Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Male Privilege Checklist

Here is an article from A Voice for Men by John the Other where he tackles the popular shaming tactic "check your privilege" used by women against men.

First, in John's usual style, he aims the spotlight on the intellectually deprived argument of male privilege.  This catch-all magic argument feminists think makes their hateful beliefs impenetrable from all doubt and skepticism is one I myself am familiar with.  The most recent use of this perfect defense against me was "woman have been opressed for litery thousands of years [sic]" (as in it is okay to ignore the crimes against men and boys because she thinks we had it coming for something we didn't do ourselves and is ultimately fantasy).  John tears open this weak counterargument to show how of little substance it really is.

He then takes the sweet time of day to list out 47 common "facts" feminists will use to perpetuate their society-victim complex.  Yes, nearly 50 debunked points.  Although John doesn't go into detail on why these points are patently false or take female privilege as male privilege, he doesn't need to for this article.  There is plenty of articles already out there dissecting these lies in detail.  John does not hide this fact and makes the most important point of his article: the numerous blatantly false claims of male privilege is meant to overwhelm the male (or even female) dissenter.

This theory doesn't surprise me one bit.  I have been around women for over 22 years, and the group-think and social conformity of them is apparent but taboo to mention.  Logic and reason is not required when one loud-mouthed feminist can simply tug the emotional strings of their peers and sell them hate ideology.  It does not matter how sound the evidence is.  Simply shame the dissenter with emotional attacks and rally everyone to permanently make that person a social outcast not to be heard again or given second chances.  And some wonder why I do see this movement as a great danger?

Have I checked my privilege lately?  Why yes I have; numerous times in fact.  I have been shot down for pointing out the absurdities in the feminists' claims and have succumbed to the threat of being socially ostracized repeatedly.  Thanks to people like John the Other and other MRA's, I am being provided the tools to work around these threats.  Am I not a man for standing up for myself and my beliefs?

Apparently not where women are concerned.

Forsaken Eagle

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