Saturday, June 15, 2013

Still Alive And Going My Own Way

It has been a while since I had the time and interest to make a blog post.  I have finished a pretty intense semester of school.  On top of that, I have since moved into a new apartment.  Blogging has been pretty far off my radar.  This is going to be a short recap over the past several months of where I stand.

I have let go of A Voice for Men and Men Going Their Own Way since my last blog post.  There is an increasing leftist incursion on the websites under the banner of apolitical discussion.  Wherever a leftist is allowed to spread myths about politics and "traditionalists", suppression of speech and rights for men are soon to follow.  These movements have been hijacked and are by all means male versions of the feminist scourge.  The Men's Rights Movement (MRM) has been renamed the Men's Human Rights Movement (MHRM).  How long until it is just Human Rights Movement, HRM, then finally the HRM+ where special considerations are made for women and other "victim" groups?  It is a slippery slope I will gladly avoid.

Simply put: individual rights AND responsibilities that complement them are inherently a right-wing ideal.  Men's and women's rights require a small, strong government as opposed to a large, weak one.  Anyone who claims to be apolitical is merely trying to hide their political philosophies.  The million dollar question, why?

I also found this interesting graphic thanks to RockinMrE:

This definitely sums up political ideologies far more accurately.  The extreme left-wing would be total subjugation of citizens in the style of 1984.  The extreme right-wing is total anarchy where true survival of the fittest exists.

I aim for the Republic area of the spectrum.  I firmly understand the Founding Fathers saw the evils of big government, but also understood that government is the necessary evil in order to unify a society.  I can't help but laugh at anyone who claims right-wingers like myself are for anarchy because they clearly do not understand how the political spectrum works.

The Founding Fathers also understood that democracy was a mob rule where "the 51% can dictate how the other 49% should live".  I laugh even more at the current culture's obsession for the buzzword 'democracy'.  Without even understanding the key differences between republicanism and democracy, kids are raised by parents and teachers to believe a democracy is a paradise where everyone has a voice and a unicorn in every garage.  This is then used to peddle the myth the Democrats are for the little people unlike the Republicans.  Truth be told, neither party stands for their namesakes, but that is a book-worth of a topic entirely.

If you haven't visited his channel yet, check out RockinMrE on YouTube.  Here is a great video explaining the ridiculousness of having rights and liberties without the responsibilities that MUST accompany them:


Also I would highly recommend Bernard Chapin's channel and Davis Aurini's as well.  There are hours of videos on all three channels for people disgruntled with the current state of affairs to enjoy.

It is also looking to be necessary for me to give up on Facebook for a little while if not permanently.  For various reasons, I am finding the website to be depressing to use and association not in my best interests.  On top of Facebook increasingly becoming a politically correct machine willing to censor anyone that doesn't meet the expectation of pressure groups, I don't think or feel Facebook has the best algorithm for a social media website.  I do not know when I'll make these changes, but the sooner the better.

I have been curious about constructing a personal blog site where people I know can reach me and read my thoughts and opinions on my own terms.  I may also look into Tumblr or Twitter.

I hope to keep up the blogging and find new alternatives to existing movements and websites.  The only thing stopping me right now is myself.  Remember, freedom belongs to those who work the hardest for it.

Forsaken Eagle

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