Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween To Myself

It is a very slow Halloween this year.  There are hardly any trick-or-treat kids stopping by (kind of a bad neighborhood) and the television is void of Halloween specials.  I thought I would maximize my October post count and do a short entry for Halloween.  I might do some late night horror movie watching and enjoy myself a little more.

Other than that, I finally discovered Fruit Ninja tonight.  I downloaded the Lite version and had such a blast that I coughed up the 99 cents for it.  The full version is worth it.  While playing, I do my usual thing and listen to Dr. Michael Savage while distracting my hands with something else.  The news is still chugging along even on the Holidays.  Tea Party presidential candidate (formally an R) Herman Cain is facing the shameless media single-handedly with baseless accusations of "sexual harassment."  Dr. Savage surprised me with his attack against the "liberated" feminists and their rape culture.  "All it takes is an accusation" [may have been worded differently slightly] says Savage while comparing our current judicial system to that of the former Soviet Union.  I am surprised because Dr. Savage, despite my great respect for the man and his achievements, wasn't above misandry in past shows (It is pathetic how Firefox doesn't recognize "misandry" as real word.).  One show some months ago has a female (who else) caller saying how women use sarcasm and condescending language to men because "women have more common sense."  I know this is far from the truth; that woman has more common sense in her own psychosis.  Dr. Savage, instead of pointing out this woman's obvious sexism, agreed highly with her and proceeded to have a conversation with the hateful woman.  He does have a more traditional background, so I guess it is hard to hold it against him.  I am just so thrilled though that Dr. Savage is willing to point out the reality of men having their ENTIRE LIVES derailed now and for the rest of their unfortunate lives by something as simple and baseless as a false accusation.  I wouldn't mind having a pizza one day with Uncle Savage and talking about life.

Off of Michael Savage's website, there is a link to a YouTube video filmed by a former citizen of the ol' Soviet Union where he exposes the bigotry of the OWS scum and drops the bombshell on the idiots about seeing the atrocities of the Soviet Union first hand:

Yes, this lady woman thinks North Koreans are treated fairly.

Aside from that, I am thinking I might do a post about Herman Cain in the near future.  The man is an inspiration for all.  He is well educated, a former CEO, and he worked from the ground up through the ranks to where he is today.  No, unlike Obama, Cain didn't need affirmative action to get where he is today.  I can hear the intelligence and honesty in this man's voice.  I have been following him closely for the past year now, and I am getting more and more excited by his efforts against the two scheming political parties and the in-bed media.

As Dr. Savage coined back in the nineties: "Beware of the Government-Media Complex."

Happy Halloween!

Forsaken Eagle

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  1. The more I read your writing Forsaken Eagle, the more I am getting it. Lines like this,

    "I wouldn't mind having a pizza one day with Uncle Savage and talking about life."

    ...remind me of Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye."

    You ever read that book ? If not, I can see you absolutely adoring it to pieces.

    Lovely prose with a message here and I like the image I have in my mind of it being seen by so many more.