Monday, March 28, 2011

Beginning of a Blog

This blog will serve as a personal space to type my thoughts on.  I suppose I have the right idea in mind.  I have never used this blog site before, so I might be a little slow at personalizing this blog.

First thing is to talk a little about myself.  I am a 21-year-old American currently studying to become an aerospace engineer.  Science is my favorite field of study.  I often read many books about scientific concepts, even back during elementary school.  Some of my favorite authors are writers who can present scientific concepts to a general audience.  If one who may be reading this blog is interested in similar subjects, the writers Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, and Brian Greene, for instance, should come to mind.

My religious beliefs are not written in stone.  I can say with certainty that I am not a theist.  I do not believe (an) all powerful being(s) is/are manipulating events around us intentionally.  If there is a god, I imagine such a being simply ensuring that the natural order and chaos of the universe is maintained; physics.  A deistic god such as this does not care if a person becomes king of the world, or dies in a flood in his sleep, to pick a couple of examples.  A god such as this is neither friendly nor hostile to us, as humans.  It is simply indifferent to our thoughts and feelings.  The deistic god will only maintain the physical laws of reality.  I can be considered a sort of religious scholar in that I am interested in learning about these laws as we know them, and possibly discovering the very secret and very strange mysteries that baffle top scientists.  In this regard, I could be considered a deist.

My beliefs in morality would by this point be divided among potential readers.  A camp could think I have no moral guidance for being "atheistic."  Another camp could think I am enlightened in character due to my naturalistic beliefs.  Of course, there can be an infinite numbers of opinions that could surface.  My only answer is this: people have to have moral guidance from an elder figure.  Now why would I believe this?  From the naturalistic point-of-view, we are just animals with a higher form of intelligence that makes us special.  As I see historically and from my own experiences is that human intelligence and society is at constant odds with our more animal-like behaviors.  Our built-in instructions are simple: eat, sleep, breed, raise young, killing enemies.  Men and women will breed to immortalize their genes as often as possible.  A functioning society requires that rampant sex and unnecessary violence be suppressed.  Society is oppressive, but for the benefits of higher standards of living such as security, community services, and technological advancement.  Religion has taken a role in trying to outline the important moral values of human beings, but it is ultimately the duty of parents to raise their children to hold moral values to maintain the cohesion of society.  Children should be taught not to act on their animal impulses automatically.  My views are there are many in this country (the United States) are not being taught about proper morals, so their more animal behaviors are taking over.  Just because something feels good does not mean it is necessarily good in all frames of reference.  I will honor my elders and ten-thousand years of human society by following their example (the good).

My politics would be consider right-winger by certain people.  However, I consider myself an independent to be vague; a Constitutionalist to be specific.  The Constitution of the United States are a brilliant collection of documents designed to restrict government power against individual liberty.  I believe in individual achievement without government intervention.  A person who does not do the same quality and quantity of work as another does not deserve to have an equal outcome.  A person who does do quality service should get more without fear of having his or her successes being taken away by the government to give to those who aren't as good; better yet, a person who does not want to work at all.  I am against beliefs that allow moochers to thrive, are hateful, and are ultimately anti-human, such as: communism, socialism, feminism, and racism.  The Constitution is not here to restrict the People.  It is here to restrict the power of government.  It also angers me that there are those in and out of this country that believe the government is here to keep them from being offended or give them a living.  Everyone has to make their own living.  Everyone who wants someone else to give them a living and silence dissenting opinions is weak and ungrateful.  I am a proud, unhyphenated American.

This first post sure is long-winded.  I feel that not only did I give my most honest explanation of my character, I also took a bit of a weight of my back.  Even if no one else reads this blog, the simple act of taking a risk and throwing out my thoughts is brilliant.  I hope I will make many posts in the future and improve my writing skills as I go.

- Forsaken Eagle

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