Friday, April 13, 2012

This Month in Misandry: White Knights in Nerd Culture

I just finished listening to barbarossaaaa, a YouTube MRA, talk about the supposed misogyny in video games that depict unrealistically proportioned women.  Here is his video:

To sum it all up, a YouTube group, The1UPNetwork, has a series known as "This Month in Misogyny."  I kid you not, it is a watchdog series that claims to find "misogyny" in the video game industry.  Bob Mackey has the strong stench of a white knight who will "defend women's honor" in secret hopes to gain plenty of female fans.  This is typical in the Nerd Culture I can be sure.  The video in question:

What is the big "hate crime" he has found?  Apparently a video game has disproportional women in it.  Harkening back to the days of Lara Croft tells all that this is not news.  On top of that, it is a typical Japanese anime character.  Aside from Western society being on a crusade these days against Japanese "misogyny" (I thought expecting minorities to conform to our evil Western ideals was a backwards way of thinking), disproportionate women in video games are nothing new under the sun.  Is depicting women with disproportionate bodies in video games really misogynistic?

I will advocate that this is not misogyny.  Why?  It is because it is all simply fantasy.  Often one will hear the term escapism.  I am definitely a part of this group who enjoy video games, movies, books, music, and maybe even walking through a park as an escape from everyday life.  I don't play video games to experience real life while taking time off from real life.  If Mackey and geek feminists want realism in their entertainment, that's fine, but I don't want video games and such to be another form for real life.  Do I not have a choice in what I can enjoy?  This is a free country where I can enjoy what I want if it doesn't impede the rights of others.  How exactly is playing a game with disproportionate women impeding the rights of women?

barbarossaaaa points out the intrusion from feminists and their white knight worshipers in all things nerdy and geeky as I have tried to here and there.  I too remember a time when video games were just another thing for losers who couldn't "get a girl."  Now that there is money in the industry, they want the industry to conform to their beliefs even though they had nothing to do with the rise in popularity of video games.  Suddenly it is supposed to be a hobby for "the cool kids" to enjoy, and those nerdy guys need to get a life and stop disrespecting women with their weird fantasies.  I guess the idea here is we would not notice and accept women as being the fairer sex always victimized by the evil Patriarchy™.  Well it didn't work on all of us.

Who are feminists to show up and start making demands while offering nothing to a community they likely shunned for enjoying a once unpopular pastime?  barbarossaaaa is right on the ball that it is pathetic for them to jump on a successful bandwagon built up almost exclusively by men and make demands without offering anything in return, call us hateful misogynists, and still act like we are not worth a zit off a woman's ass.

Maybe the feminists should try to make their own game where the player is a feminist who has to fight the Patriarchy by doing everything better than men, making sexist comments and one-liners about men, mutilating the genitals of men, and slaughtering all men who offend her as a conspirator of the mighty Patriarchy that enslaved women for literally thousands of years.  I won't stop them.  It is a free society, and they should be allowed to express their hatred of men as long as they don't infringe on our rights.  This is the advantage of a free market system.  However, barbarossaaaa and I have an idea on what the return on that investment will be.

I digress.  This is nothing new but a great commentary from a great MRA personality.  If a wandering MRA happens upon this blog and has never heard of barbarossaaaa, then I recommend checking out his channel.  As for video gaming, I am not hurting anyone and I doubt feminists will care what I think even if I started licking the ground women strut over.  They claim to like the same things as nerdy guys do now, but still they treat us as rejects.  Why then should I change for women's sensibilities?  In the meantime, I think I need a little escape from this perpetual madness and enjoy a good video game, with or without disproportionate women, whether or not it offends some tortured soul.

Forsaken Eagle

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