Thursday, March 22, 2012

It Can't Happen Here

It can happen here.

A story has come out (a story that the Mainstream Media doesn't seem to know exists) about the Florida Democrat headquarters flying an American flag with the stars replaced by Obama's likeness:

Apparently the flag is also available on eBay for the low, low, low price of $24.95!

Now when you look at this flag, what do you see?  Let's get this out of the way: Obama is not the cause of this flag.  The ones responsible are the blind followers of his.  This is a frightening thing to see happening in this country.  Pick a dictator, any dictator.  Hitler?  Stalin?  Mao?  Let's even throw in Che.  This looks like blind loyalty to a human idol to me.  How is a portrait of Obama any different than portraits of any of these other murderers and oppressors?  Is it because he hasn't done anything yet?  Hitler was a good guy once upon a time.  If I recall, he was Man of the Year on Time Magazine before he showed his true colors.  Now that I think about it, so was Stalin.

Time Magazine sure has a bad habit of declaring Do-Gooders as commendable figures.

A counter-argument I am seeing popping up around the web is "If it was Bush..." and "If it was Reagan...".  This is a pathetic argument.  Perhaps this idea stems from self-projection.  They think because they do it, I must do it too.  This type of worship for a leader is unacceptable to all who love the ideals of the United States of America.  There seems to be this spell going around the country where just because it's "our man" it must be a good thing.  Let me tell you that if someone did put the likeness of Bush or Reagan on the American flag, not only would the freedom-loving patriots be against it, the leftists would be dialing the ACLU and FBI to have the flag immediately destroyed and the perpetrators fined or jailed for a "Hate Crime™."

If there is anything that gets under my skin, it is hypocrisy: "It is okay if we do it because we know we know better than you what's best for all of us."  Even better when someone is so sure that they are in the right to be sure there is no need for a counter-argument.  This is where I become frightened when I read stories such as this.  There should ALWAYS be a counter-argument.  That is what our country was founded to have as a fundamental.  The government must NEVER be allowed to declare itself holier-than-thou.  This includes your party, your man.  Just because others do not agree with your beliefs doesn't mean they want to take away your right to freedom.  Besides, I thought diversity was a good thing for this country.  Diversity of thought is one of the greatest achievements this country has pushed forward.

It can't happen here?
It can happen here.
It is happening here.

Forsaken Eagle

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