Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little Faery Tale

At A Voice for Men, a contributor known as typhonblue wrote a great faery tale for his readers.  This story concerns the pampered princesses who drive men (and supposedly themselves) to their doom.  I had a great read, and typhonblue reminded me of the importance of classic faery tales without the Disney rewrites.

Faery tales / folk tales were created to tell a story which conveys an important lesson.  The endings are often dark, morbid, and devoid of happy endings.  To force a happy ending is a very dishonest method of teaching a lesson to a child.  Rarely is life a "happy ending."  Happiness is temporary and must be enjoyed whenever and wherever someone should receive it.  It is not a constant, it is a feeling of bliss between normal human life (otherwise known as unhappiness).

Forsaken Eagle

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