Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feeling Fresh

I got a hair cut, I am back in school, working out, and feeling great.

I also have a great list of topics I want to touch upon soon on here.  I am hesitant to publish posts here unless I feel it is a complete topic.  With that, I thought this post would be a good experiment to change things up a bit.  This is just a spontaneous message out of the blue with my current thoughts and feelings.

There is a lot to discuss, but all that will come shortly.  For now I thought I'd get in the habit of checking up on this solitary blog to keep it alive at least in the back of my mind.

Forsaken Eagle


  1. Keeping it alive you must as you're a voice and you are listened to.

    Yes, some of us aren't feministurds either, and by hook or crook I swear it they know we know that their days of unchecked hate are coming to a close.

    People like you with what you do have to be in place for this turning of the tide to occur.

    Part of the process I reckon.

    1. Well I didn't expect any visitors here. Thanks for reading and posting at this blog.

      I am hearing rumblings among friends, family, and in quiet circles around campus of the growing awareness of the feminist agenda. It is impossible to keep a hate movement going forever. From what I can see of my generation, we do not feel guilty of any crimes from the past and are left wondering why things are the way they are.

      Forsaken Eagle