Friday, May 4, 2012

Conspiracy Nuts?

Now I don't jump too often into conspiracy theories, but the events concerning Andrew Breitbart's death and the death of his coroner has some sticky coincidences.  The deaths of both men are timely, too timely in fact.  These deaths, along with the ignored story of a former Pentagon official John P. Wheeler, all seem too fishy and timely to be just coincidence.

Maybe I'll be called crazy for this, but I do not mind.  If seeing something that does not quite add up and questioning its validity makes me crazy, then I do not want to be sane.  I don't want to believe there is some plot to silence the truth when it is a danger to a ruling elite.  Hopefully, there will be evidence that will explain away all three of these deaths that are logical and simplistic.

Often conspiracy theories are way too overcomplicated to be credible.  Taking 9/11 as a very relevant example is the idea that thousands of people are in on an elaborate plot and at the same time not one of them has leaked out the truth.  Why is the idea of Muslim extremists learning to fly planes and hijacking aircraft to cause as much collateral damage as possible so unacceptable?

I see the "Truth Movement" and an anti-truth movement where they have a dogma that says America is evil and must be exercising its ungodly power against the people.  It does not matter how overcomplicated the plot is, how many contradictions arise, and how much "evidence" can be explained or shown misguided.  America is evil.  Republicans want a police state and the "skeptics" must fight the fascist regime.

Part of what makes a typical conspiracy theorist dogmatic is having an unshakable belief, and holding all the evidence for that belief while disregarding all evidence that is not.  This is akin to a religious zealot, not a skeptic.  A skeptic never says "I cannot be convinced."  A skeptic wants to be convinced!  Evidence, evidence, and more evidence.  I want to be convinced that all of these deaths are purely coincidental.

Not a long post today, but I had to put out my thoughts on these developments.

Forsaken Eagle

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