Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deal With It

I thought gender roles and stereotypes were evil and archaic. Was I getting the wrong idea? Maybe cultural norms switched on me when I came of age as quickly as hip fads came and went.

I read through this article yesterday, and the contradictory thinking of the feminist movement shines brightly (as is the usual).  This kind of thinking goes quite nicely with my "Geek Feminism" posts personally.  Namely, I wasn't a man because I was the quiet, scrawny kid who couldn't get the ladies.  Now I'm not a man due to not wanting to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears for a lazy, immature woman.

I'm "lazy" and "immature" because I don't think I have to work my ass off and run my life into a ditch to make chicks like you happy? I'll continue going to school and start a career because I want to be self-sufficient and pursue more knowledge.  Nobody gave it to me for nothing, and I suspect nobody will any time in the near future.  On top of that, I had to do it mostly alone.  I spent the first 22 years of my life being marginalized, ignored, and exploited by people like you. I think I can go another 22 years or more without such corruption in my heart and soul.

Drop the double-standards already and enjoy the 21st century. It is a new age, and a brave new world is before you. Grab those shovels and textbooks, for opportunity awaits.  After all, it's what you always wished for isn't it?  I can't quite remember that old saying about wishing for something, but I know you got it.

My life, my freedom, my body, my choice. Deal with it.

Forsaken Eagle

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