Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eleven Years Later and Christophobia

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the massive terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.  What has changed since then?
  • Most everybody I know, aside from anniversary dates, has forgotten 9/11 actually happened.
  • Government and media would rather put the blame on innocent Americans than the actual perpetrators.
  • Intrusive security has skyrocketed in the name of safety.  Do you feel safer under a huge government?
Now there are terrorist attacks on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 in North Africa over a film critical of the prophet Muhammad.  Radical Islamists have essentially taken control of Egypt and Libya in the Arab Winter and are now attack US embassies, killing our ambassadors, and tearing down our flags.  My opinion is we should just leave the Middle East to continue being the hellhole they wish to live in and stop sending money to Muslim countries.  Until the day they evolve from the perpetual dark age they live in, no more free handouts.

Another terrible thing I keep reading is about atrocities Christians have committed through the ages.  A common argument is the Crusades.  There were great atrocities during this time, but the fake liberals are only telling the half-truth (whether they are aware of it or not).  A closer look into the Crusades shows that it was a retaliation against... radical Islam.  Islam made a push into Europe, and Europe was forced to react.  I don't know about anyone else, but I would not get down on my knees and recite poetry from a book if I knew a hostile force wanted to kill my family.  I would retaliate.

I get sick reading about how Christians have committed crimes against human beings in the distant past, such as the Crusades and the Salem Witch Trials, and isolated incidences of violence in modern times.  Let me tell everyone that I have not seen the Christian masses taking it to the street, rioting, looting, murdering, burning, and flying airplanes into buildings every time someone makes an offensive depiction of Jesus Christ.  The Christian and Judaic civilizations have evolved and had their renaissances.  When I point out crimes of Islam, I point out the crimes committed in the post-modern age.  Almost all arguments from the fake liberals is about old or even ancient atrocities.  Muslim atrocities have not only been happening for hundreds of years, but is continuing to this day.  Don't judge Christians based on a past nobody today could have done anything to change.  Judge Christians on what they as a whole do today.  That is what matters NOW.

Personally, I am sick and tired of being judged based on things I have never even done.  I am not a sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, fanatic, drone, bully, murderer, mental retard, or any other bigoted stereotype people label me with.  At nearly 23 years of age, it is old, done, and tired.  I want to and should be judged on what I do right here right now.  Martin Luther King, Jr. would be deeply ashamed that so many Americans devolved to judging others by petty, unchangeable traits than by the content of their character.

Another September 11th came and went, and the insanity continues apace.  Blame Americans for some intrinsic racism but don't offend Muslims by calling a spade a spade.  The "Religion of Peace" continues using violence and "liberals" continue taking liberties.  9/11 did change America.  In some ways, it brought people closer and showed us what heroism really looks like.  In other ways, the country has been free-falling from Land of Opportunity to Land of "Everyone Must Be Equal in Every Way".  The 2008 presidential election marked an eery milestone for the United States.  Americans voted for an almost completely unknown man with a radical past.  Now I wait for the 2012 election and wonder how much of a country there is going to be left in the next few decades.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid.

Forsaken Eagle

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