Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mississippi State University Coerces Male Students Into Faux Cause

A Voice for Men's Robert O'Hara has recently upload a despicable story where innocent male students attending Mississippi State University were coerced into participating in a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, where men are shamed into believing they are rapists and women have it SO tough.  An engineering student and MRA at MSU by the name Robinson describes the event and provides the pledge and guidelines of the event.  Males guilty of no crime (assuming this was still a sane nation) were bullied into participating in the faux social justice march and concerns about the should-be-obvious flaws of the barbaric shaming event were screamed down.

Of course the male participants were given encouragement and praise from female onlookers.  Now that I got the sarcasm out of my system, this is definitely NOT the case here.  Female onlookers were doing their usual thing: screeching about "injustice" and laughing like heathens at the pitiful males in high heels.  I am not surprised one bit by their behaviors, and that is what scares me.  Here stands an institution of "higher learning" and half of its student body thinks the other half is subhuman.

Here is the link to the PDF detailing the event.  Even the handout cannot help but use the "Are you man enough?" shaming language against male students who should be getting an education based and facts, honesty, and free thought.  I guess MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY feels that is not their priority.

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