Monday, October 10, 2011

Free-Range Men: An Observation

I just finished reading this great article by an MRA on The-Spearhead regarding the MGTOW, Zeta Males, Herbivorous Men, or as the author calls them Free-Range Men.  Zed, the author, contributes his observations about the odd occurrence of men rejecting social, cultural, and traditional roles placed upon them.  He compares the shift of priority for men in Japan and the West, particularly the United States.  Men are rapidly rejecting the expectations of marrying to women (who no longer want to behave like women) in favor of using all of their leftover time and income on themselves solely.  Zed makes the final observation of feminism's influence on Japanese and American men as a result rather than a backlash.  Feminism has removed social expectations from women, but men are still expected to follow in their tradition "manly" roles.  Men have responded by rejecting the husband / father roles expected of them, to the great displeasure of feminists I assure you, and have instead taken to their own paths through their short lives.

With people like Bill Bennett spewing garbage about how men need to "man up" to live up to his ideals, I personally have come to really question every political spectrum in this country, Left, Right, and Center.  Every which way one turns is somebody who expects men to behave in a certain way, and women are usually suggested to behave a certain way if they feel like (For example, socially conservative women sometimes live the traditional role but will quickly take on whatever role she feels like in order to meet her own wants.).  I am thankful that there are communities on the web like A Voice for Men and The-Spearhead where the hypocrisy of the Feminist Movement is called out and men-going-their-own-way are given fair representations instead of condemnation.
I'm not sure what title I would like to place on this movement.  However, I do know that the ideals of the movement transcend all names that could be plastered onto it, positive or negative.  I know from experience the great difficulties of trying to please other people, especially 21st-century women.  There is nothing but pain in the pursuit to please the ideals of others as I have pretended to be something I am not.  I want to try to follow the examples of the Japanese "herbivore" men and the "free-range" men and simply live to my own ideals without the permission of anyone else.  I am filled with optimism for the future of this social trend.  Feminists with their white knight cohorts will try harder and harder to grant themselves more "liberation" while keeping men in their traditional roles for the sole benefit of women.  This selfishness will only backfire as the end-product of the Feminist Movement comes to pass: the male revolution.

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