Saturday, March 3, 2012


A few days ago, Yahoo!, in their never-ending pursuit of mediocrity, posted yet another non-story about the great race car driver, Danica Patrick.  This article / blog post concerned the suspension of Fox News host Ross Shimabuku out of San Diego for saying he would describe Danica with a few words; "It starts with a 'B' and it's not beautiful."

I don't think, given the context, what Ross said was inappropriate, but I guess he is paid to be politically correct on the air.  However, this post has less to do with what a sports anchor thinks and more to do with the media and NASCAR's obsession with Danica Patrick.

I am sick of hearing about her.  The only reason she is popular in the news is because of the genitals between her legs.  Many rookies with real talent had to claw their way to the top by stretching their car's and own limits.  Hanging in the back of the pack is not talent.  Until she starts racing up towards the front of the pack, what is the point of recognizing her?  In an equal and fair society, should she be judged based on her driving ability like any man?  Of course, those who aren't afraid to call a spade a spade know what is really going on, but that is a topic for another day.

As for being seen as a sex object, that isn't going to change any time soon. Stand up and refuse to sponsor GoDaddy if you want to represent your principles.  Until you stop doing GoDaddy commercials by showing off your body, nothing is going to change.  Tell them to put you in a commercial where you are a career woman with a dumb house husband instead, as an example.  That would make you real popular for the female fans of NASCAR (yes, they do exist), dress up in a pantsuit and come home to a dirty house and beat your stupid husband repeatedly for being the no-good, lazy male he is.  Well, sex sells, so this is pretty much not an option for you.  Plus you seem to love the attention anyways.  For now, you'll only get people to resent you, and rightfully so, for being a hypocrite.  By all means, keep sending out conflicting messages.  You are not fooling anyone with a clue.

As for NASCAR, there is plenty of talented new blood to keep an eye out for, and I will root for them even if it is politically incorrect to do so.  It seems like such a strange thing to say given with how politically incorrect NASCAR as a whole is in the eyes of the world.  Anything that involves a high ratio of white males must be a sign of racism, especially if they are Christians, God forbid.  You have it pretty good right now, Danica.  Don't spoil it with a rotten attitude.  Take risks and push yourself and your car to the edge of control.  Race cars do NOT discriminate, and modern stock cars are all about equal in performance.  The key to beating the competition is to push your car to the limit, yourself to the limit, and to keep it up for hundreds of miles until you reach that checkered flag.  Be the better driver, not the better whiner (that should be Kyle Busch's job).

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