Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feminism Has No Place in Nerd Culture

My latest provocative post title is more of a personal issue with regards to feminism and what I could only name the "Nerd Culture."  Feminism has definitely started creeping its way into different nerdy pastimes, such as: sci-fi books, shows, and movies; video games; and, most disgustingly, the internet.  Whether it is the female character who must always beat up a male character to prove she is "empowered," or the complaints from females about even these "empowered" female characters are too "objectified" or are "damsels in distress,"  there is always something too "pro-male" about Nerd Culture.  Now to the male nerds who have had larger success rates with the "fairer" half of the species, this may be but a small issue.  However, I see this sudden surge of the female nerds to be an inquisition.  Aside from the (I would roughly say) half of the female nerds who have a genuine interest in Nerd Culture, the other half is only interested in social reformation of everything held dear by nerds the world over.  That reformation is to assert that females are not taken seriously in Nerd Culture.  Then after being acknowledged for their (sometimes justified) complaints, that same old feeling of "we are all equal, but women are more equal to men" shows up.

It is important that I explain why this is a personal topic I have interest in.  I have had minimal success with women.  It is always the same, cliche issues male nerds have with women.  They want nothing to do with me.  Ones who I would consider acquaintances always put me into the "friend zone."  I am just somebody to yell at and complain to every time a jackass hurts her feelings and to tell her why "all men are just pigs."  "Where have all the nice guys gone?" they will ask.  Never mind the problem where they try to find their "nice guys" in the "bad boy" types.  It is like they never think to actually bond with a man who treats them well, who does well in school, who is a hard worker, and (until his good-nature spirit is broken) who wants to help women be his equals.  This is only the beginning of my resentment to feminism.

Nerd Culture has, in a way, always been with me.  I grew up with console systems like the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo 64.  I had the privilege to visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center when I was about eight-years-old.  This was a HUGE influence on my love of astronomy, space exploration, and science in general.  I am not an outgoing person, so I spent most of my free time playing video games, reading on scientific subjects, or sometimes hanging out with my (male) friends who were into the same things.  I wanted to get along with girls, but they didn't seem to want to get along with me.  Girls became little more to me than just a bunch of the kids who wanted to pick on me for not "fitting in" (although it is pointless trying to fit in due to my inability to change my physical attributes at will).  Not until high school and college did the girls start complaining.

High school was a time to find some extracurricular activities while not studying.  When it came to clubs for video games, board and card games, or anime, there were one or two girls who also were into those things.  I wanted to be friends and share my personal outlets from life with them.  However, they only saw these clubs as "sexist" apparently.  Although they seemed to have enjoy these activities legitimately, they only saw me as some "testosterone poisoned" male.  They claimed it was high time Nerd Culture changed its "patriarchal" ways and welcome females as equals.  This was because of the overwhelmingly male population in Nerd Culture.  Although it is the girls who are too close minded to be into activities that might warp their social stature, it is still the boys' fault that girls are too few in Nerd Culture.  I had a confrontation with one of these activists at a club meeting.  I was not given the light of day.  The girl did not find it necessary to see the issues from another angle.  Plus most of the guys were quick to become white knights to defend her.  At this point, I was done with the club scene.

Nowadays, my only time spent sharing pastimes are with close friends.  It is difficult to even go onto an internet forum and not find issues of feminism slithering through the text.  One of the biggest disappointments to me is not only the females barking discrimination, but the males who just do not want to put up a dialog for real equality.  It would seem every male nerd approves of reverse-discrimination* to achieve "equality".  This is unacceptable to me because it is simply revenge tactics to make men and boys feel that they are the problem for everything that might possibly offeeeeeeend a female.  This is not the right way to go about reaching any form of equality.  It will, hidden behind a veil of guilt, actually sow the seeds of resentment.  Feminists, in their pursuit to fight sexism (real or not), are using hatred to fight hatred.  Nerd men are arguably some of the greatest appeasers of female demands and most tolerant of their behavior.  Despite singing the hymns of feminist rhetoric, nerd men are objects of female scorn.  Men are going to need to stand up for their right to be respected, just like women.  Women are going to need to stop with the rhetoric and start acting like they are equal to men.  Until the time equality becomes a reality and not a buzz word, this slow waltz will only continue perpetually.

I should also note that when I say "reverse-discrimination," I am referring to the pretense that men already discriminated against women.  This is used as justification to use hateful measures against men and deemed perfectly fair and progressive.

- Forsaken Eagle

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