Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gambling With Men's Chips

This article and others similar have already been sent around the web.  The University of Maryland lowered its standards for determining whether a (male) student is guilty of sexual misconduct.  Why?  So that the process of punishing (male) students will be more swift.  The policy was changed from "clear and convincing evidence" to "preponderance of evidence."  This translates "innocent until proven guilty" to "guilty if suspicious enough."  Of course, this attack on the freedoms of possibly innocent (male) students would not be complete without the full support from tyrannical feminist shills.

One (female) student by the name of Steph Winter supports the new policies.  She explains, "It’s obviously one of the big side effects, if it could result in an innocent person being found guilty.  But I think sexual assault is such a big issue that it’s worth the risk."  Gone are the days of "I’d rather let a thousand guilty men go free than let one innocent man be punished."  When a member of a victim class, most notably the female victim class, claims they have been victimized by a man, then that man must immediately be punished.  The ends justify the means.

What really brings my piss to a boil are these women who think they are courageously fighting injustice.  What makes these stories exceptionally horrible is it is often women justifying putting men in jail or expelled from school at no risk to themselves.  At the same time, men are excluded from the conversation.  I am still flabbergasted that women have this innate tyrannical flaw which makes them think they are entitled to do anything to the male gender with no consequences to themselves.  It is through them this bogus system of alpha, beta, and gamma males exist.  Alphas are their lovers, Betas are their providers, and Gammas exist only to be expendables.

You feminists are not brave or righteous.  You are all scum.  You created a society, a society built by strong and intelligent men, and turned it into a police state.  You can continue to believe you are the "fairer" sex all you want and dream of a future without men all you want.  Reality and nature will put force you to see reason or annihilation.  Then you all will have to make a decision: comply with true equality or return to gender roles.  The road you put us all on but didn't give men a choice in the matter will only lead to your destruction.

Don't be surprised at what is happening these days.  A group can only be oppressed so long until it retaliates.  Men are starting to show up for the gender war feminists have started and society quietly obeyed.  Feminists were never better than men.  The men have merely done what nature has commanded us to do: comply with the female's demands.  Gone are the days where men sacrificed their own well-being for their wives and children.  Feminism has taken away the rewards of sacrifice from men and took advantage of their instinctual love for women.  An MRA by the name of Typhonblue has explained the situation in her article perfectly.  (Yes, she is a woman, so I know her opinion actually matters to you feminists.)

Men have let women gamble with their own chips for far too long.  Feminism has stolen and trashed all incentive for men to have families.  Now they are reducing men to second-class citizens who can be locked away on a woman's word.  Men are waking up and gearing up for battle.  Feminists, you are about to learn what warfare is really like.  Before, you were living the high life by tricking men to believe their slavery is the most preferable existence.  Now, life is going to become a little harder for you.  Don't worry, you'll always have some foot-licking men to justify your false ideology, much to my chagrin:

Keep up the female pity party while imposing your will on innocent men and boys.  The harder you try to fight us, the more numerous and determined we will become.

Forsaken Eagle

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