Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Equality" Was Never Enough

A feminist once said, "Men have been in control for thousands of years, so it is our turn."  I am scratching my head.  Not only is this a fallacious argument based on pseudo-historical nonsense (for every woman who had lived in poverty, I'll show you a man in greater poverty), it is also based on a vengeance agenda.

When if ever has vengeance politics ever worked?  If that is too difficult to research, how about putting the shoe onto the other foot.  Imagine if you were told since childhood that you were the violent half of the human race and the other half is the "fairer sex."  Imagine if you were told to apologize at every turn for being born a woman.  Imagine if any reasonable and factual argument you make against an extremely pervasive ideology you know hurts your gender and society as a whole is swept away with a screaming "You're just sexist!" or "You can't possibly understand our plight!" as the only counter-argument, and nobody is willing to question it.  Sounds like a frustrating conundrum, huh?  How can you reach such a large demographic that finds humor in the mutilation of your body parts on national television for the crime of wanting a divorce?

You wouldn't be a 'bitter' person yourself?

It bothers me to the core of my being to know that there are so many women in this world who cannot see the contradictory nature of this idea and how it will eventually bite them in the ass when the truth does come out.  (Keep in mind I need to mention it will hurt women because there seems to be a great deficit of women who genuinely have the well-being of men as well as women in their hearts and minds.)  The truth always does come back to haunt the guilty and unreasonable.  How long can such a big lie be perpetuated to silence half the population in order to bring the other half up to a more privileged status?

Pictures like the one above are not surprising to me, unfortunately, as equality as it really should be practiced is seen as oppression by the feminists.  Equality that is fair to all is in the form of opportunity for success not the rewards that come from success.  The real rules of the feminist game is to give any and every possible privilege (many of which most men in history have never known) to women without the requirement of the responsibilities such privileges carry with them.  That is the duty of the men as they have been designated the Oppressor class while women get the strangely comfortable Victim class.  The responsibilities can be carelessly placed on the shoulders of all men, and any dissent labeled as hate speech.  I emphasize the word carelessly for a reason, as the feminist bubble is starting to rupture.

That is all this half-century of feminist malevolence has been, a giant bubble.  It is a huge mansion of cards with nothing to hold it up but blind faith and the continued shaming of any man courageous enough to point out its ridiculous nature, even if the man is only thinking of the women in the process.  The careless method in which women are more than happy to talk about men being stupid and lower than themselves in casual conversation and the single mother-led households is starting to take its toll on men and boys throughout the western world.  They know they are not what the women around them claim to be (rapists, chauvinists, sexists, etc), but are made to believe they are anyways.  At first it is easy to swallow.  However, the lie keeps becoming larger and more complex to the point where reality cannot be ignored anymore.

More and even more men (even some women) are stepping up to the task of fighting back the hatred.  The response to this uprising is of course more hatred.  A very recent example of this hatred is the protest during Dr. Warren Farrell's University of Toronto speech.  Not even an intellectual and gentle man like Farrell is permitted his rights when going against feminist dogma.  The irony of the video is the amount of hateful language and gestures of the feminists who are crying "No hate speech on campus!"  In their minds, their cause is righteous and any intolerant behavior on their part is justified against what they perceive to be intolerance.  Take a good look at the one girl shouting at officers and her fellow students and compare her to the men trying to listen to all sides of the argument.  If you are grounded in reality, then the primary issue should be apparent.

What I cannot figure out is the mind of a religious zealot.  If feminist arguments are really based on common sense and fairness, then why do they feel the necessity to silence opposing debate?  If feminism is foolproof, then why worry about "hate speech"?  If the answer to that question is "men are stupid and will believe anything to justify their hatred of women", then is it not you yourself who is the bigot to believe half the human population is not competent enough to think on their own without your supervision?  Putting the shoe on the other foot again, is this not what feminists claim men have historically reacted to women thinking for themselves?  Now we arrive back to where we started.  Do you want there to be equality and end the conflicts between the sexes, or are you only interested in control even when the consequences down the road will only further destroy the relationship between men and women?


Maybe most people who happen to read this blog will think this is too black and white.  I don't see the problem here.  I have looked deep inside of myself and I know where I stand.  Women are going to have to move out of their comfort zones, see the good in men as men and not for women's benefit, and decide whether it is time for the human race to continue to evolve.  Men and women need each other.  Until both sexes can have mutual respect for the others worth, there will be no moving forward.

That is why I am anti-feminist.

Forsaken Eagle


 'Nuff said.

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  1. I like the last paragraph especially. "Until both sexes can have mutual respect for the others worth, there will be no moving forward." Simple but profound.