movement of Americans who want less big government in their lives.  NASCAR, primarily a Southern sport, has a lot of baggage for being a Southern sport.  Even though it is a racing organization that has a majority of white male racers and white fans, it is not a racist association.  There are a few black and Hispanic racers as well as female racers.  The most notable examples are Juan Pablo Montoya and the previously mentioned Danica Patrick.  Still, both Tea Party members and the NASCAR fan base are considered racists, and the proof is because both groups have...


A big step to solving the problem with white male racism and sexism is to stop seeing racism and sexism where there is none.  I can attest from personal observation that as far as us nerdy white males are concerned, we are ultra-tolerant of women and minorities to a fault.  I constantly see the classic Kool-Aid drinking on the geeky message forums.  Feminism is seen as a pure liberation movement and women are all superior to men and perpetual victims.  White guys, Southerners in particular, are viewed as drooling racists intolerant of personal freedom and eternal oppressors of females and brown people.  The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Family Guy are more reputable than using that tried and true organ between their ears.

Nerdy white males are far from your enemies.  Many are quite capable of acting as your own useful idiot who will follow your words and feelings and will submit to their white male guilt on command.  However, at least one of us has become wise to the lies and shaming.  I was raised with the belief of equality and fairness for all, and I still hold compassion in my heart for the underdog.  That is why I am calling things as I see them these days.  I want to see equality and fairness, not feminism and race hustlers.

If there is a group with a significant number of white males, does there really need to be more diversity?  The answer is no because white male does not equal racism and sexism.  Some people can preach their need for more diversity until the cows come home.  I instead will live as if this is the 21st century and surround myself with people who accept me for who I am and who I can enjoy having as company.

Forsaken Eagle

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Abuse of Power Review

I have put this review off for a while.  Particularly I was pretty busy at the time.  However since Michael Savage's new book Trickle Down Tyranny is coming out in about a month, I will do a quick review of his first novel, Abuse of Power.

This is a mystery / thriller novel based in the modern United States and other locations around the world.  The main characters name is Jack Hatfield.  He is a disgraced reporter who once had his own TV show "Truth Tellers," but was fired after justifying the killing of Muslims in order to protect Americans.  The media tore down his reputation and Jack is even banned from entering the United Kingdom for hate speech.  He now spends his days chasing top stories in his never-ending passion to reveal the truth.

In the city of San Fransisco, a typical car jacking turns into a massive investigation after it is discovered the SUV was filled with explosives.  A single Islamic terrorist's attempt to blow up a local government building is unexpectedly thwarted.  A short car chase causes the car jacker to crash the SUV, but the bombs do not explode.  Before the bombs could be disarmed, the bombs detonate and a huge explosion goes off in San Fransisco.  Not wanting to have the Muslim community offended, the FBI and mainstream media immediately reveal their number one suspect as a grass-roots Christian gun club.  Jack, however, has other suspicions.  While searching for the real culprits, he will encounter powerful forces that will not have their master plan so easily thwarted.

Hopefully I did not reveal too much.  This is only a short description of the opening act of the book.  The story has a great length and plenty of details and twists I have not even hinted at.

Now from the description above, a frequent listener of the Michael Savage Show would have definitely seen the author's character and beliefs between the text.  As Jack Hatfield is disgraced and banned from England, Savage also lost a television show for a politically incorrect statement and banned from England because of misinterpreted sound bites and political correctness.  A stand-out trait of Michael Savage is his ability to call things as he sees them even if the view is unpopular.  One of those issues he has discussed to great length is the tiptoe-ing around Islamic terrorism and the demonizing of the American grass-roots movement, namely the Tea Party Patriots.  It would be considered ludicrous to expect any human being to write a book out of passion without seasoning the pages with his or her own beliefs.  I personally like Dr Savage's beliefs and style, so the book is easier for me to enjoy than someone who may hate him.

The political leanings of Michael Savage does show in the text, but it is not the focus of the novel.  Even from the description I provided above, one might suspect Jack Hatfield and by extension Savage outright hates Muslims.  However, listeners and readers of Savage know that he only hates the terrorists and separatists, not the population itself.  In fact, he probably has far more respect for the common Muslim who loves his god, has great work ethic, and strong family values than the liberal sitting in the Starbucks typing up bad poetry while not buying a coffee.  This is a major topic throughout Abuse of Power and attributes to Jack's development as a main character.

During the main story, Savage allows the reader to explore the mind of Jack Hatfield.  Jack has a personality that separates him from other journalists.  He has an obsession with clocks and the truth, lives on a boat in the San Fransisco Bay with his dog Eddie (not to be confused with Savage's real dog, Teddie), and makes observations on the degradation of the American culture and personality.  Jack does hold a bias against the Muslim population.  It is not unjustified.  Jack spent time in the Middle East as a reporter and saw the deaths of American G.I.'s.  In the post-9/11 America, he has seen the threat the country he loves faces.  Of course, Jack's ability to call a spade a shovel lands him with haters who won't allow the truth to get in the way of their personal beliefs about the world.  Jack's investigation into the attempted terrorist attack in San Fransisco leads him to meet many types of Muslims.  Jack learns to see the good that moderate Muslims have in their souls.  By the end of the book, Jack Hatfield has grown from his experiences with Islam.  I dare say, he has a far more tolerant view of Muslims than the college hippies who decry white Americans as the oppressors and the Muslims as the downtrodden.

The flow of this book is just the right pace for me.  The reader is allowed to see the details of the environment around the characters while not getting lost in them.  The story moves from point to point.  Abuse of Power doesn't waste too much time on Shakespearean-levels of dialogue so the reader doesn't turn off.  However, the dialogue that is there is necessary and enriches the story and enjoyment factor.  Don't expect video-game-to-book quality dialogue here.  Not too much, not too little, but just right.

The book is a pretty decent read.  It took me a couple of weeks of off-and-on reading to finish it.  Whenever I had the chance to read it, I was hooked.  I normally read science fiction and dystopian novels.  However, I think I can get into more mystery / thriller books after finishing Abuse of Power.  Michael Savage has hinted at a sequel being in the works.  After reading through this novel, I say I have a little jar set aside to keep money saved for an exciting part two.  I would definitely recommend this book to others who want a good thriller to keep them on the edge of their seats.

I have found a copy of his older 2003 book, the Savage Nation, and I will make it my personal goal to finish it before his new political book hits store shelves.  I will be going out to grab my copy of Trickle Down Tyranny when it releases.  Who knows, maybe I'll have my own story of a green-haired, nose-ringed hipster clerk hiding the books to share with the Savage Nation.  Time will tell.

As for Abuse of Power, I would give it four-and-a-half stars out of five for being a fun book that was just about the right size and had plenty of great characters and twists to keep me reading.  Get it while you still can!

Forsaken Eagle

Saturday, March 3, 2012


A few days ago, Yahoo!, in their never-ending pursuit of mediocrity, posted yet another non-story about the great race car driver, Danica Patrick.  This article / blog post concerned the suspension of Fox News host Ross Shimabuku out of San Diego for saying he would describe Danica with a few words; "It starts with a 'B' and it's not beautiful."

I don't think, given the context, what Ross said was inappropriate, but I guess he is paid to be politically correct on the air.  However, this post has less to do with what a sports anchor thinks and more to do with the media and NASCAR's obsession with Danica Patrick.

I am sick of hearing about her.  The only reason she is popular in the news is because of the genitals between her legs.  Many rookies with real talent had to claw their way to the top by stretching their car's and own limits.  Hanging in the back of the pack is not talent.  Until she starts racing up towards the front of the pack, what is the point of recognizing her?  In an equal and fair society, should she be judged based on her driving ability like any man?  Of course, those who aren't afraid to call a spade a spade know what is really going on, but that is a topic for another day.

As for being seen as a sex object, that isn't going to change any time soon. Stand up and refuse to sponsor GoDaddy if you want to represent your principles.  Until you stop doing GoDaddy commercials by showing off your body, nothing is going to change.  Tell them to put you in a commercial where you are a career woman with a dumb house husband instead, as an example.  That would make you real popular for the female fans of NASCAR (yes, they do exist), dress up in a pantsuit and come home to a dirty house and beat your stupid husband repeatedly for being the no-good, lazy male he is.  Well, sex sells, so this is pretty much not an option for you.  Plus you seem to love the attention anyways.  For now, you'll only get people to resent you, and rightfully so, for being a hypocrite.  By all means, keep sending out conflicting messages.  You are not fooling anyone with a clue.

As for NASCAR, there is plenty of talented new blood to keep an eye out for, and I will root for them even if it is politically incorrect to do so.  It seems like such a strange thing to say given with how politically incorrect NASCAR as a whole is in the eyes of the world.  Anything that involves a high ratio of white males must be a sign of racism, especially if they are Christians, God forbid.  You have it pretty good right now, Danica.  Don't spoil it with a rotten attitude.  Take risks and push yourself and your car to the edge of control.  Race cars do NOT discriminate, and modern stock cars are all about equal in performance.  The key to beating the competition is to push your car to the limit, yourself to the limit, and to keep it up for hundreds of miles until you reach that checkered flag.  Be the better driver, not the better whiner (that should be Kyle Busch's job).

Forsaken Eagle