Friday, July 27, 2012

A Sort of Hiatus

I haven't really been on the ball for cataloging my thoughts to this blog lately.  It is partly due to being busy with work and school.  It is also because of a lack of desire to really be around the usual topics I delve into.  No, I have not changed my positions.  Far from it, I am actually very jaded by the amount of information which pounds my thoughts after a thorough research (not to mention the sore eyes after staring at a piece of plastic with thousands of little lights in it for hours straight).  The typical stuff just eats away at my sanity, so the need to tune out is essential.

This is more of a reassurance to myself that I am not simply going to let this blog sit in a corner and collect dust.  I rather love having this medium to convey my thoughts not only to myself but also to any potential passerby.  With a hefty final fast approaching and a heavier workload, the normal discussions of feminism and leftism in general are just a bother.  I need to now and then brush aside the greater troubles outside and focus on what effects me in a more direct and instantaneous manner.

I will say to myself again: I have not abandoned my blog, and I will not for the foreseeable future.

Forsaken Eagle

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