Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crusadors Against Halloween "White Racism" and the Difference Between Do-Gooders and Doing Good

While browsing Yahoo! News last night, I came across an article praising a group of individuals campaigning against "racist" Halloween costumes.  The foundation of this group known as Students Teaching Against Racism in Society should be fairly obvious.  They are, at first glance, a group of fresh-out-of-high-school do-gooders who feel they are still living in the 1950's.  Racism is just shorthand for "white racism," but the shorthand must be fitting since it seems only white men are capable of hatred in the minds of brainwashed dummies.  The group shows minorities (who else?) being offended by pictures of whites in minority cultural costumes for Halloween.  I don't see why dressing up in a costume for Halloween would be offensive in the first place.  However, since it is white people, then there must be oppression and hatred at work here!  Never mind costumes depicting white-trash rednecks drinking beer or fat tourists with cameras.  These are just funny gags that poke fun at the ridiculousness of white people.

Then on down the list of reader comments comes more of the anti-white racism.  The top "Most Replied" comment at the moment is a user named Lillian, a self-proclaimed Asian.  Her opinion (which she has the right to have) is that she doesn't think white people understand what it's like being a minority because we were "born white and have no idea what it's like to not be white."  If that is not racist, then I would be a monkey's uncle.  A more accurate description would be: "Many white people do not understand what it is like to be a minority in the country they were born and raised in."  This would be more correct considering most white people stay in their own countries, just like Africans, Arabs, Asians, and Hispanics.  Instead, what I got from Lillian's comment is more like this: "I think all white people are inherently racist and oppressive, and they have NEVER been oppressed.  Therefore I believe a white person does not understand what it is like to be a member of another race."  At least with my version I sound honest about "my" hatred of white people.

In my honest opinion, if anybody claims they are not racist, then they are either lying or mentally disordered.  This goes for all races of both sexes.  The Left took the original definition of racism and turned it into a tool of fear.  According to the original definition of "racism," racism is the desire for one to prefer the company of another who is the same race.  When you take this definition into account, I guess the most racist country on earth would be China.  Is it really wrong for somebody to have anxiety around a member of a different race?  An evolutionary biologist would think that this is a survival technique: to avoid the unfamiliar.  I am a huge proponent of the school of thought where people who try to regulate natural human behavior often cause undesirable consequences.  As a result of the crusade against "white racism," there is an ever growing divide between the races, particularly between whites and blacks.  This education system tries to point out and emphasize the differences between us.  At the same time, minorities are taught that they are owed something while whites are taught that they are responsible for all of the world's suffering.  What do the Leftists think is going to happen?  I'll tell them what I see: whites growing more resentful of the minorities and the minorities attacking whites (both physically and indirectly) for their supposed inherent racism.  There is no advantage to developing these victim classes and revenge legislation.

My own heritage is that of Mid-European descent.  My ancestors came to America around the beginning of the 20th century.  I am no history major, but I am pretty sure slavery was long gone by then.  How could I be descended from a bunch of slave holders?  On top of that, most of those "evil, racist Southerners" were poor whites.  I constantly hear about how all whites in the South owned slaves and only blacks lived in poverty.  There was only a very small group of whites who owned slaves.  If we are going to talk about giving aid to oppressed people, why not throw some money my way?  My family was definitely low class in Alabama and had to work hard to maintain a living.  This is pretty much the same today relative to the great rise in the standard of living (because of American Exceptional-ism you hate-America-first goons).  "White Privilege" isn't something I get to enjoy any damn time I want.

Ironically, it seems it is the upper-middle class whites living in gated communities up in the Yankee states who make the most noise about racism and oppression.  If an outsider looking in wants to see the truth of the matter, look at people like Robert Krentz who led by example.  Robert Krentz to me seemed to be one American who believed in the desire of foreigners to reach the United States and start a better life.  Krentz owned a ranch along the Arizona-Mexico border.  He is known for giving food, water, and aid to illegals crossing over from Mexico out of his own volition.  Putting myself in his shoes, I think I would have seen many fathers, mothers, and children braving the Sonoran Desert heat to reach greener pastures.  However, as time went on and the borders became more porous, illegals in the form of drug dealers (many of whom are trained soldiers) and possibly terrorists in Hispanic disguise started massing across the border.  Krentz's property started taking damage and he had his house broken into.  He tried to defend his property against the barbarians.  His kindness was turned to hostility, and eventually his life was lost.  In the Leftists' worldview, this man must have appeared to the rats in college as just another right-wing redneck out to shoot 'im some brown people.  I will for as long as I live defend this man's honor as both a warrior who protected himself and his wife against armed invaders and a true America giving a humble hand to those who want to live the American dream.  Maybe the truly privileged should start walking the walk INSTEAD OF TALKING THE TALK.

This is the sum of my rant against this article on Yahoo! News and a group of students who are more interested in being do-gooders than doing what is right.  I think Dr. Michael Savage said it best about the do-gooders killing us all.  Whether this killing is literal as displayed by infamous do-gooders like Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot, or this killing is the cultural suicide the Western world is determined to follow through with.  It is my personal duty as a human being determined to pull humanity out of a vicious cycle of historical ignorance to learn to do good by action with no expectation of return.

Forsaken Eagle

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