Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catching Some Sun

No talks about politics or sick ideologies today.  This is more of a random status update for a slow, hot day.

Here in North Alabama, we are having record highs as with many other locales around the country.  Being from Arizona, heat itself isn't as much the problem but the humidity.  It's the humidity here that has forced me to wear shorts for the first time in two years.  This goes along with all of the weird plants that grow and die out hear.  First couple weeks I moved here, I had the worst headaches- no, migraines I have ever experienced.  This heat is being used to spur the global warming front.  Although I won't get into it here, someone had the nerve to say the name "climate change" is really a conservative conspiracy.  The leftists never cease to amaze me.  In a few words: it's hot out there.

I don't like to stay inside for long periods of time, but there doesn't seem to be much choice.  Short walks in the morning and evening are on the table.  During the day?  Forget it.  I exercise, read, eat, watch the news, a movie, or what else for the most part.  I do not have a lot of plans for the fourth since most family is on the other side of the country.  I'll probably cook up some food from the kitchen and watch a war documentary on the internet (because the 'History' Channel only does shows about pawn shops and alien abductions these days).  A World War II documentary is most likely on the menu.  Not to mention, I also have to study for a physics exam the next day, but I won't beat myself up too hard over it.

I have been looking at starting to go out to practice target shooting.  A week ago I got a chance to fire off some of my uncle's rifles and revolvers at a local gun range.  I should get used to using larger caliper handguns, but I might just buy a .22 handgun from a local used gun store to get plenty of practice.  I have always wanted to become proficient with the use of firearms, but have lived most of my life in a gun-free household and haven't known too many friends or family who had guns.  Mainly I want to have a gun for personal protection where I live and when I start doing road trips.

 Aside from that, I have picked up the book "The Second World War" by historian Antony Beevor recommended by Bernard Chapin.  I have finished reading through the Battle of Britain chapter, and I am impressed by this author's writing ability.  The chapters are full of information, but not in overwhelming quantities.  A common problem I have with historical books or biographies is when the text becomes too wordy.  This includes the use of outlandish terms and detail of the scene to the last molecule.  Aside from many French and Chinese names, Beevor writes in a fluent manner and provides just enough information to draw out the battles and such for the reader, including some nice battle maps here and there.  I am only about 150 pages into this over 800-page monster, but I am enjoying every sentence of it.  It covers the entire war, and I recommend it to other WWII enthusiasts out there.

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