Sunday, July 29, 2012

NBC Sinks to a New Low

It has come to my attention that NBC has actually censored part of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.  The performance in question is a tribute to the victims of the London 7/7 terrorist attack in which 52 innocent had their lives taken in four bombings, three on subways and the fourth on a double-decker bus.  It is also partly attributed to the 11 Israeli athletes murdered 40 years ago at the Munich games known as the 1972 Munich Massacre.  This mockery NBC has made is reported by Mitheos Holt at the Blaze.

As if it wasn't bad enough the Olympics are not shown live here in the United States.  As embarrassed as I am to say it, the broadcasting of the games is solely owned by NBC and used as a cash cow.  The events are not shown live, but taped for prime time.  This obviously gives the network juggernaut a greater source for profit.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the belated broadcast is butchered by advertisements.  Every few minutes of the ceremony is stolen for commercials for the new Mini Cooper or dinner at McDonalds.  This should be amusing coming from such a 'progressive' (see: regressive) news network.  NBC usually takes the more subtle form of censorship by simply ignoring stories that do not conform to their propagandist, non-journalistic standards.  However, to do this during as huge an event as the Summer Games is just plain low.  Did they think word would not reach the borders of the US?

Why would they censor this performance rather than any of the others?  Perhaps this is a blatantly 'offensive' tribute to the propagandist goons at NBC because the perpetrators of the horrible 7/7 terrorist attack as well as the Munich Massacre were none other than Muslims.  Considering a large part of the Olympics is made up of Muslim countries, the ever-progressive stiffs at NBC must have thought they were ahead of the game by censoring the tribute with an appalling interview with Michael Phelps in order to not offend Muslims.  How is honoring the innocent victims of militants an act of bigotry to Muslims?  This censoring is an act of bigotry towards the free nations of the first world!  That is if we are still free, of course.  It is an insult to all of the victims.

This is also an insult to Americans and British alike.  Americans should feel insulted by having a media which not only refuses to show a major event live for extra profit and advertising, but also for this policing of such a televised event by deciding what we should or should not be allowed to view.  The British should feel insulted that NBC feels the tribute to the victims of the terror attacks is too inappropriate for televised broadcasting.  On top of that, NBC embarrasses the United States in front of the entire world with this act of censorship.  Perhaps they made China blush at little.

Thankfully, the tribute is being uploaded to the web.  Not surprisingly, the generosity of these anonymous contributors is being met with kind regards.  I along with most of my fellow Americans respect and honor the dead of our allies like they do ours.  Here is the video of the beautiful performance from our friends across the pond:

Recent news has former CNN president Jonathan Klein being replaced.  This is attributed to CNN plummeting ratings as of late.  The New York Times' Brian Stelter describes CNN as "the lone nonpartisan source of cable news, positioning Fox News to the right and MSNBC to the left."  Many of us know CNN is actually playing to the left and having individuals and non-stories to make believe they are working with the right as well.  The left may deny it, but Fox News does play more center more often than others, and it has the ratings to show it.  Americans know deep in their hearts they are being lied to, and are consequently changing the channel.  Perhaps it is about time NBC started worrying about the foundations beneath their feet.  They won't have anyone to hold them up for long if they continue playing the American people for dummies.

I have already given up on NBC's Today and Early Today shows due to them putting up mainly non-stories, steering the audience to skew their perceptions, and just general lack of professionalism.  I get up early in the mornings for my job, so I like to watch the news.  I watched Early Today for the first time, and the two hosts were irritating to say the least.  They are stereotypical sitcom caricatures.  The woman is the intelligent one with a bitchy attitude, and the man is the moron who tries cracking all the jokes to his uninterested co-host.  After giving it a try the next morning, I finally moved on to CBS.  The host their at least keeps a level head and the news is generally news.

This is just for the early mornings where I need to wake up, eat breakfast, and get out the door.  Almost all of my news comes from the internet.  Most times I catch the news is when my family is watching MSNBC.  It is an activity that will likely sicken me now, so I say adieu!

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